Fun Things To Do With Your Dog On St. Patrick’s Day

2. Fun Things To Do With Your Dog On St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and you might be preparing yourself to enjoy yourself at the pub and have a pint of Guinness with an amazing leprechaun hat on. These are the most common things that come to your mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day. But do you think you would be able to take your pets to the pub? I guess not! So how are you planning to spend the lovely festival with your pets around you? Without wasting a single minute, you will have to plan something fun and interesting activities that will make your dog happy. Make sure you have all the green stuff stocked up to celebrate this day.

Do you have the slightest idea why St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in America?
St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March every year to honor the Irish and Irish American heritage and give due respect to the culture and tradition. People in different US cities would organize parades and festivities and sing Irish songs.

#1 Dress Up Your Pet In Green Apparel:

Dress Up Your Pet In Green Apparel

You can enjoy the festival by dressing up your dog in different green clothes and accessories. You can get a green shirt with floral prints, a green dog harness, and dog collars, and a sweet green hat. You can even have a green leash for the dog collar/dog harness. You can even just put a green bow tie around the neck to make your dog look handsome. When your dog is ready, you can dress in matching apparel and get a hat on. With this look, you can join your friend to witness the parade in your city.

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#2 You Can Watch Interesting St. Patrick’s Day-themed Movies With Your Pet:

Not everyone would like to participate in the social event, so no celebration, no enjoyment? Certainly not! You can get a collection of St. Patrick’s Day theme movies and watch with your pet, along with the perfect delicacies lined on the table beside the television. [You can even prepare some of your dog’s favorite items and see how cheerful that day would become]. Some of the best movies based on St. Patrick’s Day are Leap Year, The Secret of Kells, Waking Ned Devine, Once, P.S. I Love You, and Brooklyn. You can also choose some other movies to spend quality time just with your dog and relaxing.

#3 You Can Plan For A Photoshoot With Festive Outfits:

If your dog loves having photoshoots, then you can plan a fun activity that includes photoshoots of you and your adorable dogs. You can dress up your dog in different festive clothing that is all green. You can get some amazing leprechaun costumes for yourself and your dog and prepare for St. Patrick’s Day eve. You can later on, frame these pictures and cherish the memories.

#4 You can organize a furry friend dinner party in traditional Irish style:

Just like you, your dog might have friends in the neighborhood. You can invite his furry friends to enjoy a dinner party that can be organized in a traditional Irish style. You can ask all the pet parents to dress them up and bring them to your house. You can prepare some amazing dog treats, which your dog and his friends would love to have. Even you will have some company to enjoy the day with and watch your dog having a gala time. This would be the perfect way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

#5 You Can Bring Your Dog To Enjoy The St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

You Can Bring Your Dog To Enjoy The St. Patrick’s Day Parade

If your dog loves being around people and socializing, then you can bring him to the St. Patrick Parade. On this day, the climate is usually pleasant, which means it’s not too cold and nor too hot. The dog would love to see how people have dressed up for the eve and how they are performing. This would be a wonderful experience for your dog.


Different people have different ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day — some people tend to celebrate it with their friends, some with their pet. If you have an adorable pet, then you can plan any of the aforementioned fun activities to spend some quality time with your pet on that day and make them feel cheerful.