Dog Grooming Supplies – Every Pet Owner Needs

Dog Grooming Supplies - Every Pet Owner Needs

No matter what kind of dog you have, or how often you may visit a professional groomer, it’s fairly common to need basic grooming supplies at home for your pet.  Having quality, basic dog grooming supplies on hand can allow you to take better care of your dog, and make grooming sessions easier.  Regular grooming helps owners to bond with their furry friends and helps keep your pet looking and feeling healthy.  Below, we have highlighted some of the basic dog grooming supplies that every dog owner needs to have at home, and some of the details to consider when purchasing those supplies. 

Essential Dog Grooming Supplies:

#1 Pet Shampoo

Your dog’s coat requires the perfect balance of nutrients in order to look and perform the best it can. Furthermore, your pet is capable of rolling in some pretty foul stuff, whether you like it or not! For this reason, a good dog shampoo should always be among the top dog grooming essentials

In the market you would generally find two types of pet shampoo that every pet owner should have: 

Basically, clarifying pet shampoo is formulated to deep cleanse the fur & pores on the skin of your dog more effectively as compared to regular pet shampoos. Being a pet parent you must not use products like dry pet shampoo because they can cause product build-up on the skin and clog pores of your dog’s skin. The clarifying pet shampoo also helps to effectively remove oil and dirt, unclogging your dog’s pores. This can be done monthly to ensure that the dog’s coat and skin remain healthy & clean.

You can use mild pet shampoos for weekly baths because they are not so drying and at the same time cleans the excess oil off your dog. Pick one that is professionally approved, contains natural ingredients, and has a deodorizing element for best results!

#2 Best Quality Dog Nail Grinder

If your dog’s nails are too long, they’ll probably find it very difficult to walk without pain, discomfort, or awkwardness. Long nails can also result in some nasty injuries, as they can easily get caught and pulled out – a very nasty thought. A dog nail grinder is a highly recommended essential pet grooming item every pet dog owner should have! A pet nail grinder is essential for pet owners who struggle to clip their dog’s nails. Using a pet nail grinder will not frighten your dog and also make the nail trimming session easier for the dog owners.

The pet nail grinder can be used comfortably when your dog is lying down or sitting on your lap. Pet owners need not fear over cutting their dog’s nails causing it to bleed. You can simply grind your pet’s nails down without hurting your dog. Moreover, you can get a pet nail grinder that is integrated with an interchangeable head that can be switched to a paw pad shaver for dogs! How awesome and convenient is that! 

#3 Oral Hygiene Products

All good professional groomers take care of a dog’s teeth as well as their coat and nails. Doggy toothbrushes are great – if you can get your pet to hold long enough – but there’s a much tastier option available as well. Dental chews can reduce your dog’s tartar by up to 80% and keep their teeth and gums healthy throughout their life. They also serve as a great healthy treat for your pooch to gnaw on!

#4 Premium Dog Brush

A good quality dog brush doesn’t cost much, and usually will last for quite a long time.  Just don’t let your dog use it as a bone or chew toy! When considering brushes for your dog, you must ensure that they should have smooth and soft teeth that won’t irritate or cut into your dog’s skin.  You also need to consider the kind of coat your dog has, in order to choose the best type of brush for them.

Dogs with smooth, shorter coats usually benefit the most from curry-type brushes, often made from rubber or a similar material.  They are meant to remove the short hairs that typically shed on smooth-coated dogs, and work equally well on wet coats (such as during a bath) or dry coats.

Dogs with longer or thicker coats need a slicker-style brush.  These brushes are constructed to reach past the outer hairs to the undercoat, removing dead and damaged hair, and preventing mats and tangles that can become a nightmare.  Choose a brush with the right size to easily fit in your hand, and appropriate for the size of the dog you have. 

#5 Amazing Dog Apparels

Dog clothes are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. These clothes are important to protect your pet from the harsh weather. Moreover, when you dress your pets in different apparels they feel happy. You can buy premium dog clothes at Sassydogfashions. They have a huge collection of dog clothes right from dog pajamas, tutu dresses, dog shirts, dog coats, jackets, and even dog tuxedos. 

Sassydogfashions is a popular brand name when it comes to supplying high-quality, beautiful, and soft clothes that make your dog feel comfortable and happy. You can even order designer dog clothes that would be customized according to your needs. 


By ensuring you have these basic dog grooming supplies on hand, you can help take proper care of your pet.  Keeping them clean, and smelling good will make them feel better, and more of a joy for you to cuddle and play with.  Dog grooming also helps reduce unwanted shedding all around the home, reduce tangles and knots in hair, and helps keep your pet cleaner between baths.  If your pet doesn’t like grooming, take things slowly and gently, and use treats to train them if necessary.  Always allow your dog to smell and investigate any grooming implements you plan to use on them and be firm but supportive in your approach to grooming them.  This will help them to become more comfortable with it – making things easier for both of you.