Tips for Staying In a Dog Friendly Hotel

Although there are many PetFriendly establishments, it is still difficult to go on vacation with your pet. Rest assured, for this there is what is called a dog-friendly hotel.

In this article, we explain what this is and give you some tips on how to choose the best hotel for dogs and make sure your pet is well taken care of during your vacation.

What Is A Dog Hotel?

What is a dog hotel

A dog hotel is a place where your pet can stay during your vacation. This is very different from kennels. These were indeed the only ones that existed until now, but they only take care of giving the animal the essentials: food, water and a short walk for its needs.
Nevertheless, this concept has changed rather for the sake of our pets. Dog hotels are ready to cater to the individual needs of our pet, far beyond just its necessities.

Although there are different categories, most dog hotels offer:

How To Choose A Good Dog Hotel?

Knowing all of the above, let’s now get down to business: choosing one. How can we make sure that our pet is comfortable and well cared for, so that we can have peace of mind while being away from him?

Knowing The Establishments

Even though the Internet offers us an infinite number of possibilities and we can consult any establishment online, there is nothing better than direct contact. Go to the hotel and get to know the establishment. This is very important because by seeing it with your own eyes, you will know if it meets the required safety and hygiene standards.

You will be able to see how much space your dog will have to live in. You will also be able to see the play areas and the type of food that will be offered to your dog.

Meet The Staff

Don’t just visit the facility, talk to the staff, try to find out who is responsible for walking or feeding the dogs. And, if you have the opportunity, talk to a customer who is on the premises about the service and their level of satisfaction. There is never a better reference than that.

Know The Program

Talk to the staff about the meal times, games and outings that are listed and assess whether they are appropriate for your pet’s needs. Indeed, if the dog hotel doesn’t have a specific itinerary, organization or doesn’t seem trustworthy, try not to leave your pooch in such a place.

Know The Hotel’s Requirements

Before leaving your dog, it is essential that the establishment requires all mandatory vaccinations and deworming. Why? Because if they do it with you, that means they do it with everyone. That way, your pet will be healthy and safe. He will not be able to catch any disease from another dog.

The Veterinarian

Make sure the dog hotel you choose has 24-hour veterinary service. You never know when an emergency might happen to your pet or another pet that could injure them.

Bring Your Dog

best hotel for dogs

Take your dog on a tour of the area. Give your dog a moment of freedom to observe how he feels and reacts. Pay attention to how the staff handles him. Also observe how he acts around other dogs. And take him to the play area to see if he feels comfortable.


Are you getting ready to go on vacation with your pet? Good news! Before you leave, you need to be sure that the accommodation you choose is suitable for your dog so that your stay goes as smoothly as possible. In this article we have proposed an overview on how to choose a good hotel for dogs. From knowing the establishments, to knowing the requirements of the hotel, to making sure that the dog hotel you choose has a 24-hour veterinary service, we have provided you with a lot of advice so that you can choose the best hotel to stay with your dog.