Projected 2017 fashion trends in pet clothing

When it comes to the fashion industry time is an important factor. With time trends change. What was popular two years ago probably isn’t popular today. It goes just the same for pet fashion. In the last decade, people have grown to love dressing up their pets. Clothes make animals look twice as cute than they already are.

Pet stores often have a whole section dedicated to pet apparel. There are even custom pet fashion designers that make personalized clothes. In fact, there are pet boutiques that specialize in producing and selling clothing and accessories for pets of all kind, size, and breed. A lot of great pet merchandise can be found online as well. You can browse through the rows of clothing and accessories available in different colors and sizes and with different prints and patterns on the internet.

A trend that never goes out of fashion when it comes to pet clothes is sweaters. They’re cozy, soft, warm and they usually come with cute patterns or embroidery. They’re great because they protect your pets from the cold and make them look super cute too. They are lifesavers for pet owners who live with air conditioning or cold weather.

Another trendy piece of pet fashion that is also great for protection against the seasons is a raincoat. Raincoats are perfect for going on walks in the rain. It keeps your pet dry while still giving him the freedom to have fun in the rain with his owner. Some pet shoes or boots are also useful in the rain from keeping their paws from getting wet or muddy.

When it comes to accessories bows are a great touch of style. They can be worn on top of the head decoratively or to keep hair out of your pet’s eyes if they have long hair like Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers. There are also some great bow ties that make your pet look classy.

Accessories are very important in a look. For pets, leather collars and leashes have been really in style as well as personalized collars. Another trendy accessory for pets is the bandanna. It always looks cute and fun, especially when they have cute patterns.

When it comes to female pet fashion tutus and dresses are all the rage. They are great for special occasions such as a birthday, Christmas or a wedding. They are cute and feminine and will make your lady pet look great. For male dogs on special occasions, there are some wonderful tuxedos that give your pet a sophisticated manly elegant look.

Sweatshirts and hoodies are also very in style for pets this year. They look great if you’re going for a more sport casual look. Many have personalized hoodies made so that the pet and owner match. They are also very comfy and cozy.

For lighter more casual pet fashion there are some great thin refreshing cotton tees. Some of the come with cool drawings, pictures or phrases on the back. They are great for keeping your pet in style during warm seasons.