How To Get Your Dog Ready For A Winter Photoshoot

Winter Photoshoot

One thing I always love is when pet parents whip out photos of their pets and proudly show them to everyone around. As a pet parent, I can fully vouch that my phone has more photographs of my pets than those of my husband or me. Yet, I see many new pet owners struggle to click the perfect pictures of their dogs.

As a pet apparel designer, I have picked up a fair few tips when it comes to pet photography. These are the little tricks I use when I need my lovely dogs, Rêve and Luna, to model the new SassyDogFashions apparel. With these tips, you will surely be gathering hearts, likes, and more when you post ‘Woof Worthy’ pictures of your pets on social media.

One of the aspects of a pet’s life that all pet owners love to capture is your dog’s first snow experience or your pet running around in the snow. So, today I will share some ideas to get your dog ready for a winter photoshoot, along with some suggestions on how you can frame the photograph.

Winter Photoshoot Tips From The Desk Of SassyDogFashions

1. Be Ready To Hand Out Treats, Toys, And Cuddles

Winter photoshoots are more challenging than other seasonal photoshoots because of the cold weather. In low temperatures and snow, your pet may not want to pose long enough for you to click a picture.

My trick to persuade my two beautiful babies, a boy and a girl, is by giving them treats and placing their favorite toys in the picture. I scoop up my darlings at frequent intervals for kisses and cuddles, as it keeps them happy and guarantees you better photos. I also make sure to keep an eye on how long we have been out in the cold and make sure that we get back inside before my little ones catch a cold.

2. Focus On Creating Color Contrast

Focus On Creating Color Contrast

The most dynamic pet pictures are the ones where you can see the pet being photographed in vivid detail. This usually becomes tough both due to the weather and the natural coat color of your dogs. An easy way to create a strong contrast in your winter photos is by selecting a background and dressing your dog in a lovely coat that contrasts both the background and its natural coat.

For instance, one of my dogs is a snow-white dog. I prefer to dress him in my SassyDogFashions sherpa-lined dog harness coat. The hot pink & tan plaid with deep black soft fleece fur collar and lining not only keeps my little one warm but also shows up beautifully in photographs.

3. Create Photo Stories

I feel winters are a perfect backdrop to bring alive fairy tales and fables through the photos of your pets. Pick your beloved childhood tale and re-create it with a few common household objects and the beautiful outdoors.

For instance, turn your toy dog into the lovely red riding hood with our rich burgundy-toned wool fur-trimmed dog harness coat. Place a little basket with apples and scatter a few wooden branches and pine cones, and voilà! You have the cutest girl going to visit her grandma. With the wide range of coats and trendy dresses, you can let your imagination run riot.

4. Play With The Perspectives

Play With The Perspectives

Both my toy dogs have lovely, soulful eyes. However, it is a challenge to capture pictures that showcase that. It is, at times, tough to get my fur babies to settle down or look in a particular direction. I usually use a toy or a treat to get them to focus on a direction I want.

For instance, if it is snowing outside, and you wish to click a dreamy picture of your dog looking up as the snowflakes fall all around, ask a friend or family member to hold a toy high above their heads and stand opposite. Click a burst of shots and edit out your helper. You will have a lovely picture of your dog looking up, mesmerized by the falling snow.

5. Match Your Winter Apparel With Your Babies

When I select fabrics and create my designs, I take inspiration from my toy dogs and all the other cute teacup dogs I see around my city. As a fashion designer, I understand the need to balance trends with comfort. And having lived in France, all my designs possess a certain French “Je ne sais quoi” appeal. Therefore, at SassyDogFashions, you will find a wide range of chic apparel, coats, and harness sets in which you can dress your dogs and wear matching outfits and create some beautiful shots with your fur babies in tow.

I will share a little secret. Many of our customers met their significant others when they bonded over lovely pet photos. So, it does seem that the way to a pet lover’s heart is through adorable pictures of your fur babies.


Care, comfort, and safety are paramount when doing a winter photo shoot with your fur babies. Keep yourself armed with lots of treats and toys to keep your pets engaged. Choose clothes and accessories that are soft and well-made, such as the wide range of fashionable, made in the USA, apparel available at SassyDogFashions. Always remember to have fun. Your fur baby looks at you, so the more joy you derive, the happier they are going to be and the better your winter photos will turn out.