Having A Dog As A Pet Can Be Great Therapy

Having Dog As A Pet Can Be Great Therapy

Dogs offers a lot more than just companionship. If you’ve got a furry friend already, you likely have a bunch of reasons to thank your dog. Or if you’re considering getting a pet dog then it can be considered as a great therapy.

You’ll exercise more often

Owning a dog will motivate you to exercise frequently. On those days, it will be easier for you to skip the gym. Looking at your pooch standing by the door waiting for you to take him for a walk can give you the push you need to get out there. Taking your dog for a 30 minutes walk daily can greatly improve your health.

You’ll feel less stressed

There are many studies proving that having a dog can decrease stress levels. Petting a dog, playing with a dog, and simply watching your pet dog can reduce your stress gradually with each passing day. Studies also show that dog ownership reduces stress hormones.

Your social life improves

Dogs not only help you improve your health but also can help you get a date. People often stop & talk with you when you’re walking a dog. Taking your furry friend to a dog park can lead to strangers striking up conversations with you about your dog.

Your kids will be less likely to have any allergies

Children who are grown up around a dog are less likely to have allergies. In fact, living in a home with a dog can help kids grow up to have an increased immunity to pet allergies later in their life.

Your heart will be healthier

Studies have shown that having a dog lowers a person’s heart rate. Therefore, dog owners are more likely to have a healthy heart compared to those who don’t have dogs. In fact, some research has shown that dog owners are much more likely to survive a heart attack compared to those who don’t have a dog.

You’ll be less likely to be depressed

Dog owners are less likely to be depressed. Caring for a dog helps relieve depression symptoms and encourages people to be more positive.

You’ll feel safer

Dogs are better at Home Security than any CCTV cameras or security guard. Studies show barking dogs notice robbers around.

Change in mood quickly

Spending time with your dog for just 30-45 minutes everyday will help you stay calm & relaxed, reduces stress & increases happiness. So next time you’re feeling low, grab your dog’s toy & spend some time with your pup. He will surely put a smile on your face.

He will save your life

Your little furry friend has the ability to detect cancer in human bodies. In fact, since this discovery was made, dogs have been trained in just 3 Hours to detect cancer.

He will make you more AWESOME

Having a dog makes you more responsible, selfless, patient & of course committed. Studies proved that dogs improve our mental & physical health, as well as the health of those who are around them.

How does your dog makes your day? Do let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear.