Should You Buy A Comfortable Dog Harness For Your Pet?

Should you buy a Comfortable Dog harness for your pet

Are you thinking of buying a dog harness for your dog? Then you have come to the right place. Dog harnesses are quite beneficial for the dogs as well as the pet parents. With the help of the right dog harness, you can keep your dogs safe and secure while you are taking them out on a morning walk or an evening stroll. Dog harnesses are also helpful in controlling your dog if it is heavy.  For heavy dogs, it is not advisable to make use of a dog collar because it can hurt their neck badly. The harness is a safe way to keep the entire body of the pet in control as the leash goes around the shoulder of the dog and can easily relieve the pressure from the dog’s neck. 

In the market, you can come across a lot of dog harnesses with different colors, textures, fabrics, and sizes. You must choose the one that best suits your dog’s size and personality. So before we show you different dog harnesses available at Sassy Dog Fashions you must know these essential points that will help you to choose the best harness for your dog. 

#1 You Must Decide What Purpose You Need To Fulfill With The Dog Harness: Dog harnesses are available in different styles. The standard dog harness is best for keeping your dog in control while you take them on a walk. Apart from standard dog harnesses, you can get dog harnesses that are specifically designed only for training purposes. Further, if you take your dog out in your car, then you can opt for a dog harness that is crash-proof to protect your dog in case of any accidents.

#2 Make Sure You Are Choosing A Soft Fabric Harness: The dog harness should be made of high-quality fabric and should be extremely soft. It should not cause any irritation to the dog’s skin and should make them feel comfortable. 

#3 The Dog Harness You Choose Must Be Of Right Size: To ensure that you are getting the right size of harness, you must measure your dog properly around the ribcage. If you are getting it online, you should check out the size chart before ordering one. Getting the right size of harness is quite important, as too tight will cause suffocation and pain and too loose means your dog would wiggle out of it.  

You might be wondering where to find such a high-quality dog harness. Sassy Dog Fashions has the best collection of dog harnesses that you would love to get for your beloved pets. 

Custom Embroidered Pink Plush Dog Harness:

It is a padded dog harness made of 100% premium quality cotton, which makes it comfortable and soft. This dog harness is best for female dogs and puppies.

The padded area of the dog harness is made up of plush fabric and designed with reflective trim. The reflective trim will make it easy for you to find your pet in dark areas.  You can even customize the look of the dog harness by getting your dog’s name embroidered on it. At Sassy Dog Fashions, you will find similar dog harnesses in different sizes such as extra small, small, medium, and large.

Get An Amazing Designer Black Plaid Houndstooth Dog Harness:

If you want your dog to be safe and cheerful, you must get this fit and comfortable dog harness.  It is a durable plaid fabric and is well suited for female as well as male dogs. You can get this in a wide range of color options and designs. You will get an adjustable strap, a high-quality buckle along with the dog harness. The fabric used in the dog harness is 100% premium cotton that will ensure that your dog is comfortable and does not cause any irritation to his skin. 

Get A Red Buffalo Plaid Dog Harness With Stunning Lead Options:

An ultimate and fashionable dog harness for your beloved pet. This dog harness has a unique look that will make your dog look the best. The front part of the harness is padded with high-quality premium cotton and this perfectly fits any size of a dog. (But ensure that you are measuring the size of your dog before ordering it.)


The dog harness is essential if you want to keep your pet under control when you are out on a walk or stroll. Moreover, it is better than getting a dog collar because there are high chances that the dog collar can hurt the dog’s neck. But with a dog harness, you won’t have to worry about any such thing. So go for a dog harness but remember to choose wisely.