5 Ways Owning a Dog Makes You Healthier

5 Ways Owning a Dog Makes You Healthier

Happiness depends on many things but everyone agrees that a person has all the tools needed to be happy if he has proper health. That’s why everyone worries about staying healthy and being fit both physically and mentally, and they do it through a healthy and active life full of exercise and activities that make them feel good. In the same way, they also surround themselves with loved ones that make them feel at ease and involve with them in activities that make them feel less lonely and help them in personal growth as well as in developing new skills.

When talking about loved ones, it is not just limited to humans but also includes pets. Yes, as you read, those small mascots who make your life happy every time they wave their tail in a greeting or lick your face offering you their most genuine way of expressing love. Pets have become a key to the happiness and health of people and all families as they add that touch of fun that sometimes is lost as well as keeping things cheery inside your home. According to various studies, having a pet contributes to improving both personal and family health and here are the top reasons why.

1) Relieves stress

Sharing with our dogs, cats, turtles or even hamsters, among others, is a very good way to drain stress because being with them we manage to breathe and forget all those problems that overwhelm us. The affective component of a pet helps you relax and makes you feel better and helps you to release the hormone of well-being: oxytocin.

2) Improve your body’s fitness

Playing with your pet makes you more physically active since you have to move around along with your little friend. Whenever you are in a park, you will have to run with your dog and you may even be the one who has to look for the ball sometimes.

3) Relieves the feeling of loneliness

It is normal that, even if you are accompanied by your family or friends, sometimes you feel alone. However, by having a pet you will always feel accompanied and understood by this unconditional four-legged friend.

4) Improves your social life

Sharing with friends and their respective pets will always be a good excuse to go out and visit people. In addition, this helps your pets feel better and have more fun. Having a dog means you can socialize a lot more since there are even clubs to attend in the evenings where it is an indispensable requirement that you take your dog. Many people, even, have found their future husbands or wives thanks to the love for their dogs.

5) It helps you develop new skills and values

It is not a secret that having a pet requires full-time commitment and is a very big responsibility since you must take care of them just like a child. Taking care of them teaches you discipline, responsibility, commitment and, of course, love for others. Having a pet undoubtedly makes you a better and healthier person.