Buy Stylish Sweaters For Your Pet

As the weather changes across the country, most pet parents are caught in a dilemma on how best to keep their fur babies warm and cozy. A good way to keep your dogs comfortable and healthy as the weather transitions are with dog sweaters. This is a must in case you have a young puppy, a senior dog, any of the toy breeds, or dogs with a short coat.

As a pet parent myself and a pet apparel designer, I am very particular when it comes to selecting the right sweaters for my dogs. Here are some helpful tips for pet owners to ensure you pick the ‘Pawfect sweater’ for your fur buddies.

Tips To Pick Sweaters For Your Pets

1. Check The Material — Yes, I realize all those beautiful colors and lovely designs of pet apparel catch our eyes first, but the material of the sweater is of prime importance. Always run the material through your fingers and check the seams to ensure there are no rough or scratchy bits. I always check the sweater fabric by running it against my inner-wrists to assess its softness.

2. Stretchable Collars — As sweaters are worn for longer periods by our pets, it is better to opt for pull-over styles than those with buttons and fastenings. It is easy to put on and take off these kinds of sweaters.

3. Sleeves Are Optional — I prefer sweaters with no sleeves, as it gives the dogs more comfort and mobility. And there is no hassle when they are playing inside the house. And as most of us keep the thermostat at an optimal level, most dogs are happier in sweaters sans sleeves.

4. Minimal/Soft Embellishments — When buying sweaters, look for those that have no chunky embellishments or tassels. Any decorative element should be soft to touch and not bother your pets.

5. Look For Pretty Sweaters — I know, I know, the last one is more for us pet parents than the pets. But no one can deny the joy we feel when we see our babies walking by in a cute sweater. One glance at my little Bella and Luna curled up wearing pretty matching sweaters in my home office as I work is all that I need to de-stress.

All our sweaters at SassyDogFashions are created and sourced according to the above pointers. And definitely get two woofs and a big tail wag from my darlings.

Popular Sweaters Of This Season At SassyDogFashions

1. Handmade Warm Fleece Dog Sweater With Turtleneck Collar

dog sweaters

One of the most popular items at our store right now is the lovely pullover-style turtle-neck sweater. It is made with premium-grade fleece that will not pill, no matter how playful your pet is. Your fur buddy’s chest and belly get completely covered, the turtleneck portion has this cute multicolor pattern, which is both functional and pretty.

This sweater has no sleeves, making it comfortable for your dog to lounge around or play. Available in XXS to Medium sizes, this is the apt sweater for your small to medium dogs or cats. The best part is the lovely color choices. Pick a shade from Rose, Sapphire, or Kiwi. We also offer personalization options on this item. We can embroider your pet’s name on this cute sweater.

2. Handmade Dainty Bow Pink Dog Fleece Sweater

luxury dog sweater

As a pet mom to girls, I am always drawn to the soft baby pink shade. This luxury dog sweater in a beautiful blush pink color with dainty handmade bows in satin sewn down the back is for all the little princesses out there. Available in a size range of XXS to XL, this sweater is a lovely choice for long wintry days.

We take great care in choosing our fabrics, and this one is made of anti-pill ultra-soft polyester fleece to keep your puppy, dog, or cat all warm and toasty on the days when the sun refuses to come out.

3. Warm Plush Paw Print Pet Theme Sweater

A girl can’t have too many sweaters, right? Another SassyDogFashions favorite item for girl dogs that is flying off the shelves is our plush paw print sweater, available in a lovely watermelon pink shade or light purple with multi-paw prints in soft shades. This girly sweater has a lace hemline and cute yellow pom-poms stitched on the edges.

This handmade plush furry sweater is as functional as it is pretty. It will keep your fur baby safe against the biting cold winds and dipping temperatures. A perfect choice for all pets, this popular item is available in a wide range of sizes.

4. Rainbow Dog Sweater

A sweater to pick when you want your dogs to be dressed in the candy-floss dreams of childhood carnivals. This is a best-selling item for all those lovely pets whose parents love to post their pictures on social media. Each sweater in soft rainbow shades is a unique piece. No two sweaters are alike, which means your baby gets to wear a one-of-a-kind item. This lightweight sweater is comfortable and also keeps your fur babies warm. Available in sizes XXS to L, let us know if you are not sure which size to order.

5. Valentine’s Day Handmade Dog Sweater

No February shopping is complete without buying a lovely red item for your pets. This Valentine’s Day at SassyDogFashions, we have this gorgeous red fleece sweater with a turtleneck as our favorite Valentine’s Day pick.

When your pet is your forever Valentine, let them wear your heart on their sleeve (Or sweater in this case). Our red sweater comes with double heart embroidery, and we can personalize it with the name of your furry companion. Like all our sweaters, this is also made of soft fleece, is anti-pill, and has a comfortable rib-knit trim to keep your pets snug as a bug when wearing this. Available in XXS to XXL, place your orders before the stocks run out.


The snow and rains in February and the chill outside make it necessary to dress your pets warmly, especially when you take them out for their walks. However, you also need to ensure that they are warm and cozy when they are inside or if you live in a part of the country where the weather is more temperate. With the wide range of sweaters available at SassyDogFashions, you can keep your pets warm, chic, and fashionable.