Seven Reasons You Should Fall in Love with Dog Coats

Seven Reasons You Should Fall In Love With dog coats

In today’s world where we love to play around with dogs, almost everyone has this little friend as a pet. But when we pet dogs or cats, the major challenge faced is taking effective care of them. Protection from bad weather conditions, while eating, or in any other aspect is necessary. Taking care of the surroundings is the most important part because with changing weather conditions, a dog’s health can be affected too. You can keep your dog safe during such times by dressing him or her up with the right clothes. There are a numerous variety of dog clothes available in the market and one of the popular category is dog coats. There are a bundle of reasons why your dog should wear coats and some of them are highlighted in this post.

They look awesome

You cannot deny that dogs wearing coats simply look awesome! When you walk around with your dog who is wearing a coat it will reflect upon your personality too. No other dog will be wearing the same clothes. Infact, all the celebrities buy clothes for their dogs. There are a lot of brands and designers out there who are designing and coming up with unique ideas for dog clothes.

Protection from cold

A dog’s coat is designed to protect the animal, keeping in mind some breeds were never meant to sustain or live in cold and harsh climate. If your dog has a short or thin coat, consider getting a sweater for protection against extreme climate.

Deal with health issues

Smaller, lighter, and less furry breeds are more comfortable in a sweater or a coat. Same goes for dogs with fresh haircuts or the ones who are aging or sick. Dogs that are genetically built to survive the cold have an extra layer of insulating fur on them. For those breeds, too many layers of a cloth could result in overheating of their body, which is just as bad as getting a chill.

Wet weather issues

Another climate-oriented reason for dressing up your pet is wet weather. Dog gear for rainy or snowy weather covers everything – from raincoat to snow boots. If dogs can tolerate the boots, they can save snow from getting stuck between the toes or from balling up on the fur. However, not every dog will appreciate boots on its feet.

They look amusing

The overall look of clothes is another reason for dressing up the animal. Even those who usually don’t dress up their pets will be amused at the sight of a small dog wearing a matching sweater with its owner. Since people tend to project their own feelings onto pets, those who are opposed to the concept of adapting latest fashion trends for doggies would think a frilly dainty little dress with matching bonnet or a clown costume simply looks silly.

They are comfortable for your dog

Dog clothes and all type of coats are really comfortable for your dog. Moreover, they will protect him/her from everything – be it extreme cold or rainy weather conditions.

Helps your dog in keeping anxiety under control

Besides keeping your dog warm, clothing can also help with keeping a check on the anxiety. The sense of security that comes from a snug-fitting vest like the Thundershirt can be soothing for anxious dogs. Next time there’s a thunderstorm in the forecast, or your town is planning a big fireworks show, try an anxiety vest. It can make all the difference in ensuring that your dog feels safe and comforted.