How to Prevent Your Puppy from Escaping His Harness?

prevent your puppy from escaping

Preventing your puppy from escaping his harness can be a bit puzzling whether you are a seasoned pet parent or you are a new dog parent. You need to first identify how your puppy slips out of a harness before you can take measures to prevent it. Generally, you can get a collar-to-harness safety strap to instantly stop your puppy from escaping or a high-quality personalized pet harness that fits correctly. 

Sassy Dog Fashions’ Collar-To-Harness Connector Strap

The Collar-To-Harness Connector Strap provides one of the best security for your puppy. It is a safety strap that connects from the collar of your puppy to its harness D-ring. This protects your puppy from slipping out of its harness. The security strap serves as a backup leash, ensuring that you will still have your favorite puppy by the collar even if they escape.

This product from Sassy Dog Fashions also functions as a collar backup device, allowing you to keep your pet by the harness if they manage to get out of the collar. Growing puppies need more time to fill out their harness, and this attachment strap can save a life and avert a disaster. You can get them in various sizes together with smart options for matching harnesses, leashes, and collars.

See the video on how to use this harness safety strap!

Personalized Pet Harnesses

Personalized Pet Harnesses

In addition to the collar-to-harness safety connector strap mentioned above, you can also get personalized pet harnesses made to be an easy and correct fit and comfortable for your puppy from Sassy Dog Fashions. A high-quality harness like the Sassy Dog Fashions® harness ensures a correct fit where your dog cannot slip out easily because we designed the neck strap and adjustable chest strap to be very snug and well-fitted. Using a customized dog harness will make it simple for you to distinguish your dog from other dogs of the same breed. An example of such is the Embroidered Denim Soft No Pull Dog Harness

This is a really soft and well-padded harness that will be very comfortable for your puppy. Having the name of your dog personalized on it shows sophistication and complete class for you and your dog as well. You can leave it blank as well. The harness is also durable for active dogs because it is made with premium plush fabric.

How To Prevent Your Puppy from Escaping His Harness

The best harness that will prevent your puppy from escaping is made with high-quality materials, very secure connectors, and multiple lead attachment points. These features will give you more control over your puppy.

Below is how to prevent your puppy from escaping his harness.

Ensure that the harness connects correctly

collar-to-harness safety strap

To prevent your puppy from escaping his harness, you can narrow down your choices by planning on where to connect the leash to the harness. There are two types of harnesses – front-clip and back-clip harnesses. The one you choose will depend on your puppy.

You have better control over the behavior of your puppy with front-clip harnesses if you walk before your dog, but most of us walk behind or beside them. However, this type of harness does not always tame aggressive dogs. The Leopard Soft No Pull Dog Harness is suitable for active dogs and is a back clip harness, which is more ergonomic than a front clip harness because the leash won’t tangle if you walk behind or beside the dog, which is how most of us walk our dogs. A front-clip harness isn’t recommended for walking your puppy because it may also entangle itself beneath the front legs. With back-clip harnesses, the puppy’s neck is protected. 

The harness measures up

The thickness should be assessed for both side-clip and back-clip harnesses. Ensure that you measure your dog and know the proper size and thickness depending on the breed and age. Additionally, make sure the harness fits accurately at all times, particularly for puppies that swiftly outgrow a design that was just right the previous day.

Making a custom order for your dog accessories including the harness will ensure that the harness measures up. Furthermore, you should be aware that the majority of manufacturers produce their harnesses in many sizes.  Do not assume that a harness manufacturer’s idea of a small dog is the same as your idea of a small dog. Before making a purchase, make sure to double-check the size chart for the harness. The size must measure up to that of your dog.

Look for an adjustable harness

The harness must fit the frame of your dog. Your puppy will find it hard to escape if the harness fits more closely. If your dog has a disproportionate size such as a long body, deep chest, or a very slender neck, look for harnesses that can be customized such that it fits everywhere perfectly. The harness should not be sagging in one place and squeezing in another.

In addition to the adjustable harness, the handle at the back of the harness can help prevent your puppy from slipping out. Dogs can get free of harnesses by moving backward. With the handle, you will have more control over your puppy. With close control, you can prevent the puppy from escaping out of the harness.

Consider belly straps

The reason dogs can reverse out of their harnesses is that the circumference of their chest is larger than their head. You can prevent this by having an extra strap around the belly of the puppy. This is extremely effective because their abdomens often have smaller circumferences than the widest parts of their ribs. Therefore, they are unable to wriggle the belly strap over their torso.

However, using belly straps may not prevent every dog from escaping its harness. For small-breed dogs, belly straps may be too bulky, and they won’t work on dogs whose bodies don’t tuck in clearly. The best option when a belly strap won’t work is for you to look at a vest-type harness.

Use split leashes

To prevent your puppy from slipping out of the harness, you must consider the number of dogs you walk. What you need if you walk multiple dogs is a harness that works well with split leashes. Some pet owners will buy a harness with a clip on the right and a harness with a clip on the left. They will then use a Y-shaped leash to attach two dogs of the same size to one leash.

At the same time, other owners may have a large and a smaller-sized dog and choose two different leashes and harnesses depending on the walking habits of each dog. Considering this factor will ensure that you make the appropriate choice that will prevent your puppy from slipping out of its harness.

You may need padding

Padding helps dog breeds with short hair avoid skin irritation and rubbing. In addition to making your puppy comfortable, padded harnesses can add some extra flair and make your dog look fashionable. This alone may inspire you to take your dog for more frequent, energizing walks.

However, you should know that there is a need to clean the cloth-padded harness, even if it leads to more controlled walks. Some dog owners prefer leather because of how it feels after being polished. Leather can be repeatedly treated in this manner. As a result, it is less likely to cause skin irritation, keeping your puppy tight in his harness.

Watch video on how to use Sassy Dogs Fashions’ harness to protect your puppy.


Having a puppy that does not easily escape from his harness is good because you can walk around with it without much hassle. This is important to ensure that your puppy does not get dirty or hurt easily. After you have done what you can to stop your puppy from slipping from the harness, look for something that matches your taste.