About us


We are an online luxury dog boutique offering designer dog clothes, luxury dog accessories and personalized pet gifts for dog lovers. We specialize in personalized custom embroidered dog harnesses, custom-made dog harnesses, custom dog coats, custom dog sweaters, personalized embroidered dog collars, wholesale dog harnesses, puppy harness, leash sets, personalized dog clothes, and accessories. We even offer our boutique dog clothes at discounts in bulk orders and wholesale. We also offer a large selection of designer dog carriers and luxury dog beds. Buying a luxury dog bed or a luxury dog carrier will serve your pet dog or cat for many years.


Located near Allentown, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City, NY, SassyDogFashions® also has online boutique stores on Etsy and Amazon, with their best prices found right here on our main online website. Our Brand is unique; we design and manufacture standard sizes, custom and personalized dog clothes, and accessories that sets us apart, that you cannot get from mass production.

“Be Unique with Your Pet’s Style….because NO ONE will have anything like it BUT YOU!”

Top pet fashion – top quality – top value

Recognized in top fashion, SassyDogFashions® lets today’s dog owners express their style through your four legged friend, whether that’s wearing fancy dog clothes or hip street clothes or even comfort dog clothes, there’s a collection for you to explore.

For example, our top value custom embroidered dog harness—a luxury dog accessory has an original, luxurious look and feel and high added value with the name personalization. Our clients claim they are finer quality than you will find in a luxury department store, made with the best quality fabrics and materials we can source.

For example, our top value custom embroidered dog harness—a luxury dog accessory has an original, luxurious look and feel and high added value with the name personalization. Our clients claim they are finer quality than you will find in a luxury department store, made with the best quality fabrics and materials we can source.

Industry trend

During pandemic times, we are seeing a trend that buyers prefer to dress their pet in the softest, most comfortable materials yet still be cute and en vogue; pet parents still need to express themselves and have fun doing it. Dog owners stay home more, do more lounging and relaxing on the couch, stream Netflix, take day trips with their pets, spending more time overall with their animals than in pre-pandemic times. We see more and larger dogs that want to wear sweaters and coats. There is also a need to create comfortable dog sweaters and coats for nervous dogs, too; who need to feel warm and comfortable; yet cannot wear all the fancy suits that the smaller dogs can wear. SassyDogFashions® has the most comfortable pet sweaters, coats and accessories for you and FOR PETS OF ALL SIZES.

Our clientele

Our valued customers are quality-conscious consumers and appreciate a custom dog coat made to your specifications or a monogrammed dog harness Made in USA because you love its fabrics, construction and how beautiful it makes your pet look. Most of all, you love it because when you choose personalization, you participate in the design process, which allows you to express your personality through your doggie or cat. That makes you love him or her even more. Our dogs’ and cats’ lives are too short so adorning them with high quality boutique apparel and pet gifts makes perfect sense.

Dusty Hill (1949-2021), Bass Player and Founder of ZZ TOP, rock and roll band. Dusty has been a longtime friend of ours; and SassyDogFashions® has provided Dusty’s cute little dogs, Dolly and Gracie with its brand accessories.


Our focus is on providing superior unique pet products and exceptional customer service to both dog owners and dog boutiques. For dog owners, we assist with sizing help, fabric choices and design recommendations and ship daily so call us anytime or kindly use the chat window during normal business hours.

We have a knack for serving PET BOUTIQUES by providing them product knowledge and offering personalized support during the buying process.

Our passion for creativity, design and production skills for our handmade wholesale dog clothes for ALL our customers shows in all aspects of our jobs and in all our relationships. Our core value – serving as a trustworthy, best designer dog boutiques online and wholesale dog clothes manufacturers for both individual and commercial customers. SassyDogFashions® is an American brand that offers discounted wholesale boutique dog clothes, wholesale pet accessories, pet fashions and custom pet dog apparel and custom pet gifts in the USA for retail buyers and bulk wholesale customers in pet retail businesses such as pet boutiques and shops.


SassyDogFashions® ships stylish custom dog accessories such as embroidered dog collars and custom dog harnesses, custom pet clothes and designer dog accessories across the USA, Canada, Western Europe and Mexico. We speak English and French language and with our superb customer service and premium quality tailored pet garments and accessories, it’s our pleasure to serve you and make sure you’re happy and that you enjoy shopping in our pet stores. If at any time you need help with a product or American size chart please contact us for personalised, top quality service.


We are your national and local pet store nearby in the Lehigh Valley, PA. We value our local economy and communities by supporting local dog rescue such as The Center for Animal Health & Welfare in Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania and The Lehigh County Humane Society in Allentown and Humane Society International in Washington, D.C. Throughout the years, SassyDogFashions® has also strongly supported organizations of Meals on Wheels of Bethlehem, police K-9 events in Northampton and Hellertown, dog shows and kennel clubs around Pennsylvania and community events in New Jersey and in the Philadelphia suburbs.


We have always had dogs and apart from giving them solid training and comfortable lifestyle, we believe in giving them a purpose; a real job. Here at SassyDogFashions® our dogs are models and they come to work with us. Bella modeled all her life and passed away in 2020 at the age of 17. Rêve became an animal model by observing Bella. More recently, Coco joined us and was a natural model when it came to posing in pet clothing and accessories. They are used to the attention in public, for being dressed. Our dogs are intelligent and love their pet clothing and designer accessory modeling jobs very much. They come alive in front of the camera and are natural posers.

Luna Wee, our cute Chihuahua puppy, makes up for her tiny size with her large personality as a social media sensation and internet Chihuahua supermodel. She allows us to design and make Chihuahua clothes for teacups and small dogs and dog clothes such as our teacup Chihuahua sweaters and dog sweaters for small dogs. Luna naturally poses on her hind legs and she is able to wear and present the small dog clothes designs with her unique dog model poses. As dog fanciers, our dogs are our family and we treat them like little queens and kings. We give our small breed dogs a voice in our lives and we consider them in everything we do. Most of all, we take the best pet care of them and like us; we only use comfortable, high quality custom pet clothing and the best dog accessories and fashion designs for them. We provide excellent veterinarian pet care, a high quality diet, professional grooming salons and lots of exercise on the local bike and dog walking trails.