Pros & Cons Of Pet Door

Pros & Cons Of Pet Door

Dogs are animals that like to move around a lot. Keeping them confined in the house does not give them the chance to do their favorite activities such as jumping, digging and running. To give your dog all the freedom he needs to play in and out of the house, you need to install a pet door. However, before you get a pet door installed, it is important that you know the pros and cons of having a pet door. Knowing the pros and cons of a pet door will help you know all the things you need do after installing a pet door and they will help you know whether to install it or not.

Pros of a Pet Door

1. A pet door gives your pet the freedom it needs to move in and out of the house. It gives your pet the freedom to take in some fresh air and play around in the yard anytime he feels like it. In other words, installing a pet door means your pet does not need your permission or help to come in and out of the house.
2. The yard is the place where dogs can have more space to play and partake in fun activities. By installing a pet door, you give your dog unlimited access to the yard, which means your dog is less likely to get bored even when you are not at home.
3. With a pet door, you do not need to worry about your dog messing up your floors and expensive furniture with their bodily waste.
4. If you work away from home for a lot of hours, you would be doing yourself and your pet a big favor by installing a pet door.
5. Installing a pet door reduces the chances of your pets having accidents, especially when you are not at home.
6. In the event of an emergency situation such as a fire outbreak, a pet door allows your pet to escape to the safety of the backyard.
7. A pet door gives pets the chance to play outside whenever they want, which makes them less likely to destroy the things in the house.
8. Installing a pet door facilitates the potty training of younger dogs by older dogs
9. Having a pet door installed passes a message that you want your dog to be free, comfortable, active, and safe.

Cons of a Pet Door

1. If you live in an area where wild animals are prevalent, installing a pet door would not be a good idea. If you live in such an area and would like to install a pet door, you must be ready to supervise your pets at all time.
2. If you have a pool around your house, a pet door may not be the best option.
3. Strays animals can get into your house through pet doors.
4. Most pet doors are big enough for criminals to enter your house or get access to your belongings.
5. Pet doors give alpha dogs the mentality that they can go and come as they please.