Buy Top Luxury Products For Your Dog This New Year

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New Year 2022! The new year always brings thoughts of making resolutions and making the best of your life. But what if you decide to do something a little different this new year?

Ok, a quick question, what is common among all these celebrities?

Paris Hilton, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, Chris Evans, and Katy Perry?

Yes, you are right. They are all proud pet parents. And what is even more adorable is the fact that their famous pets are as well turned out as their celeb parents. So, why not this new year, give your pooch a taste of the high-life? We all may be regular people, but our fur babies are stars in our eyes. So, this year let us cater to the material girls and guys in our little princesses and princes.

So now, where can you get quality yet affordable pet luxury goods that look like a million bucks? You need not be worried at all. We bring you a superb collection of luxurious products that you can gift to your dog this new year.

#1 Handmade Luxurious Chinchilla Deluxe Dog Blanketcollection of cuddle blankets

Your search for something luxurious and warm for your dog ends with this oh so soft cuddly blanket. It is beautiful, butter-smooth to the touch, and both my dog babies adore them. It has also got some ‘Pawsitive’ reviews.

The best part of this lovely blanket is that it is available in different sizes to suit all your babies. When you order this blanket from SassyDogFashions, you will have different options when it comes to size. This blanket is provided by Hello Doggie, and it is part of the deluxe collection. It is the best that you can get for your dog. The dog blanket is designed from mink fabric that gives it cuddly softness and does not cause any irritation to your dog’s coat. You can use the blanket to cuddle with your dog and put them to sleep within a few minutes.

We have it in the following sizes:

#2 Dog Harness – Tuxedo with 4 Interchangeable Bow Tiesdog harness

There is something of an old-world charm when it comes to a Tuxedo. Whether you are a ‘Gone With The Wind’ fan or prefer ‘Titanic’, there is something uniquely dapper about men dressed in tuxedos. This was my inspiration for this unique item.

This dog harness and tuxedo are perfect when you are thinking of gifting something luxurious to your dog. You can use this tuxedo harness on various occasions and events when you want your fur baby to be the gentleman stealing all the ladies’ hearts. It not just imparts a great look to your dog or even a charming cat, but also enhances the protection level. You can easily attach the leash to the harness and walk your dog anywhere. And the bonus is the interchangeable bows, so your pet always matches you.

#3 Luxurious Handmade Aquamarine Soft Cuddle Dog Bed

Most often, pet parents love to cuddle with their dogs and sleep. Sometimes you wish to watch a movie with them, but don’t have a cuddle cushion. I had faced the same issue during the winters. So, I offer this adorable, ultra-soft, 100% poly-fiber fill be, that lets your pet baby softly sink into sweet dreams of chasing birds and chipmunks. This luxurious product from SassyDogFashions is the perfect addition to your home this new year.

And a little secret, my ‘Frozen’ crazy young niece adores this due to the stunning aquamarine color of the bed. Guess who got to be her favorite aunt this Christmas.

#4 Handmade Luxurious Rosebud Dog Blankets in 11 Colors

When you have a single pet in the house, you usually get specific items. But what if you have two or three pets in your house – cats and dogs. The last two years have seen a sudden rise in pets in households across the US. And one thing I have learned from my two fur babies, they do not like to share their things.
So here is a great collection of cuddle blankets that you can buy for your entire brood. These are reversible blankets and are easy to use and wash. You are sure to find your favorite from our range of 11 luxurious colors. The blankets are available for order in different sizes.


Luxurious dog clothes will make your dog stand out from the crowd. You can get these premium dog clothes from SassyDogFashions. These would be a great addition to your home and also make your dog a head-turner when you take your pet to a party. It would be difficult for people to take their eyes off your dog. SassyDogfashions is the best online store in the US for premium pet clothing. You will find not just casual wear for your pets, but even an entire party collection. There are dresses for every occasion and season. You will surely find something great for your dogs.