Preparing Your Pet For Snow Season

Preparing Your Pet For Snow Season

Winter is here! This winter make sure your little furry friend is all prepared for the cold weather.

Different dogs have different needs but these tips will keep any dog safe this winter.

1. A Coat

Unless your dog has a natural coat, you should always have a coat for your dog. Find a coat that keeps them warm. If you’re looking for a chic coat, you can get it from Sassy Dog Fashions 🙂

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2. Keep Ears Dry

It does not need ear muffs like you do for yourself, your dog plays in the snow, make sure to dry their ears to avoid any ear infections later on.

3. Thicker Bed For Sleeping

Just like their owners, a dog needs a warmer place to rest and sleep after being exposed to snow. Make sure you have added extra layers of blankets or slightly fluff the mattress so that they can burrow into a soft & cozy bed.

4. Paw Care

If your dog refuses to wear booties, make sure you clean & dry his paws when he is back home. Hair gets wet & freezes when he is outdoors. Cut the hair short, but not TOO SHORT.

5. Hydrate Your Dog

If your dog is wearing extra layers in the winter, then they need to drink extra water obviously. If not, drinking water is still important for your dog’s ability to regulate its own body temperature. Make sure to use plastic bowls outdoors as metal bowls freeze & harm the dog’s tongue.

6. Keep Them Leashed

Pets gets lost in the winter than any other season because snowfall can disguise recognizable scents which helps them find their way home. Prevent your pets from getting lost by keeping dogs leashed on walks.

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7. Limit The Time Spent Outdoors

Your dog might get busy playing in snow, making snow angels. So it’s upon you to decide when to call them inside & warm them up. This will prevent hypothermia.

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8. Avoid Salts & De-icers

If you live in a city where snowfall is frequent, then it’s important to be aware of where salt and deicers have been used since it’s everywhere when taking your pet for a winter time walk. While salt can cause dryness in their paws, it’s also toxic if ingested. Don’t forget, you can use paw protector wax or little booties can help protect their paws!

9. A Hot-spot

For the dogs, who love spending time outdoors, they should surely have a warm refuge. Insulate their dog house, so they can rest.

10. Brush Your Dog Hair

Keep a habit of brushing your dog’s hair regularly, especially in winter. Brushing out old fur will allow a fuller coat to grow. Old fur does not warm the dog’s body & it takes longer time to dry.

11. Be Prepared

Winter’s extreme weather that can cause power outages. Have a backup plan and make sure they include your pets as well! Have an emergency kit with enough food, water, and medication that lasts at least five days. Most of the dogs you own will never need it, but if they do, you will be thankful you planned ahead!

If you would like to read more information about winter care for your dogs, you can bone up at our blogs any time.