List of Foods Your Dog Can & Can’t Eat

List of Foods Your Dog Can & Can't Eat

Feeding your pets is a very important activity that should be given undivided attention. It is thanks to this that our pets manage to feel good and live a healthy life free of diseases which usually prevents them from living fully their day to day activities. It is normal that at first, the veterinarians recommend that the puppies only eat special food that are manufactured for them. However, this does not always apply to your pet as it will not remain young forever. When the pup grows up it will not need the same nutrients it needed when it was little. Now you will have to provide it other variety of foods or supplements that it could not eat before.

This change in the feeding habit of your pet only means that it is growing and that it is soon to become an adult dog with all of the law. But do not get sad, this is a situation which you can calmly solve by taking your pet to the vet. However, in this opportunity, we will mention the list of food items that your dog can and cannot eat.

What can my dog eat?

Although, it is true that dogs can eat almost anything that humans eat, however they cannot do it in the same proportions. You must control the doses you give them. You should also start by understanding that dogs are carnivores.

1) Meat: Dogs can consume meat without any objection. They can ingest the muscle of other animals such as chicken, veal or beef, pork and even rabbit. Keep a note that this is already a little cooked so that you do not have to face the bacteria that the blood can bring.

2) Eggs and fat: It has been shown that eating this type of food is not harmful to dogs and that on the contrary; it makes them regain their energy and provides them with necessary proteins and vitamins.

3) Carbohydrates: Dogs can eat bread, potatoes, rice…

4) Dairy: Occasionally they can eat cheese or yogurt, however, do not abuse with the dose.

5) Fruits and vegetables: There are fruits and vegetables that are very good for dogs, including apple.

What can’t my dog eat?

Just as there are foods that are a delicacy for your dog both in taste and benefits for your body, there are foods that are extremely harmful to them. You must be aware of its effects since they are totally harmful and make your health deteriorate considerably.

1) Chocolate: Although it is the best friend of women, chocolate is very toxic to dogs because it contains theobromine and accelerates the central nervous system of the animal and can make things go a little crazy.

2) Grapes and raisins: It is not completely clear, but these foods may cause kidney failure to your dog.

3) Garlic: In large quantities, garlic can cause your dog to suffer from anemia and even gastrointestinal problems.

4) Foods with sugar: As such, they are not harmful in excess to the animal. But like humans, it can make your teeth drop, obesity or even diabetes.