Spring Photo-shoot Idea with SassyDogFashions Clothes

When colorful spring shines again after a long snowy winter, this brings back the Sunny and joyful walk, warm picnics, and energetic photo shoots for my family’s great moments.
I’m a pet parent for Reve and Luna, and I know what makes them happy and comfortable.
And as a pet apparel designer, I express my passion and this knowledge in my customized homemade pet clothes and accessories fashion designs.
Every spring, I come up with a new comfortable, stylish collection personalized for our pets.
Be proud to show it up with photoshoots, and here are some Ideas to take amazing Spring Photoshoots with SassyDogFashions Clothes.
You will be proud to post them online or on gift cards for different Occasions.

1- Capture adventure:

I love taking my lovely dogs, Reve and Luna, to the beach, and this is our adventure. I take pictures on the boat and some of my favorite scenes together. Take a photoshoot of the three of us together with the background of the blue ocean.
I chose this fancy dog dress for Luna to match the blue ocean. Check out this fancy dog dress Personalized Distressed Patriotic Stars n’ Stripes Fringe Holiday Dog Denim Dress at SassyDogFashions.
I designed this fashionable Holiday denim dog dress using the best distressing techniques.
A finished border has been added to the garment on the upper portions, while tufts of fringe accent the triple-layer skirt hems.
A beautiful whimsical American flag accents the back, and a pet’s name is FREE on the garment. Available to order it blank without names.
See the other listing for the Matching Unisex Vest! You can complete your dog’s wardrobe with today’s hottest fashion trend. Light wash denim, red, white, and blue. Available sizes from XXS-XXL.

2- Selfie-style or set up my camera phone timer and strike a pose:

For a chilly evening in the park, I decided this fashionable hand-made dog jacket vest for Reve for a stylish look. Check out this Customizable Dog Denim Jacket Vest with Red Hoodie with Name Personalization Option and Clothing for Small Dogs Boys and Girls at SassyDogFashions looks cool all year long with this cool monogram SassyDogFashions’ denim jacket vest.
You can match your own jeans’ jacket to your dog’s outfit. It looks just like a human denim jacket, with a snap closure on the front for easy on and off.
This custom dog jacket with jeans dog hoodie is a must-have for all seasons, especially spring, summer, fall, and winter dog clothes. Add your dog’s name to it.
Available sizes from XS-XXL.

3- Natural backgrounds Dynamic photoshoot:

Always look beautiful. This look doesn’t require much preparation. You need to find a picturesque place, choose a proper angle, a pet’s toy in the air and snap a shot while your pet is flying.
I chose this stylish fancy dog Dress LADYBUG Designer Ruffled Dog Harness by SassyDogFashionss.
Dress her like she’s important! Attention to detail makes this designer dog harness by Sassy Dog Fashions a happy staple in your princess’s wardrobe.
It comes in both a designer dress and a small pet harness made just for the baby dog, and in these colors of Deep red, bright, cheery yellow, black, and white.
Enjoy the experience of made-to-order designer pet clothes At the SassyDogFashions store. Available sizes from XXS-XXL

4- Pets love Bubbles

Hang a background to fit the DRESS!
This idea is a great thing to do, and your dogs will appreciate it. Combining motion with bubbles and spring colors is amazing to take hilarious pictures.
This time, I decided this stylish fashion dog dress Bella & Friends La Rose Blue Couture Dog Dress at SassyDogFashions. Hit “Refresh” on your girl’s wardrobe with this Rose Blue Couture Dress.
Coordinated details, synonymous with quality and creative design, make this hand-made dog dress sure to please my darling little girl for this special spring photoshoot. The dress comes in the right Colors; aqua, royal blue, and white.

5- Hang a background to fit the DRESS!

Hang a background to fit the DRESS!
This Purple Lime Ruffled Dog Harness for Pups dress is springy and would love to recommend it for a perfect photoshoot. Find this stylish, comfy fashion dress at SassyDogFashions.
Dress her like she’s important! Attention to detail makes this gorgeous multicolor purple fabric with lime trim harness a very happy staple in your princess’s wardrobe and comes in spring colors; Purple, Lime, Lilac, Pink, Lavender, and Aqua.


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