Take Your Dog To Work Day

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Studies have shown that bringing pets to work increases productivity. So, make sure that on 26th June you don’t forget to take your dog to work to celebrate “Take Your Dog to Work Day”!!

“Take Your Dog to Work Day” is celebrated annually since 1999 on the first Friday after Father’s Day in the United States. The unofficial holiday was created by Pet Sitters International just to encourage dog adoption and to celebrate the love and joy dogs bring to the lives of their owners.

About Take Your Dog To Work Day

Ever since man started to domesticate dogs, since then dogs have been man’s best friend. Dogs have become the most important part of human lives by choosing to live and work alongside mankind. It is no new to mankind, dogs have worked alongside us from the very beginning. They used to hunt and track and even keep us safe at night by barking and growling whenever there will be any danger nearby.

But today, that age-old relationship between man and dog has been forgotten, and the poor pet is now left to sit at home while we go about our daily businesses. Hence, ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’ is set to revive this old policy back again, and bring the happy pet back into our daily work lives.

History of Take Your Dog To Work Day

‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ (TYDTWDay) was started by Pet Sitters International and first celebrated in the year 1999. The main objective of PSI to create this day was to encourage businesses to allow dogs in the workplace for one Friday each year to celebrate the human-animal bond while making and promoting their adoptions from rescue groups, local shelters, and humane societies.

PSI believed that through this event co-workers without dogs will be encouraged to adopt when they will witness the human-animal bond. The week lead from Take Your Dog To Work Day up to Take Your Pet To Work Week. It was an attempt to help take puppies to their owner’s workplace and help people understand the human-animal bond.

5000 companies were seen participating in this event by the end of 2003, and it is still growing more with each passing year.

So, if you too own a pet take the time on “Take Your Dog To Work Day” i.e, 26th June, 2020 to bring your puppy to work and educate others on the importance of saving these amazing and beautiful creation of God from rescue groups, the streets, and local shelters.

How Should You Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day?

Well, it is purely a no-brainer kind of thing… Isn’t it? You have to take your dog to work with you! But make sure that you are not leaving the poor pet in the car to get burnt in the mid-morning sun. The idea behind this special day is that the puppy is spending the whole day with you by your side. Furthermore, if your company doesn’t have a Take Your Dog To Work Day organized, you take the initiative this year and be the one to spearhead this idea and help bring some doggie goodness to your office.

You never know, there may be some more dog fans in your co-workers, and like this, you may be able to find them out there. Eventually, you may be able to make the difference and maybe every day will become Take Your Dog To Work Day in the process!