How To Get The Perfect TikTok Pet Videos Every Time

pets prefect tiktok videos

I still remember the early days of the pandemic. Days spent juggling zoom meetings and my well-behaved dogs. That was when I tried recording TikTok videos for fun. I had enjoyed watching many funny short videos but had never tried recording one.

The first one I recorded was the Patatak Dance Challenge. In this TikTok trend, you flip your hair forward and start walking scarily towards your pet like the lady from the Ring movie to the background score of a peppy music track. I succeeded in scaring the dogs and my husband (so job well done), but the video I recorded was of poor quality. That is when I decided to figure out how to shoot perfect pet videos worthy of TikTok.

In this article, I shall share some pet TikTok video recording tips that will take your pet videos from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ and some fun ideas to get your TikTok creativity started.

Get The Basics Right 

1. Work With Your Dog’s Nature:

The best pet TikToks are the ones that highlight or capture your dog’s natural behavior and unique personality. My younger dog, a Chihuahua named Luna, is the most friendly and obedient soul. With Luna, I have recorded most of the dog videos on TikTok as she follows all commands and is a patient soul.

2. Always Practice Through Play:

My younger dog Luna is the energizer bunny in canine form. She will constantly come to lick the camera, run around the room, and be a whirring furball. With her, I turn the challenge or whatever I wish to record into a game without the camera. I give her plenty of treats and cuddles after each attempt. And once she has got the hang of it, we try to record the video.

3. Camera Choice Matters:

camera choice for tiktok

Start with your phone camera. Your pets see it daily and will not get distracted. For better video quality, I like to use a flexible tripod, which keeps my phone stable, and a Bluetooth camera remote for videos that requires me to be in the video along with my pet.

4. Get The Light And Camera Angle Right:

All dogs are cute, and they look a million bucks in the right light and camera angles. Natural light is the best to record pets. The bonus is that there will not be any flash to distract them. The camera angle choice depends on what you want to record. I prefer to record my pets from their eye level. It is refreshingly different from the top-down angle we see our pets from, brings a different perspective, and lets you record those adoringly beautiful puppy eyes up close.

5. Trends, Challenges, And Viral Songs

Look at the featured section in TikTok to see what is in trend. Try to recreate the challenges with your pet. Keep the videos short, and in the edit, make sure you use the currently viral songs. It will fetch you more views.

Pet TikTok Ideas To Try Out

Now comes the fun part. Get your TikTok creativity going by trying out some of these easy video ideas. You can follow some of the current trends, or you can record your fur baby doing something adorably unique.

1. The Walk

This is an easy TikTok video to try out for beginners. All you do is dress up your pets in their personalized harnesses from SassyDogFashions and take them for their morning stroll. Then record them cutely sashaying down your local park’s tree-lined path. Later, sync the video to the iconic track ‘Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gees. My pick of harnesses for this TikTok would be the Denim Soft No Pull Dog Harness and the Purple Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness. Both harnesses are ultra-soft and fully padded. You could get your pets’ names personalized to bring more cuteness to the video.

2. Sunny Windows

Both my dogs rush to each window as I open the drapes in the morning. If your dogs also have similar habits, then you could try out a simple home TikTok. Make a video with your dogs wearing pretty Custom Embroidered Cute Pet Bandanas, rushing around the room, with the video speed slowed down to sync with ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by the iconic Beatles. This is sure to win hearts and followers for you.

3. The Outfit Change

 fashionable dog clothes

You can record a doggo version of the trending outfit change TikTok. Plan a day-to-night theme for the outfits. For instance, start your pet dressed in some cute CuddlePup Dog Pajamas, then pick a dress. Try the Pink Puff Heart Dog Dress for the morning, a lovely Nautical Dog Dress with a Matching Leash for the afternoon, and finally, a high fashion Gabriella Designer Dog Dress for the night. Place a treat above the camera and record each of your dog’s jumps to sync with the music and outfit change. You have plenty of outfits to choose from SassyDogFashions extensive dog apparel collection.

4. The Beach Babies

A great beach-themed TikTok suggestion is to arrange all your house plants in one bright space at home. Get your dogs dressed in cute, matching outfits. Try Hawaiian Camp Dog Shirt— Paradise Nights and Hawaiian Red Hibiscus Designer Dog Dress. Both apparels have this cute hibiscus print and a perfectly summery vibe. Then record shots of them sipping from a coconut, balancing on a surfboard, and playing with a beach bucket and shovel set. Finally, edit all this to the music of DNCE’s ‘Cake By The Ocean.’

5. The Goodnight Cuddles

Babies, both human and canine, have their night routines before bed. Some of the TikToks with a large number of views are of dogs’ night routines. You can record your pet’s night routine too. For example, my Reve comes and hugs me adorably before going to sleep on his Enchanted Nights Dog Bed. Luna comes and does the same, but once she is in her Ritz Hideaway Dog Bed, she puts out one little paw, and I have to hold it for a few minutes as she drifts off to doggy dreamland.


With Pet TikTok videos, the goal is to have fun with your dogs. You can find many super-cute pet clothing items, accessories, and more at SassyDogFashions. It is the go-to online store for all kinds of pet needs.