5 Tips to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night

5 Tips to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night-Sassy Dog Fashions

A good night sleep is important for all-round good health. It is important not only important for you, but also for your dog. However, when your dog wakes up many times in the night, incessantly seeking your attention by crying all through the night, it will be quite impossible for you to get quality sleep.

This could make you and your dog suffer the symptoms of sleep deprivation. Therefore, if you want to sleep very well at night, you have to ensure your dog is comfortable enough to sleep through the night.

Above all, if you really love your dog, you should do everything to make sure it is healthy and comfortable.

Here are five tips to help your dog sleep through the night:

1. Check out any injury or medical condition

Just like humans, dogs may find it difficult to sleep if they are feeling pain from injury or if they are sick. The smallest wound could sometimes be so painful that it will make sleeping hard. Therefore, check every part of your dog’s body and treat any wound you find.

If you discover it might be sick, take your dog to a veterinarian and discuss all the changes you have noticed. A veterinarian will know what to do to return your dog to perfect health and he or she may give you drugs to help your dog sleep.

2. Make sure your dog is tired

Keeping your dog active many times in the day can tire them out and lead to uninterrupted sleep at night. Small dogs need little exercise, but bigger dogs need more exercise. You can take them for a walk right before bed time to make sure they are tired enough to sleep through the night. And I hope you know that taking your dog for a walk is beneficial health wise for you and your dog.

3. Give your dog a special sleeping area

The importance of giving your dog its own comfortable bed cannot be overemphasized. Dogs often like to lie on a dirty T-shirt, so you can get your dog a comfortable bed and throw your dirty T-shirt that has your smell on it on top of the bed.

4. Set up a routine

Setting up a routine helps your dog know when it is time for bed. Set a time for everything you do with your dog every day and make sure you stick with the times you have set. Feed your dog few hours before bedtime and take it for a walk at the same time every day. You should also make sure your dog will not be needing the toilet during the night by making sure it does it business and by not giving it water before bed.

5. Low sound and Low light

Make sure there is no loud noise or bright light around your dog’s sleeping area. It may help to have a low sound nearby like a ticking clock to help it sleep in no time.