Custom Orders


In addition to our handmade, ready-to-wear dog garments, we, at SASSY DOG FASHIONS, already offer a variety of customizable dog clothes, pet accessories and pet dog lover gifts. Most of our products, which you can find in our store, can be personalized by adding your pet’s names. In addition to what we offer in our store, we will design and create for you, your custom needs, MADE TO ORDER, that you do not see in our store. With customized dog products, the sky is the absolute limit and we welcome all your custom order requests!

How do we Define a Custom Dog Garment Sewing Order

If an item is “sold out” ON OUR SITE simply contact us to request we make you the item. That is a request to add stock, not a custom order so there is no additional charge to you as long as we have the fabric in stock or can order it.  If you request a dog fleece sweater for an odd body dog size, special length or based on your entire dog’s custom measurements or even in a special fleece color—it’s considered a custom order and charges may apply and are billable using Paypal, prior to starting the job. You will be asked to submit your dog’s measurements for a glove fit. We design and sew custom dog clothes for odd bodied dogs such as bulldogs, pugs, miniature or standard dachshunds (doxie) and many more. It’s as easy as submitting your dog’s measurements and requesting we make the item for you.

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A professional seamstresses can alter garments so perhaps you have a skinny long body dog, so do not hesitate to make your custom request for your your garment! For your custom garment you can also order name personalization as that is our signature service. You may design your own dress, too or change the thread color.

Personalize Any of Our Ready-to-Wear Pet Items or Dog Lover Gifts

Below, Yocco the Doxie received his very own hand towel for his wet paws and his monogrammed place mat and Tofu received a hot new bandanna with his name.


We have access to thousands of fabrics and over 300 thread colors and thousands of embroidery decorations and fonts so if you see a style you like, we can create almost anything for you. The design and production services begin after you pay for your custom order. Make your custom request to receive a FREE QUOTE! Everything is explained and approved in advance and all payments are due in advance. As a rule in the sewing industry, custom sewing orders are never returnable or refundable. So if you need a patriotic, Christmas Holiday or Autumn themed item for your little man or gal, simply request it!

Designing and finding the right supplies takes time and this is how custom dog products are designed and made JUST FOR YOUR DOG’S UNIQUE MEASUREMENTS! We spend a lot of time designing, shopping and we incur expenses hunting down the right thread color, the perfect fabric or sorting through thousands of embroidery images, we then test the design to make sure it is practical. The results are always fabulous.

We spend a lot of time communicating with you back and forth and shipping your supplies in, takes even more time and involves even more costs. Custom order fabric and supplies takes a week to arrive and we appreciate your patience in processing your custom dog lover gift order or your personalized dog or fleece jacket. Do not be surprised at the amount of work that is involved to make your specialized dog pet gift orders. All our items are hand-made right here in Pennsylvania. We don’t use machines to cut multiple layers of fabrics like in China; they are all measured manually here and cut one by one.  People who engage us to work for them understand the costs involved and the product and service provided them which they cannot get anywhere else.

Custom Fabrics & Supplies

We have access to doxie fabric, hunting dog fabric, fish fabric, cat fabric, dog bone fabric, paw print fabric and much more pet animal novelty fabrics. If you would like a dog breed tote bag hand-built just for your favorite breed, we can find the novelty fabric and sew it. Or if you would like your kennel name on your dog breed tote, we can do that in a single order or in quantities.

We create custom dog grocery totes and even tote bags for pig breeders with pigs on them, for horse lovers and even for craft beer drinkers and even show dog folks. Show handlers and judges and breeders love our JUMBO breed totes because you can fit a lot into them. We can also do themes that are not pet related. We can always change the tote bag liner for you on our existing bag or alter the embroidery image on the front of the tote. Request a FREE QUOTE today for your custom job.

Who Are Our Custom Order Clients?

We have access to doxie fabric, hunting dog fabric, fish fabric, cat fabric, dog bone fabric, paw print fabric and much more pet animal novelty fabrics. If you would like a dog breed tote bag hand-built just for your favorite breed, we can find the novelty fabric and sew it. Or if you would like your kennel name on your dog breed tote, we can do that in a single order or in quantities.

  • Our clients are a breed of their own and they value all products Hand-Made in America. You’re used to getting what you like and we have over 23 years’ experience in servicing sophisticated dog consumers. You will never receive this quality of sewn dog items from anywhere else, including chain pet stores or sites selling Chinese mass produced pet products. Consumers who BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN, ARE OUR CLIENTS. 
  • Everyone who likes being noticed with a custom or personalized handmade item when your dog wears it IS OUR CLIENT.
  • Anyone who wants something special for which to their adorn their dog, IS OUR CLIENT.

Custom Embroidery and Custom Decorated Pet Products

We have state-of-the-art commercial embroidery machines on site so we are able to customize your garment and dog products with just about any embroidery image or monogramming font you need. Requesting a custom embroidery image means we hunt it down, test it out, size it for the garment, etc.

You can Dream it!

If you can dream it, we can do it. For example if you would like bath towels with the family’s dog breed, we can do it! Or custom beach towels! Or pajamas for Christmas Eve for all your fur babies personalized with each of their names! We’ve also done pajama orders for people that matched their dog’s pajamas. If all four of your Doxies need the same fleece jacket, we can sew them easily. Always ask!

Personalized Dog & Cat & Horse Breed Hand Towels

We offer dog lover gifts such as pet themed hand towels and pet themed tote bags. Choose from over 100 gorgeous, award winning, photo-quality embroidered dog, cat and horse breeds. The hand towel is either sold with your pet’s name or left general with just the dog breed i.e. “Labrador” embroidered on the towel. Most people order the pet gift towel customized with their pet’s name. You may visit the dog lover gift towels on this site to see the pet towels and the pet tote bags. Any variation can usually be done, simply contact us. In regards to our Personalized Dog, Cat and Horse Breed Hand Towels, requesting a different color towel is possible and if you prefer a luxury towel from Nordstrom’s or Macy’s, we can also have them sent in for you as a custom request.

Monogramming Anything

Many of our pet products can be personalized and customized. So if you don’t see it, simply call or email us! Many products can take a pet’s name easily and it’s only $10 to add a name to anything. Each name must not exceed eight (8) characters or you may make a custom request if your name is longer.

Personalized Dog Lover Gifts and Sweaters are the Greatest Gifts to Give

Nobody but YOU will have these specialized pet products and they will be a unique and stylish dog gift for yourself and your family and everybody will know your dog’s identity with his name on his coat or fleece! Once the dog has his own identity visually, we can focus on loving him or her even more. Personalized monogramming gives your dog more meaning. Offering a personalized pet lover gift is a very unique gift to give someone on your holiday Christmas Pet Lover Gift List and you will feel confident that your boss, teacher or family member will have the most appropriate gift for them.

Remember! If you don’t see it! Ask for it!
Our Typical Response: “Yes We Can!”