Different Types of Designer Dog Bags for Small Dogs That People Can Choose From

As a pet parent, you feel like your furry pal is your baby and hate going anywhere without them. Enter the designer dog bag. Whether planning an international vacation or just a trip downtown, having the right designer dog bag can make all the difference in carrying them around in style and comfort.

From a backpack to a tote carrier, there are many styles to fit your lifestyle and your dog’s breed. For avid travelers, finding a TSA-approved Designer Dog Bags for Small Dogs that meets all FAA requirements is a top priority. Other pet parents may want the right bag to get prepped for a trip out on the town.

Many top-notch brands offer designer dog bags for small dogs that allow you to carry your fur baby in sophistication without causing any discomfort.

Here are the designer dog bags to tow your little one around in.

Types of Designer Dog Bags for Small Dogs 

• Sling Style Carrier Bag for Small Dogs

A sling-style carrier bag is a must-have if you are looking to carry your fur baby in style and turn you into the ultimate pet parent. The trendy designer bag for small dogs exudes total class and sophistication. Made of super soft mesh, the designer dog bag is comfortable for you and your pet, and the extra-wide padded strap is easy to adjust. You can go for the one with the fleece lining to keep your pup warm and to snuggle within.

• Tote Carrier Bag for Small Dogs

For a fashion-forward pet parent, a tote dog bag is the purse of your dreams. This luxury designer dog bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps, giving you more freedom while carrying your furry baby. The dog bag features a side mesh window and pocket, a tether for safety, and a luxurious faux fur mat to give your pup extra comfort. It is available in various colors of your choice and handmade with leather.

• Wheeled Carrier Bag for Small Dogs

The wheeled carrier is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a designer dog bag that functions like a stroller but doesn’t look like one. It has all the same features as the tote handbag but with wheels and a cute little flag for visibility in crowded airline terminals.

• Canvas Carrier Bag for Small Dogs

You can use canvas carrier bags for small dogs to carry your pets to local places such as a supermarket or anywhere nearby. These dog bags are trendy, made of 100% cotton canvas, and come with or without fleece lining. The bag has a peep window allowing you to check on your pet and for them to peek out.


All the designer dog bags for small dogs mentioned above incorporate high fashion, comfort, and function, allowing you to carry your furry companion gracefully.

Your pets are your best friends, and you should give them all the necessary care, and traveling with them should be comfortable for you and the pet. Therefore, designer dog bags for small dogs are the best option. Many companies offer classy dog carriers and purses for everyday wear and travel but look for credible companies such as Sassy Dog Fashions to buy your bag.