Best Dog Parks In The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

The Lehigh Valley is comprised of three cities: Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton and its surroundings. The population of the Lehigh Valley, PA is 821,173 residents. About 558,280 dogs and pets live here in the Lehigh Valley and dog parks have been popping up all over in recent years to serve the dog owners. Sassy Dog Fashions did a tour of these dog parks and we are presenting our favorites in this official directory.

1. Allen Township Dog Park

Located off Savage Road, behind the Atlas woods, the dog park is open to the public, township residents and others. Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the sunshine; that’s why you need to bring your dog to the Allen Township Dog Park as the park is open from dawn to dusk.

Smaller dogs are separated from larger dogs by a gated fence. Water lines have been laid, so dogs have plenty of water to drink at the back of the park in fact, they have their very own water fountain!

Here is a quick guide to the rules of the park: https://sassydogfashions.com/blog/best-dog-parks-in-the-lehigh-valley-pennsylvania/

Allen Township Dog Park

2. Nazareth Dog Park

If you and your pooch are contemplating some high elevation fun, you should consider trying Nazareth Dog Park. They have two fenced areas, one for larger breeds and one for smaller breeds. For the most part, it’s pretty well taken care of. The freshly upgraded fence surrounds the park. The lookouts here are amazing, too!

The park permits pooches to run off some energy. Much of the encompassing trails and land is dog-friendly as well, so there’s plenty for you guys to explore.

If you’ve ever wanted to hike with your best friend, Nazareth Dog Park is the place to do it.

Nazareth Dog Park

3. Hugh Moore Dog Bark

Dog owners have a new, spacious and shaded area to frequent in Lehigh Valley. The park is fenced-in and broken into separate areas for small and large dogs and even has a pavilion with picnic tables where you could enjoy a picnic BBQ with all your dog friends.

It has two water fountains for dogs and one for humans is planned. Dogs are allowed off-leash inside the dog park but must be leashed elsewhere at Hugh Moore Park.

You can enjoy all the magnificent sights along with your pooch by choosing Hugh Moore Dog Park and you can access the D&L trail from this parking lot which is also dog friendly.

Hugh Moore Dog Bark

4. Perkasie Dog Park

The Perkasie Dog Park is inhabited off of Constitution Avenue across from the Perkasie Square Shopping Center.

The playground also offers tables where you can relax and watch your dog go crazy. We thought this dog park needed some TLC trimming work as there were a lot of unkept areas where weeds were growing out of control.

Perkasie Dog Park

5. Lower Macungie Dog Park

The Park is constructed with funding from Lower Macungie Township and private donations from Friends of Lower Macungie Dog Park.

Lower Macungie Dog Park has plenty of ways for you to pamper your pooch or let him have fun.

The resort features a dog park complete with an agility and obstacle course, and drinking fountains.

This Lehigh Valley dog park was very well groomed for our arrival.

Lower Macungie Dog Park

6. Polk Valley Dog Park

The 1+ acre Dog Park highlights separate areas for small and large dogs and chairs for dog owners. The lookouts are amazing here so do take your binoculars and the park is extensive with adjoining properties and pavilions.

The Dog Park is open year-round from dawn to dusk. Each person may bring up to two (2) dogs in the park at a time.

There’s even a separate division for dogs under 30 pounds if you’re concerned about rough play.

Polk Valley Dog Park

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So, when are you planning to go to these parks? Or if you have already visited, DO LET US KNOW your experience in the comments section below!