Buying A Bed for Your Dog? Here Is What You Need to Know

Buying A Bed for Your Dog- Here Is What You Need to Know

Even though dogs are known to easily curl up and nap almost anywhere within or outside the house, it is important they have their own resting place and a comfortable bed to sleep on. The health benefits your dog derives from sleeping on a comfortable dog bed are numerous. However, choosing the perfect type, size or make of bed that works well for your dog isn’t just straightforward and might seem overwhelming if you don’t know what to do, what to look out for or what exactly you want. Going into the market without the right knowledge will only frustrate your efforts especially with the endless diverse choices of beds available in the market today. You will need to pay attention to things like your dog’s age, health issue, sleeping style and the cost of the bed, ignoring them might just lead to buying an overly costly bed your dog won’t want to sleep in.

To help you navigate this maze, we have taken our time to go into details in this article on what to look out for and what needs to influence your decisions when choosing a bed for your dog in order to help you make the right decision.

Your dog’s sleeping style

One of the most important things to take note of before you go shopping for a new bed for your dog is your dog’s sleeping style. This sleeping style dictates the kind of bed that would work well for him.

You can also go for beds with heating and cooling features in order to help regulate his temperature throughout the night. However, if your dog tends to chew things up, this kind of bed won’t be the best for him because it costs too much and he will only end up destroying it. Instead, you can go for a cheap, simpler bed that can still provide him with all the comfort he needs and is also easily replaceable.

Health issues and special needs

Does your dog have a sleeping problem, joints or arthritis issues? Considering the health issues your dog is currently going through is important in your decision making on the type of bed to get for your pet. Orthopedic beds are made of high memory foam and can help your pets rest comfortably as it was created for the sole purpose of easing joints or arthritis pain while your dog sleeps.

The size of bed to go for

Ensuring your dog has enough bed space available for him to lay on is important. To get the exact size of bed that would be suitable for your dog, take a measurement of your dog’s length, from the tip of his nose to the end of its tail, then add between 8 to 12 inches to it. That is the bed size range that would suit him. However, while taking this measurement, you would want to consider if your dog is already fully grown or not. Except you don’t mind replacing the bed quickly as he grows.

The bed material to choose

You can find dog beds made in various materials, choosing one that works well for your dog and deals with issues like odors, allergies or bed wetting for older dogs is important. This bed includes:

Also while making your choice on the bed material to buy, you would want to consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance too. Get a bed that is easy to get cleaned up and maintained.