Expert Tips To Measure Your Dog The Right Way

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Dogs are adorable creatures, and you will feel loved when they are around you. All dogs are affectionate and impart positive vibes wherever they go. You bring in dogs in the house not just to be part of the family but as a companion. Dogs are also a great responsibility. You need to take care of your dog regularly. Provide them healthy food, take them for a walk, get regular checks up, provide them toys and dog clothes.

You might be fond of buying dog clothes for your little pup. But the problem arises when you need to know the exact size of the dog. Always try to get dog clothes with proper fitting. Without correct fitting, your dog will not feel comfortable in the clothes. Moreover, the loose-fitting clothes will keep sticking to their paws. If you get very tight dog clothes, it will be uncomfortable for your dog. Therefore, it is essential to have proper measurements of your dog to get the perfect size clothes. So how to correctly measure your dog? You might have tried plenty of times, and maybe you still can not get the exact measurements for the dog clothes. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to follow while measuring your dog.

#1 Make Your Dog Stand Against The Wall

When you plan to measure the height of your dog, make them stand against a wall or a door frame. It will help you in getting accurate measurements. When you have back support like a wall or a door frame, you can mark the point of height. Ensure that your dog is standing straight without slouching. Your dog should make a square stance with all their feet aligned with each other. Their paws should be at a perpendicular angle with the floor. Maintain proper width distance between all the legs. You can use the measurement tape for exact measurement. Place the initial point of the measuring tape on the marked level and stretch it to the floor. The numerical value you get is your pet’s height.

#2 While Measuring Your Dog, Measure Around The Withers, Neck, And Chest

When you get dog clothes, ensure that they are comfortable around the shoulders and neck. If the clothes are tight around the chest, shoulder, and neck, it will make your dog feel uncomfortable. To avoid such issues, you must consider dog withers. The withers are the topmost body portion of the dog (the shoulder blades). You can feel the withers behind the neck area. The point at which you feel the withers, mark it. If your dog has a short dog coat (hair/fur), it will be easier for you to identify those points.

#3 Ensure That Your Dog Remains Still While You Take The Measurements

Keeping your dog calm and composed is essential when you take their measurements. If the dog keeps moving and running around, you will not get accurate measurements. You need to train your dog to remain still and stay focused for a few minutes till you finish taking all the measurements. Train the dog to have as little distraction as possible.

#4 Use Proper Measurement Tools To Get Accurate Measurements

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If you find it difficult to keep your dog under control, you can get various measurement tools. These measurement tools will ensure that you get accurate size measures without keeping your dog still. Just place the measurement tool besides your dog and move the adjustable stick to the height of your dog. While moving the measurement tool, ensure that you are leveling the stick to a perfect height. You can get these height measurement tools and other pet measurement tools from any online or physical store. With these tools, you do not have to worry about accuracy.

#5 Taking Individual Measurement Of Their Body Parts

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Once you have measured the accurate height, you need to start measuring the individual body parts. The parts you need to measure are the back/topline of your dog and their neck and chest girth. These will ensure that the harness or dog clothes will fit them right. You can use the measuring tape to get an accurate measurement of the neck, chest, and legs.


If you want your dog to feel comfortable in the dog clothes you buy, try to get the correct measurements. Extremely tight-fitting clothes will be problematic for your dog. Moreover, your dog will not be able to make free movements, play, run, or walk around. So use these perfect measuring methods to measure your dog and get the best-fit dog clothes.