Sizing Help

We design many of our products right here in Pennsylvania USA and many of our Sassy Dog Fashions ® brand items are customizable. Each of the products contains their own sizing charts found under the product description on the product pages. Use a tape measure to measure the animal and view the image below for help. If after you measure, you find yourself between sizes, you may go up one size to be sure the item will fit or you may call us for a recommendation as sometimes a snug fit is desirable, as with a dog harness.

We are experts in the pet industry since many years and in most cases, we know dogs so just tell us what breed you’re trying to fit, and have the pet’s weight and most times we can recommend a size or atleast steer you in the right direction.

We use premium fabrics and a knit fabric sweater, for example, will usually have high stretch, sometimes it is perfectly fine to stay with the snug fit because the product stretches so much, for fit, comfort and movement. A hoodie that slides over the head should be purchased a little bit more roomier to make sure it can go on and off. If you find your animal is out of the range of the product measurements, you may request a custom order for any products that are customizable. If you’re unsure, also ask questions about sizing and measurements BEFORE YOU BUY so you’re sure to get the right fit.

How to Measure your Dog or Pet:

Use a tape measure and always measure your pet standing, never sitting. Record exact numbers, never add anything to the measurments you get. Hold the tape snug, not tight.

To find Neck Length, measure around the pet’s neck as shown.

To find Back Length, measure from back of base of neck all the way to start of tail, as shown.

To find chest or girth, measure all around biggest part of chest.

Take these numbers to the product page, the size guide will guide it. Or call for help.