Tips To Ensure Your Pet Stays Healthy In Winter

Luxurious Pet Goods For Winter

Winters in homes with pets are a bit different from other homes. The mercury dropping means more than warming drinks and roasting s’mores for us pet parents. We need to plan on how to keep our fur babies safe and healthy through the cold months.

Pets, big or small, do need a bit of additional care during this season. Barring a few breeds, most dogs, and cats do feel as cold as we do. I follow a simple rule of thumb — if I am feeling cold, then my dogs are feeling the winter chill too. As a pet parent and an avid dog-lover, these are some of the simple tips I follow to keep my dogs happy and healthy during winter.

1. Keep Them Warm

Try to keep your pet indoors as much as possible. Even if your pet is used to hanging out on the porch or spending the day out in the yard, during winters it is better to keep them inside.

The weather outside can quickly change, and your pets are more susceptible to chills during low temperatures. When you take them out, it is better to make them wear a warm coat like our Sherpa-Lined Warm Dog Coat with Harness. And, even at home, for cold nights, you can put on a sweater like the Baby Love Dog Sweater or Rainbow Dog Sweater to keep them feeling all cozy.

2. Go For Shorter Walks

Custom Dog Harness

For dogs, exercise is a must. Yet, it is necessary to keep an eye on the time that you stay outside with your dog. Try to walk your dogs for shorter durations, and make sure to keep them in a warm coat with a harness or on a leash.

Pick from our SassyDogFashions coats and harnesses the best one for your dog. Taking our dogs for walks with a leash ensures that you are close enough to see that they do not injure themselves in any way.

3. Watch Out For Salt/Anti-Freeze

When you take your dogs out for their daily walks, make sure to keep an eye out for salt and anti-freeze. Anti-freeze is toxic for dogs, but as it tends to taste sweet, dogs may accidentally lick them.

Similarly, the salt on the sidewalks can cause excessive dryness and blisters on the paw pads of dogs. Make sure to thoroughly wipe their paws with a soft towel as soon as you get back home, or you can make them wear cute snow booties to protect their paws when going for walks.

4. Amp Up Indoor Play And Games

Dogs need a good level of physical activity to keep themselves healthy. With the reduction in outdoor activities, it is time to boost their indoor play.

Gather around a few common household items and get your dogs to run and play with you. Make sure that they get a good amount of playtime every day. If your dog is being lazy, you can also divide the playtime into a few chunks throughout the day. It is necessary to get them to move around every day.

5. Go Easy On The Grooming

If you are a pet parent of a shaggy or hairy dog, then the winters are when you can ease back on the grooming appointments. A little extra fluff on your dogs is actually good for them.

Get a little trim around their eyes and take a bit off their legs. It will make it easier to clean them up after their daily walks. No need to go for a complete trim until the warm weather gets here.

6. A Cozy Bed Is A Must

Luxurious Dog Bed

You might have seen your dogs nudge closer to the fireplaces or portable heaters in your home when they nap or sleep during winters. Excessive heat is also not good for your dogs.

A nice cozy bed is a better alternative for them to get all warm and comfortable while they sleep. You can place the bed at an adequate distance from the heat source and get your dogs used to sleep on it. This ensures that your dog gets a pleasant and warm sleep at night.

You can pick from a range of beautiful and luxurious dog beds from SassyDogFashions. Our current bestsellers are the Luxurious Handmade Crystal Dog Bed and the Cuddle Dog Bed. Both the beds are available in a range of lovely colors and are available in different sizes.

And if your dog already has a bed or a favorite spot, then you can keep them warm by adding a Handmade Luxurious Chinchilla Blanket from our new collection. Wrap up your fur baby in these luxurious mink fabric blankets and let them snooze peacefully.


These tips will ensure that you enjoy this time of the year with your fur babies without any worries. All the products mentioned are available at SassyDogFashions. Explore our range of winter apparel and beautiful handmade pet accessories and products today.