Pet Parents’ Favorite Pet Apparel From SassyDogFashions

With years of experience as a handmade dog clothes and accessories designer and creator, the start of a new season has to be one of my favorite times of the year. My workspace gets filled with lovely mood boards, fabric swatches, new designs, sample pieces, and whatnot. My husband is always amazed at how I can find anything here. And with Spring here, I am knee-deep in creating beautiful, functional, and fashionable custom dog collars and apparel for all the lovely dogs and cats. In this, I am assisted and supported by my two adorable dogs, Reve and Luna. They get paid in cuddles and treats for all their efforts at work.

When it comes to pet apparel, many new pet parents are unsure what to buy? Especially when they see the extensive range at SassyDogFashions and other puppy boutique sites. As someone who supplies wholesale designer dog clothes to many chic stores, I understand the confusion. So I have put together a list of the most popular and in-demand designer dog clothes from our “New For Spring 2022 Collection” collection.

1. Vogue Designer Dog Dress

Vogue Designer Dog Dress

Let me start the list with one of our most popular handmade dog clothes. This super-soft stretchy cotton knit dog dress is a perfect spring to summer choice for all dogs and cats. This breathable white dress strikes a perfect balance between comfort and fashion. It has a lovely satin bow in black with a sparkly Swarovski crystal at the waist, delicate lace trim at the hem, and a quirky print of French fashionista on the torso to let everyone know that your little fur baby is a fashion diva. This fancy dog dress is available in sizes XXS to L. That makes this handmade luxury couture perfect for teacup dogs, small dogs, and regular dogs.

2. Metallic Princess Dog Tee and Puppy Pullover (In Hot Pink)

Metallic Princess Dog Tee and Puppy Pullover

All the Legally Blonde fans out there, this is the pullover that Elle Woods would have bought for her puppy had she known about SassyDogFashions. I know spring colors are yellow and blue, but my creative heart loves everything pink. So we offer this super popular soft and stretchy hot pink pullover for all the little girl dogs. This is a perfect choice if you have a new puppy and want them to get used to wearing clothes. And also an excellent light layer for those living in areas where there is still a slight nip in the air, and you wish to keep your dogs cozy. Follow the sizing chart and get this pet apparel in sizes XS, S, M, or L.

3. Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt

It is not fair to the boys if we exclude them from fashionable pet apparel, is it? So, for all the rakishly good-looking gentlemen dogs and cats out there, perfect Hawaii-inspired dog shirts are the ideal choices for spring wear. I have lived in Hawaii for close to a decade and have countless happy memories of my time there. Therefore, when I thought of offering these lightweight breezy shirts for dogs, I picked all my favorite motifs. So pet parents can pick from Paradise Nights (a hibiscus and palm fronds motif shirt in black), Surfboards and Palms, Citrus Slice, and many more. All these shirts are made from 100% cotton and have a leash hole. This makes sauntering down the beach or the promenade with your dog a breeze. These beautiful dog designer clothes are available in a size range of XS to XXL, making them suitable for purse dogs, cats, regular dogs, and slightly bigger boys.

4. Teddy Bear Dog Tee

The next pretty spring attire is suitable for both girl and boy dogs. If you are a proud parent of a little furball, then you must not miss this adorable cotton tee. It happens to be one of our top-selling handmade dog clothes, so place your order before stocks run out. This midnight black tee has a super bling appliqué work of an extravagantly sparkling teddy bear. It is easy to put on and take off and is the perfect luxury pet apparel for even the fussiest pet. It is available in Extra Extra Small to Large sizes. Call us if you are not sure which size to order for your pet dog or cat.

5. Ballerina Dog Dress

All the years that I have lived in Paris made me fall in love with Ballet, and I have been to many of The Paris Opera Ballet recitals. My favorites happen to be Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. So when I became a designer, I always made it a point to have ballerina-inspired pet apparel in my collection. And this time at SassyDogFashions, we have this beautiful cotton knit ballerina dog dress. Available in beautiful soft pink and deep black colors, this dress has a big handmade satin bow in matching color, with ruched lace trim to turn your little girl into a prima ballerina. Choose from sizes XXS to L and let your little girl twirl her way onto everyone’s hearts. Do not forget to tag us when you post your little one’s pictures online. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the labor of my love bring joy to pets and pet parents.


At SassyDogFashions, I ensure that pet parents have the latest custom dog clothes and fashion dog harness styles to choose from. This list has some of the designer dog clothes that are flying off the racks. Visit our website to see more of our beautiful Spring collection. All our handmade dog clothes are made with care and attention to detail and approved by the waggy tails of my two cute shop assistants.