Blue Camouflage Unisex Contoured Reversible Cloth FACE MASK for Covid-19 for Adults and TeensSIZE 7 WITH NO ARROWIMG_0982IMG_0998LV-USA2IMG_0983

Blue Camouflage Unisex Contoured Reversible Cloth FACE MASK for Covid-19 for Adults and Teens


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Didn’t your Mom always tell you to cover your cough! Now you can, with this Handmade Blue Camouflage Contoured Reversible Cloth FACE MASK. Wear it in public, at home or in the hospital or at the office and be assured your nose and mouth are protected from germs.  Wear it over your N95 as a cover or wear it alone. 

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Custom Blue Camouflage Unisex Contoured Reversible Cloth FACE MASK

Health Mask for Protection against germs in Public settings
Exercise safety with this stunning, fun blue camouflage health face mask, It’s a protective face mask to be worn during the Corona virus outbreak and it’s the perfect accessory for jeans. You can wear it in public, at home, at the office or workplace and be assured your nose and mouth are protected from some germs, pollutants, odors, etc. It’s made of soft premium cotton fabric and it’s comfortable to wear.  Women, men and teens can wear this mask during and after the COVID-19 virus for many uses.
Wear it over the N95 or alone. Nurses and healthcare workers can easily wear it over the N95 as a cover in the hospital facility! Many do so to protect their N95 mask and to prolong its life but many people simply wear it alone. 
We are located 1.5 hours south of New York City and ship quickly.
One Size:
Fits Most Adult and Teens. Can be adjusted to be tighter by pinching and securing the elastic. Can add elastic, too, if necessary.  The adult size measures approx 5.5 inches (kindly allow for .5 inch difference since it’s handmade) down the middle contoured seam. 
~Looks fashionable and is easy to use.
~Fits over the N95 as a cover or wear it alone. 
~Light and breathable. 
~Double-directional folds allow the mask to expand over the nose and chin for good protection and breathability.
1. Place mask over mouth and nose.
2. Place an ear loop around each ear.
3. Pull the bottom of the mask under the chin and mold the upper part around the nose – the mask should cover the face from the nose to underneath the chin. Adjust strap is necessary to tighten against face. 
I use two layers of premium cotton fabric and gave the mask a contour shape so it has a 3 Dimensional shape and comfortably conforms to  the shape of the nose and face; the chin even has a V line shape to conform to your chin line. Stretchy ear loops fit easily around the ears. There are pleats at the sides of the mask for additional 3D styling, details and wearing comfort. It has a solid color on the interior so you are getting 2-in-1 masks. 
When in an airport or on an airplane during domestic or international travel, it’s nice to breathe privately and comfortably into a mask. 
Many nurses, doctors, dental assistants and all types of healthcare workers love to wear our masks because they fit well and do not fog up the eyeglasses.  
Do you work around pollution, powders, odors, chemicals or saw dust? If you cover your nose and mouth, less harmful substances will enter your lungs. 
Big-city inhabitants gift, Travelers gift, Teachers gift, Child care providers gift, Pet groomers gift, Housekeepers gift, Beauty salon workers gift, Artists gift, Hotel worker gift, airport worker gift, airlines travel stewardess gift, pilots gift, nurse gift, dentist gift, doctor gift, etc. 
CUSTOM ORDERS: If you would like me to make one very big or even smaller for a child, kindly make a request. I have 2 sizes for children, Adult and an XL pattern to offer. 
Care: Machine washable. Dry flat. Dryer heat not recommended. Iron with hot iron. 
DISCLAIMER: We make no claim that this mask prevents illness.


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