Top Dog Easter Basket Gift Ideas

The seasonal warm weather is turning the gardens into a beautiful place. The trees are growing with beautiful leaves and flowers. These are some sweet indications that Easter is almost around the corner. It is going to be a busy week for me. My workplace will have plenty of pet clothing fabrics and design boards.

Easter is one of my favorites. My husband and I love to spend the day with our lovely, cute furry babies. Luna and Reve never fail to add excitement and enjoyment to our festivities.

It feels like the best moment of the day when they are around. Easter is a good time to surprise your fur babies with gifts and tasty treats. Easter days bring joy and fun to your family.

When our pets are so dear to us, why not plan something exciting for them?

Don’t you think every little furry deserves a stunning present from Easter bunnies? Being a pet mom, I understand being confused at this moment. But do not worry at all. I am here to help my fellow pet parents and make Easter, the best day for them. I have a brilliant idea and cannot resist sharing it with everyone.

Pet parents can take the liberty and create Easter gift baskets with woof-worthy dog apparel and accessories. At SassyDogFashions, we offer you some exclusive handmade and customized dog clothes and accessories with stunning designs and attractive looks. I use high-quality fabrics to design and customize dog wear and accessories. Along with comfort, I focus on the latest trends in pet fashion. I understand pet parents are always keen to make their pets look lovely.

Are you excited to make Easter fun for your little friends? Check out this collection from our Dog Easter Basket Gifts. I have some great suggestions for creating an Easter basket for your dog!

1. Little Vixen Designer Dog Dress:

This dog dress is the first gift to make it to the Dog Easter Basket. Easter is the best time to spoil your little ones with luxurious handmade dog dresses. This Easter, your girl can have a perfect Vixen Dog Dress. This dog dress is handmade with comfortable fabric. The dress is adorned with a satin bow and lace.

A Swarovski crystal adds a classy touch to the dress.

Your dog will feel comfortable in a designer stretchy cotton knit vixen dress.

It is one of the top-selling dog wear for the holiday and festive seasons.

The dress is available in different sizes. You can get XXS, XS, S, M, and L.

2. Wire Rim Luxury Dog Sunglasses

 Wire Rim Luxury Dog Sunglasses

Pet moms love to spoil their cuties, and nothing could be better than a wire-rim sunglasses.

Pet sunglasses offer an adorable touch to the outfit.

It would be the best present if you dress up your dog in sunglasses and take them to Easter brunch parties.

I have used a beautiful strap to attach the sunglasses securely and not let them fall off.

The rose gold frame of the sunglasses enhances its overall look. You can get them in three prominent colors – blue, purple, and rose.

I am sure that my pet parents would love to get these for their cuties on the occasion of Easter. It will be the cutest addition to the Dog Easter Basket.

3. Pink or Blue Floral Designer Big Custom Dog Collar

What is the best part of Easter?

Stepping out of your bed and planning some outdoor trips with your canine. So, this is the right time to add spiffy new dog collars to the Dog Easter Basket from the extensive collection of SassyDogFashions. Let your dog look adorable with these cute floral custom dog collars.

It is a designer dog collar featured with a premium French Jacquard ribbon.

To enhance the strength of the dog collar and make it durable, I have used heavy-duty thread with triple stitches. The sleek and neat design is the hallmark of quality and professional seamstresses. It is a lightweight dog collar with a nickel D-ring attached to it.

Pet parents can get their pet name embroidered on the collar to add a personal touch to the gift.

4. Personalized Green Pot Leaf Marijuana Dog Bandanas:

Dog bandanas are a fashionable way to protect your dog and style.

I have come across many pet parents who love to use bright color dog bandanas to dress up their pets for an evening walk.

Easter Sundays are best for small dog walks or evening strolls. Considering this, you can add a lovely green pot leaf marijuana dog bandana to the Easter Basket. It would be a great dog gift. It is easy and comfortable to wear. You have to slide the dog collar through it and fasten the bandana buckle around their neck. This one is a perfect two-sided dog bandana. You can choose the flip t over and use the backside as well. I have used a stunning rolled hem and attractive stitches to impart a finished look to the bandana.

5. Luxurious Handmade Mauve Soft Cuddle Dog Bed

Luxurious Handmade Mauve Soft Cuddle Dog Bed

If your pup loves to have a gala time on the bed, you can gift a perfect handmade mauve soft cuddle dog bed. It will be the best gift of the Dog Easter Basket. It is my top-selling dog accessory from the Cuddle Collection. I have used the ultra-soft premium plush fabric that helps your baby sleep within minutes. The fillings for the dog bed are 100% poly-fiber to offer a sinking feeling. Being a pet mom, I love to be innovative while gifting my pups. You can get the dog bed in small and large sizes.


These are some lovely dog apparel and accessories from SassyDogFashions for your little furry friends. But there is something more I would love to do for my doggies, Luna and Reve. The Easter basket does not have the feel until we add some delicious dog treats. I know you will agree with me on this. To make Easter extra special for your babies, add some tasty treats to the basket. Have fun while adding these lovely things to the Easter basket!