Latest Arrivals At SassyDogFashions

With winter finally bidding us adieu, and spring almost on our doorsteps, it is time to get rid of the blues and bask in the sunshine. Along with spring-cleaning, how about revamping the wardrobes of your frisky feline fashionistas and cute canine catwalk celebs?

Spring fashion is not limited to us. There is a whole host of chic options for our fur babies as well. At SassyDogFashions, I make it a point to offer all the lovely pet parents seasonal attire for their dogs and cats. As a pet mom and designer, all my cat and dog clothes and accessories are made keeping in mind the comfort and fashion factor of the pets. So whether it is a poolside brunch, a lazy picnic in the park, or a walk by the beach, make sure that your dog is dressed to make heads turn with my latest handmade dog clothes.

The New For Spring 2022 Collection At SassyDogFashions

1. Purple Lime Harness

The first in our “New for Spring” collection is this gorgeous Purple Lime Harness. It is the latest addition to our wide range of custom dog harness collections. It loudly announces that your dog is ready for spring with its bright purple and lime green color combo. Inspired by those cooling cocktails that seem like spring in a glass, this is the perfect addition to your dog clothes and accessories shelf.

With a comfortable and easy to put on and take off harness style, it has floral motifs on the body, which flares out in a lovely skirt. There is a lime green cape with white polka dots and lime green wavy lace patterns on the skirt. This stylish dog harness comes with a matching leash, is available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. So now no excuse for your teacup dogs, regular dogs, and large dogs not to be fashionable.

2. Blue Lagoon Hawaiian Hibiscus Dog Dress

One night I was flipping through my old photos from my life in Hawaii, and the memories of Mai Tais and Luaus led to the creation of this lovely dog dress. With a beautiful tropical hibiscus spread on a serene blue background, your dogs and cats will bloom like spring flowers in this stylish dog harness dress that comes with a matching leash and D-ring. Available in sizes to suit all dogs, from purse dogs to big dogs, pick the right size from extra small to large with the help of our sizing chart. Also, available at our luxury pet boutique shop are matching Hawaiian Camp Shirts in a similar print for all the gentlemen in the house.

3. Blue Polka Dot Dog Dress

Blue Polka Dot Dog Dress

Some days you simply want to dress in matching attire with your pet and let the world know that the little heart inside the fur ball holds all the love you need. For days like that, pick our Blue Polka Dot Dog Dress. A simple, girly, and right attire for spring. With beautiful big white polka dots, a white peter pan collar, and a big white bow, you cannot miss the spring vibes in this lightweight, soft dog harness dress with a matching leash in the same print and a D-ring to attach it to the harness dress.

4. Nautical Dog Dress

All those springs and summers that I lived in France were filled with endless trips to the French Riviera. Seeing the fashionable and chic French women dressed in their seas and sailors-inspired outfits left a lasting love in me for nautical themes. SassyDogFashions’ Nautical Dog Dress is an ode to those youthful times. This beautiful lightweight made in America dog dress is a perfect choice for those evenings at the beach. The classic blue, white, and red in this dress are sure to grab the hearts of all.

With classic blue and white stripes on the torso and a scarf in white, a blue skirt with little white anchors on them, a red satin bow to finish the look, and a matching leash with a D-ring, you cannot find more perfect vacation apparel for your dogs or cats. Pick the right size from extra small to large. Call us if you need any guidance.

5. Personalized Orange Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness

Now something for all the boy dogs. Our personalized dog harness and leash is the perfect daily wear harness and leash set for your taking your dogs or cats out on their walks.
This plush padded harness is comfortable and has a breathable mesh outer lining. This soft harness is available in five gorgeous spring shades, and the orange one is the current in-demand color.

Available in sizes extra small to large, you get to personalize it by getting the name of your dog embroidered on it. You can also opt for this if you are in search of the perfect personalized dog gift.

6. Wire Rim Sunglasses

Wire Rim Sunglasses

And finally, the last of our latest offerings at SassyDogFashions are these super cool luxury pet sunglasses to keep the glare off for your lovely dogs and cats. These retro-style round-rimmed metallic sunglasses are a quirky fashion choice for all cat and small dog owners. No spring aesthetic Instagram picture is going to be complete without these sunglasses paired with one of our handmade dog clothes. Do not forget to tag us when you post pictures of your babies.


At SassyDogFashions, a lot of care and love is showered on making sure that your pets are dressed in the most comfortable, easy to wear, and the latest in dog fashions. So whether you are a pet parent or someone looking for a stylish boutique shop designer dog clothes and accessories, there is definitely something for all at our store.