How to Wash Dog Harness – A Handy Guide

Knowing the right way to clean a dog harness is essential knowledge for any dog owner. If your dog is anything like the average canine, it enjoys playing in the dirt and water.

You give your dog a bath whenever it comes home from the park or the beach, smelling of an odor. Please do not neglect to clean its harness. Relax; we have a complete guide to help you wash a dog harness effectively.

8 Steps to Wash the Dog Harness

STEP 1: Soak in Shampoo

The collar may be cleaned by soaking it in a solution of a few drops of dog shampoo and water for 10 to 15 minutes to remove dirt and grime. Cleaning your dog with dog shampoo is essential since it protects his skin from irritation. It’s not safe to wash your dog with human-grade soap or shampoo.

STEP 2: Use Baking Soda for a Spotless Appearance

Baking soda can be used instead of soaps or shampoos for washing dog collars.

To clean your dog’s collar, combine a few tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of warm water, stir until the soda dissolves, then apply the solution to the collar.
Let it sit for 15 minutes, then scrub it with a brush.

STEP 3:Brushing out

If your dog’s harness is made of synthetic material, like nylon webbing, you can use a stiff brush to scrub the grime off of it if it gets too dirty to clean any other way.

Leather collars can’t be used with this method. Dog shampoo or mild dish soap can be used for a second cleaning round.

STEP 4:Use moist towel

To keep a leather custom dog harness in good condition, you should avoid exposing it to water. Leather dog collars may be cleaned with a moist towel and a very mild soapy solution, which should leave no residue.

If the leather becomes wet, it will lose shape and maybe even break.

STEP 5:Wipe

After giving the collar a good bath, carefully wipe it to loosen any dirt or grime that may have become embedded in the leather.

STEP 6:Dry

You may then put it up to dry in the air. To hasten the process, you may pat it dry with a towel to remove extra water before hanging it up.

STEP 7:Clean By Hand

If your dog has picked up dirt, parasites, or other irritants on its travels, cleaning its leather collar by hand is an excellent way to eliminate the odor.

STEP 8:Machine Wash if needed

Some may break or be damaged if the right conditions aren’t met. Doing it by machine is the best alternative. But if you’re like the rest of us and have a packed agenda, carving out 20 minutes to accomplish it is unrealistic.

If you use cold water and the gentle cycle on the washing machine, it will clean your dog harness perfectly nicely.

Bottom Line

This guide will help you to find the perfect way to wash the dog harnesses without much hassle. So it’s high time to get your dog harness cleaned before it causes any infection to dogs.