Wholesale inquiry

How do we Order and what is the Form of Payment?

Simply order and pay through the website. We accept all credit cards typically used on a website of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover etc. We do not accept checks. You may also call in your order for manual processing.

Shipment Receiving and Check-in Policy

Upon receiving your merchandise, report by phone any quality issues within 5 business days. Buyer is responsible for all return shipment costs. We will gladly replace any
defective merchandise during this time frame. If there are errors in your shipment please notify us by phone within five (5) days. No exceptions will be made for items defective not brought to our attention within five (5) business days.


The information and pricing provided on Sassy Dog Fashion’s website is confidential. All confidential information will remain Sassy Dog Fashion’s exclusive property, and Sassy Dog Fashion’s disclosure of confidential information will not constitute an express or implied grant to you of any rights to Sassy Dog Fashions or Sassy Dog Fashions’ copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, pricing information, or other intellectual property.

Are wholesale orders returnable?

Wholesale orders are not returnable.


How do I set up a wholesale account?
Go to www.sassydogfashions.com and fill out the wholesale application. Once you have completed and submitted the application, please email your State Tax ID to maria@sassydogfashions.com. We will then review your application and accept or deny your account based on the info submitted.
What is the Minimum Order?
Small orders are okay (no minimums).
What products are available for wholesale at this time?
Products showing wholesale prices are available. You must log into the wholesale access to see these products.
If you see something you like on the retail side that is not included in the wholesale priced items, you may contact me with your interest.
Are there shipping fees?
All US and International orders ship for free in the cart, for the purpose of taking your order and then those items will then be weighed and you will be billed for shipping, before the carton ships.
What is the lead time?
Lead time varies on all products. A small orders takes a couple days to produce while a larger order can take a week or longer. Shipping is affected by stock, orders in queue and time of the year. You must add on your shipping time to figure ETA.
What Carrier do We Use?
We use USPS First Class Service and Priority Labels for both website and bulk orders. We may also use UPS.
How do I get Digital Photos and Product Descriptions for my Displays?
Download the photos right off our website. Copy any of the description you like. You may also take your own high quality photos, too, once you receive the merchandise.
Can I review prices before I fill out a wholesale application?
We do not share prices before you have an active wholesale account but you could expect prices to be 20-50% off of retail.