Face Mask: An Important Accessory Right Now!

Face Mask: An Important Accessory Right Now!

As there has been a continuous rise in the widespread of COVID-19, people are choosing to have a face mask to cover their mouth and nose when going out in public. The US government has recommended that people wear protective masks in public during the coronavirus pandemic.

To save lives and break the chain of coronavirus, it is essential for the public to wear face masks. Moreover, everyone must follow handwashing and social distancing which is quite effective in preventing community transmission of coronavirus.

Why Wearing Face Masks Is Essential?

The COVID-19 virus is infectious and spreads from aerosols. Aerosols are the tiny particles in the air. While traveling through public transport or going to a public place, you might breathe in the aerosols or touch your face inadvertently with infected hands. Therefore, face masks are effective in protecting you against such aerosols and it would be more crucial to wear when you will get ease from the lockdown.

Who Should Wear A Face Mask:

1. Sick People: WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended that it is mandatory for the people who are infected with the COVID-19 virus to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. Nurses And Caregivers: The nurses and caregivers who are continuously taking care of the sick people must wear a face mask. The face mask will protect them from getting infected as well as prevent community transmission of the coronavirus.

3. Frontline Health Workers: Health workers are at the greatest risk because they are exposed to the deadly virus every second of the day.

4. General Public: To Avoid Community Transmission: Just within the span of 2 to 4 months, the COVID-19 virus transmission has been pushed into family units. This is making the situation very critical. Wearing a face mask whenever you are out in public places will protect you from community transmission of the virus. Along with the face mask, you must follow other WHO guidelines such as handwashing and maintaining social distance.

Government Is Encouraging People To Use Cloth Face Masks:

The US government and CDC encourage the general population to wear non-medical masks or fabric masks or cloth masks. Premium Cloth masks are quite useful as they properly cover the mouth and nose and prevent the particles from entering the mouth. Moreover, the cloth masks are 100% cotton and hence are very soft and do not harm the face skin. The public can put on these face masks while they are going out to get essentials like, the grocery store.

So should everyone wear a mask?

Yes, the face masks are effective in protecting healthy people from getting infected with coronavirus that is present in the air. It is also important to note that face masks are really helpful in protecting people from the asymptomatic spread. Asymptomatic people are the ones who are infected by the virus but still don’t show any symptoms and they are the potential carriers of the virus. Therefore it is a mandatory requirement of each and every person to wear face masks to protect themselves as well as the environment.


People can use cloth face masks to protect themselves until more medical masks are available. It is not only the government’s duty to protect lives with the help of comprehensive strategy but also our responsibility to follow social distancing, handwashing, and mask-wearing guidelines religiously.