Fun Activities You Can Do On Thanksgiving With Your Dog

plan fun activities with your dog

Dogs are the most adorable creatures. Dogs are faithful, affectionate, and playful. If you have a dog with you as your family member, you have the best companion. They will make your day cheerful and instill positive vibes in your house. With the start of the festive season, you might be excited about all the preparations and celebrations. Your dog also gets the festive vibes, and he is happy, too.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you are full of festive ideas. You might have planned the weekend holiday with your family and friends. Among all these things, do not forget your dog. Plan some activities to do with your dog as well.

When you plan fun activities with your dog, you develop a strong bond with them. They feel the affection you show by spending quality time with your dog. They can get the vibes of your love when you do this.

If you are confused about the fun activities, do not worry. We are here to help. We have listed a few fun activities that will make your dog happy and cheerful.

Fun activities you can plan for your furry friend this Thanksgiving Day.

#1 Organize A Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Party

You might have organized a party and called over your friend and family for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Bring a twist to your Thanksgiving party by making it dog-friendly. Although you have invited your friends and family for a gathering, do not forget the dogs. You can gather all the friends of your dog from the neighborhood. You can prepare some food for them and organize a small area in the garden for all the dogs.

In this way, you can make Thanksgiving special, even for your dog. If you are unsure what meal to make for your dog for Thanksgiving dinner, here is a small list.

While getting the food for your dog, check the ingredients and only get those that are safe for your dog’s health.

#2 Plan Out Fall Theme Games For Your Dog

The dinner will be in the night, so how will you spend the evening and afternoon time? You can plan some fall-themed fun games for your dog. You can take them to gardens and parks and play with them. Not only that, but you can call over your friend with their dogs and plan out a collective game. It will not just be a fun time for your dog but also for you.

#3 Go Shopping With Your Dog

pet store

You might have got your pretty dress for Thanksgiving, but what about your dog? You need to dress them up for Thanksgiving. So go shopping with your dog. Get some fancy dog clothes like tuxedos, tutu dresses, dog shirts, t-shirts, etc. The best aspect of shopping with your dog is you can have fun dressing them up and bonding with them.

The new clothes will be a cute Thanksgiving present for your dogs. You might be thinking about where to get the best dog clothes. SassyDogFashions is the best online pet store from where you can get premium-quality dog clothes. You can even visit the physical store if you are in Pennsylvania. It will be a fun experience for you and your dog.

#4 You Can Go Hiking with Your Dog

thanksgiving dog clothes

Are you looking for some adventure this Thanksgiving? If yes, then you can go hiking with your dog. Heading outdoors will be a wonderful experience for you and your dog. You can spend quality time with your dog and watch him getting happy and cheerful. Many places arrange fall-themed games at hiking spots along with dinner. You can choose such venues and enjoy a fun time with your dog.

#5 You Can Decorate Your House For Thanksgiving Eve

Yet another fun thing that you can do with your dog is to decorate your house. You can get help from your dog for decorating your home. You can ask your dog to fetch festoons and color bars or balloons so that you can decorate the house.


Spending your Thanksgiving with your dog will be a sweet way to celebrate this day. You can select any of the fun activities and plan out your Thanksgiving Day with your dog. It will instill positive vibes in the house and make you and your dog cheerful.