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Personalized Exotic Cat Breed Hand Towels

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Personalized Exotic Cat Breed Hand Towels. Your favorite cat breed embroidered on a quality beige cotton hand towel. PERSONALIZE IT with your cat's name for FREE! Or you may choose to have the name of the breed on the towel instead.  Our Cat Breed hand towels are our Signature Best Seller Pet Gifts for cat fanciers and cat lovers everywhere. Pet People love them so much they buy several at a time for their friends and loved ones, too.


Product Description

  • Pet lovers dig seeing their BELOVED PET’S NAME on household goods.
  • Order your full color AWARD WINNING 3-D Photo Quality cat breed image on your hand towel. PERSONALIZE IT with your cat’s name or keep it generic with the breed name.
  • Thread color for name will be chosen for you unless noted by you, in the notes at Checkout. Normally female names receive pink embroidery thread and male names receive blue embroidery thread. If we cannot discern the gender of the name, we will use red thread.
  • Beginning Jan 1, 2017 we are using white plush 100% cotton towels. You may make a special request for a beige towel in the notes at checkout. 
  • See sample photos of work already done here on this page or in the photo gallery.
  • We also embroider retail sets for rescue fundraisers, groomer salons, Veterinarians, Rescue Organizations, Kennels, Breeders and Handlers and Pet Fairs so please message us for details or call.
  • You may request your favorite breed if it’s not listed.
  • Handmade in America. Made to order. 

Our signature popular breed hand towels make excellent Christmas and Holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for dog, cat and pet horse lovers, birthday gifts for bosses, friends and families and fund raisers for dog and cat rescue and also memorials for an animal that has passed where you can request a custom order with the birth and passing dates, along with the pet’s name. All custom orders are always welcome so please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Technical Knowledge: These towels are very beautiful and we use only premium supplies and thread that makes the image pop. It is a 100% cotton Department store attractive towel that you will be proud to offer as a gift. Please remember that it takes hours to design these images on a very costly, sophisticated digitizing software, the image is then transferred to a commercial machine where it’s embroidered with up to 18 different color threads to achieve that photo quality look, by the machinist onto a plush white towel. You will never see this in a pet store and it’s a one-of-a-kind gift nobody else will ever have anything like it.

This product is highly customized (personalized) and is not returnable because we cannot resell it once it has your pet’s name so make sure you proofread the animal’s name. For any large orders please allow extra time to complete. Many order two for a set.



Additional Information

Cat Breeds

American Shorthair, Domestic Tabby, Exotic Shorthair, Lynx Point Siamese, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Persian 1, Persian 2, Persian 4, Persian 5, Ragdoll, Spynx


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