Tips For Dining Out With Your Dogs

Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. Millions of people in the US have dogs as their closest companions. Dogs connect with humans emotionally and mentally. When you get a dog, you will spend a lot of time with it. You groom your dogs, feed them, play with them, take them to the vet, and perform a lot more activities. You buy them toys, clothes, and other accessories to keep them happy. Likewise, you get their favorite food and prepare some delicious items on special days. All these things create a bond between you and your dog.

But what about when you plan to dine out with your dog? The very first thing that comes to your mind is whether you will get permission to take your dog inside the restaurant or not. Most often, you come across restaurants and cafes that do not allow dogs.

SassyDogFashions is here to provide you some smart tips for dining out with your dog.

#1 Have A Good Understanding Of Your Dog: 

You must know how your dog will behave when he is out. When you have a good understanding of your dog’s behavior, it will be easier for you to control him. Some dog breeds are very calm and composed when they are out in public. Some dog breeds are hyperactive and love running around or barking. While you plan to dine out with your dog, be cautious about their behavior. If your young puppy/dog is still learning to follow your commands, then it might be a good idea to wait for a few months before you take them for dining out.

#2 Provide Proper Training To Your Dog: Proper Training

Before you decide to bring your dog to the restaurant for dining out, train them well. While providing training, you need to teach them to sit calmly, eat their food silently, follow your instructions, not disturb other guests, or get distracted by any restaurant noises. The training you provide to your dog will help you control your dog in public in a busy place like a restaurant or cafe. Even after proper training, it is better to start small. Take your pup to a cafe during non-rush hours. Once they are used to it, you can take them out for meals in a restaurant.

#3 Use A Dog Harness With Extremely Short Leash: 

Putting on a dog harness over your dog will be a great way to keep your dog in control while dining out. The dog harness with a short leash will keep your dog around your table. Moreover, you do not have to apply extra pressure while controlling your dog.

#4 You Must Check The Weather Before Dining Out With Your Dog: 

Weather tends to affect the behavior of dogs. If the weather is very hot or humid, your dog will not feel comfortable going out or eating. Carry your dog’s water bowl and keep them hydrated. If you plan to dine out, ensure that the weather is pleasant. Dogs would feel great and comfortable dining out when the weather is cool.

#5 Choose The Right Restaurant: 

You might know that not all restaurants allow pets. So before you choose a restaurant for dining out, check if they are allowing pets. Besides this, the restaurant must provide some facilities to keep the pets safe. You can check online portals for dog-friendly restaurants. The dog-friendly restaurant will ensure your pet’s safety, provide a playing area and serve special doggy meals.

#6 Always Call Ahead And Check With The Restaurant:

Even if you know the restaurant is dog-friendly and will provide friendly space and food for your dog, it is better to call the restaurant to inform them when you book a table. On the call, you can get to know about their pet policies in a better way. Besides this, you can let the restaurant staff know about any special arrangements you need for your dog.

#7 Check The Food The Restaurant Will Be Serving To Your Dog:Restaurant Food For Dog

The restaurant staff will not know about any allergies or health issues your dog has. You need to explain to them if your dog is allergic to any dog food ingredient. Dining out with your dog is fun as long as you and your dog can enjoy a good meal.


If you plan to dine out with your dog, use these tips for your benefit. Dining out is a fun idea to make your dog feel special. You can spend some quality time and let it be playful in the public area. The dog-friendly restaurants do have patio seating for guests who have a dog. So you can choose such restaurants and sitting areas where your dog feels more comfortable.