Magenta Dot Pet Dog Collar Flo
Magenta Dot Pet Dog Collar FloMagenta Dot Pet Dog Collar FloMagenta Dot Pet Dog Collar FloCustomizable Sassy Black Dot DMagenta Dot Pet Dog Collar Flo

Magenta Dot Pet Dog Collar Flower


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Add a pretty little magenta purple flower to your dog’s collar. This listing is for the purple magenta flower ONLY! You may find the black dot collar in a link right below. Choose your collar and then order a custom flower to coordinate. You’ll be pleased as we sell a lot of custom sets.


Product Description

Magenta Dot Pet Dog Collar Flower

Accessorize your dog’s collar with this pretty purple magenta collar flower. It is soft and easily attaches to the pet collar. It is removable in an instant. It’s safe for cats, too! You can offer it as a pet lover gift to your dog or cat friends.


  • This polka dot collar flower is attached with double sided premium Velcro that wraps around the width of the collar
  • It fits up to 1 inch wide collar. If your collar width is smaller you can trim the excess Velcro to your specific collar width.
  • The dog collar flowers are available in 2 sizes (diameter): **Medium 3.5 inch **LARGE 4.5 inch

The Black dot dog collar is sold separately here.


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