How Dog T-shirt Pullovers Make Your Dog Look Cool!

I never realized how cool dog t-shirts were until I tried them on my dogs. I made a pink pet t-shirt for my girl and a blue dog shirt outfit for my boy. When I put the pullovers on my dogs for the first time I thought they looked like little people! They were so cute and we just could not get over just how cool they looked. We took many photos and selfies that day for Instagram and we even took videos and everyone loved them.

Doggie shirts are one of the least expensive ways to make your pet really stand out in the crowd. Once you get a dog t-shirt on your pet, and take him to the dog park or for a walk, everyone notices him and gets excited and before you know it, you have made new pet friends. Sassy Dog Fashions has an extensive line of dog pullovers for your beloved pooch, because once I saw how much my dogs loved to wear them, I started making them for other dogs. Ater many years of working with dogs and sewing commercially for dogs as a professional pet seamstress, there are quite a few dogs and even cats who love my pet shirt pullovers.

My garments are handmade in the USA. You could have your pet’s name embroidered onto the shirt. Everyone loves to see their name and seeing one’s pet’s name makes the dog owner love his dog even more. So imagine the purple shirt above with your pet’s name on it, it takes on a whole new artistic fashionable look. And it really says a lot about how you treat your dog when he is dressed up in cute little dog outfits. You could even suggest the color of the thread in the notes to your dog outfit clothing order.

Remember that cute little dog shirts on your pet dog or cat protects their skin from bug bites and crawly little insects.