How To Choose The Best Carrier For Your Dog?

How To Choose The Best Carrier For Your Dog

We all love our pets and are likely to spend time with them, play with them, take them on a walk, and on vacations. Well, while thinking of vacations, the first thought that comes to the mind is of Pet Carriers! Pet carriers are quite useful when you plan to travel the world with your dog or take him to the vet. Pet carriers keep your dogs safe while traveling to different places. Most often pet owners think that the dog carriers are heavy, bulky crates. But it is not so. The pet market is flooded with amazing lightweight dog carriers so that owners do not have to use the heavy, bulky crate. Before finalizing your dog carrier, have a look at the helpful guidelines to narrow down the selection.

Basically, a well-designed dog carrier should be secure and comfortable for both you and your pet. While choosing the dog carrier you must not compromise on your pet’s safety or comfort, or your own, and think about your entire journey. Most often the dog owner gets overwhelmed while selecting a perfect dog carrier. In the market you would get plenty of pet carriers – some are in the form of crates and kennels which seem to be very bulky whereas other pet carriers are soft cloth slings. The pet slings have gained popularity because it keeps your hands free. You can easily tuck in on your shoulders and move around as well as keep your little dog safe and secure.

#1 The Size Of The Dog Sling/ Sling Pet Carrier

The dog slings are available in various sizes. But you must choose a sling in which you can keep your pet comfortably. To simplify the fact, you must focus on the height and depth of the dog sling before purchasing it. Your pet should be able to comfortably sink into the sling and see out without risk of falling out.

#2 Choose A Dog Sling With Good Features

Once you have determined the height and depth of the dog, you must verify whether the dog sling provides an adjustable strap or not. For every dog sling, there must be an adjustable strap with custom fitting so that the owner can adjust it according to their height for maximum comfort.

Besides the adjustable strap, there must be interior hooks or clasps which you could use to attach to the dog collar. It will ensure that your dog does not fall out and keep them tucked in. Moreover, a dog carrier must also have additional design features such as small side pockets for keeping dog food and toys. These additional features can actually come handy during emergencies. 

#3 Pay Attention To The Quality And Design Of The Pet Carrier

While choosing the dog carrier it is quite essential to check the quality and design of the carrier, especially if you are planning to take the pet on long vacation trips. Generally, people assume that good quality carriers are expensive, but they do have the benefit of better safety and sturdiness. You must examine the quality of the material, whether it is soft and durable. As per the experts, the dog sling must be made up of extremely soft fabric so that the pet’s skin doesn’t get irritated with the fabric. 

Having a dog sling with soft fabric is also beneficial for the owners, as it would not rub against the skin while carrying the dog on the shoulders. 

#4 Pet’s Type and Temperament

You might be wondering why a pet’s type and temperament should be given consideration while choosing the carrier. Well, because the type and temperament of your dog will let you know how comfortably your pet would adjust inside the carrier. Generally, a calm pet would adjust well to a small-sized carrier or dog sling, but a curious, hyperactive pet would need more space. So for such active little dogs, you would require a spacious dog sling along with strong hooks and a broad strap. The broad strap will help you to keep your dog in control when they feel like jumping out. 


Pet Carriers or popularly known as dog sling come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. But choosing the right type of carrier for your pet may take a little time and research to find just the right one. Looks and style are nice, but the right size, high-quality fabric, and comfort for your pet are some of the best things to look for when choosing your pet carrier. Once you are clear about your requirements, it would become easy for you to choose the right pet carrier. 

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