Water Safety Guide for Dog Parents

Water Safety Guide For Dog Parents

During the hottest days, swimming can be a very interesting way to have fun, cool off and have some bonding time with your pet. However, before making that decision to take your dog on an adventurous boat ride, play fetch along a river bank or deep into a private pool in your backyard or a lake, there are a few water safety tips you must keep in mind in order to ensure your dog stays safe all through the event.

Dogs are not born natural swimmers

Just like humans, “Dogs can and do drown”. This point is the first and one of the most important safety guidelines to take note of when taking your pet to the water side. Understanding that dogs are not naturally born swimmers and that they need to learn how to swim will guide you in choosing the best shallow and quiet spot for them to start their training process. And if your dog already knows how to swim, then it is important you keep an eye out for strong undercurrents and riptides while at the beach. The younger your pet is when you begin teaching him how to swim, the better he will become at handling himself in any water.

Keep an eye out for how exhausted your dog might be

Swimming can be exhausting for your dog as it takes up lots of energy. So always keep your eyes out in case your dog gets too exhausted and can’t make it back on land, your timely intervention can be the major difference between life and death.

Don’t let him eat washed up fish

Washed up fishes might look like a five-star meal to him but it would only make him fall sick leaving you with the task to deal with a dog that might end up vomiting everywhere later at night or come down with a stomach upset.

Don’t let him drink ocean water

Ocean water will mess with his internal organs and throw him off balance. Instead, bring his own pure water from home and give him a drink whenever he feels dehydrated or tasty. Trust me, this will save you lots of money and sleepless nights.

The water temperature matters

If the water is very cold, then it might not be safe for your dog to take a deep in it. Doing so will only spell problems for you. So before you let your dog take a swim, ensure the water temperature suits his own kinds of breeds.

Get your dog a life jacket for boat rides

If you would like to go on a little joy boat ride with your dog, it is important you invest in a good life jacket for him even though he knows how to swim. This way you can easily prevent any hazards that might occur if he falls off the boat or decides to jump into the water.

Fishing gears can be dangerous to your dog

Fishing gears have sharp hooks and barbs that can cause bleeding, wounds and be very painful for your dog. So while you are going fishing with your pet, it is important you take precautions to protect your dog from entangling with the fishing gear.

Always dry his ears

Water can cause infections to a dog’s ear if not properly dried. So ensure you take your time to dry your dog’s ear once he is done swimming. You can use an ear cleaner or a drying agent to achieve this easily.