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21Mar 2018

Much the same as their owners, puppies are different from one another in their tolerance for the dreadful climate. Some are fearless and rough always willing to go outside in any storm; however others are sensitive and refuse to go out even in the lightest sprinkles. Raincoats are an amazing thing to keep your pets feel safe and protective while the weather is not according to their mood. Below are the ways by which the raincoats can keep your dog warm and dry.

  • Getting a good raincoat from pet supply stores can keep your dogs dry while going for a walk in awful climate. Numerous puppies, especially the little breeds, don’t prefer to get wet. Some may even decline to go potty at all in wet climate! However, once they are protected by a decent waterproof raincoat, these mutts turn out to be confident and willing to go out in the rain. Additionally, by keeping your puppy drier will abstain from filling your home with that wet puppy smell.

  • Anyone can get these advantages on purchasing a perfect raincoat from a pet supply store. However, on getting a low-quality coat, you’ll simply get disappointed when it fails to perform good, doesn’t fit right, and won’t last more than maybe a couple of walks. So, it’s better to choose the best from www.sassydogfashions.com.

  • The excellent quality raincoats available at www.sassydogfashions.com are able to keep your dog cleaner while jumping in puddles. Along with getting wet, puppies regularly get filthy while strolling around in the rain. Waterproof raincoats help to shield mud and filth from splashing up onto their fur, which will likewise help keep them away from bathing session.

  • Raincoats also keep your puppy warm in wet and breezy climate. Newfoundland, Malamutes and other huge, thick-covered breeds may not get chilled while strolling in winter deluges, yet most puppies can be in danger for hypothermia whenever the climate is wet and frosty or blustery. Luckily, raincoats will keep them warm and will also protect from the breeze.

26Feb 2018

Getting some online custom pet or Custom Dog Clothes can turn out to be a difficult task if you have never done it before but, it will be exciting as well. Pet clothing gives an awesome look to your pet by making it look elegant while also protecting him from different climate risks. However, you must be very careful while getting your pet clothes custom made. Below are 7 most important tips that can help you in purchasing the right clothes or accessories for your pet.

  • Provide the right size:

    Size is one of the basic and first thing that comes to mind while shopping online for your pets. Before getting the custom personalized pet apparel for your pet, you need to ensure that you have the right size of your pet and need to make sure that your pet will be able to wear it easily and comfortably.

  • The pet type and comfort:

    Pet types are also important to consider while getting custom clothes for them. For example if you have a pet cat or dog with a lot of hairs then they should have different kinds of clothes than those whose hairs or fur are less. Similarly, comfort is also very important. Comfortable clothes mean a happy pet and this is an important thing to consider while shopping for your pet. If the clothes are not comfortable then your pet will not look good in it and your money will get wasted.

  • Don’t go for extra detailing:

    Keep your pet’s clothes simple and always go for the casual yet classy looking clothes while shopping online for the custom pet clothes. Clothes with several buttons or tempting accessories can make your pet uncomfortable. So always choose such Embroidered Custom Dog Clothes that are not full of detailing.

  • Get the clothes customized will buttons or zippers:

    Getting the clothes for your pets that have buttons or zippers on them can make it easy for the pet to easily remove it all by itself when they start feeling irritating.

  • Keep the weather in mind:

    In summers, if you are putting a lot of clothes on your pet then get ready to face a completely irritated pet for a whole day. You need to be very careful about the type of clothes and weather while buying your pet’s custom clothes online otherwise your money can go totally wasted.

  • Consider the right fabric:

    From a number of amazing fabrics, you need to choose the one that is most loved by your pet. If you pet seem to be active and happy in a particular fabric then try to buy all other clothes in the same fabric.

  • Consider your budget:

    At last, don’t forget to take a look at your budget. The budget friendly clothes are always the best clothes. So, it is important to consider this thing as well. For some great quality as well as affordable personalized pet apparel you can visit Sassy Dog Fashions.

24Feb 2018

A wrong collar can result in making your pet irritated so, choosing the right collar for your pet is essential as it keeps the pet comfortable and satisfied. Getting the best collar from a pet store can be a difficult task. However, below are 5 ways that can help you in choosing the right one.

  • Choosing the right size:

    Choosing the collar of the right size is very important otherwise your pet can end up getting choked around it’s sensitive neck. So, before getting yourself a good and quality collar from a pet shop, make sure that you have the correct measurements.

  • Choosing the right material:

    The material of the collar matter a lot in the comfort and ease of a pet. If the material is not smooth or delicate then your pet can become a lot more irritated while having a walk. Some good custom leather dog collars can turn out to be the perfect one for your pet’s sensitive neck.

  • Try the simple chain and collar (for calm pets):

    In the event that you don’t have issues while walking with your pet then this can be an incredible collar for you. It enables you to keep your pet securely close to you and keep them away from any harm. This collar is suggested for nice, giddy pets without obedience issues.

  • The Pack Leader Collar (for highly energetic pets):

    The Pack Leader Collar helps in keeping the slip collar at the right top of the pet, which is the neck’s most delicate part. In the event that you’ve got a slip collar for your pet yet experienced difficulty, then this collar might be the solution. It is suggested for puppies that experience difficulty on the walk, especially with pulling. In case that you put the collar on the neck lower part then you are really helping your puppy to pull you around. So, placing the custom dog collars at the right part is also important.

  • The slip pet collar:

    For the pets with issues while the walking, the slip collar can be an incredible thing for correcting their misbehaviours during the walk. In the event that your pet dog is effectively diverted by squirrels, different other pets, or by just the wind, the slip collar allows them to rapidly get back on the track. You can get high quality custom leather dog collars from Sassy Dog Fashions.

So, follow the above discussed points and get the perfect collar for your pet.

20Feb 2018

The holiday season is all about getting as well as giving gifts to your loved ones. So, if you want to get your hands on the best gift for a pet lover or if you want to get a customized holiday gift for your pet then keep reading this article to know about the top 5 holiday gift ideas for pets as well as pet lovers.

  • Dog Breed Magnets:
    The dog breed magnets is another amazing gift for the pet owner or dog lovers. Available in a lot of varieties and excellent quality, these magnets can easily be purchased from www.sassydogfahions.com. An individual can take them to the office to display the favorite pictures of their pets or can even gift them to their favourite Veterinarian & Vet Nurses.
  • Personalized Cat Breed Hand Towels:
    Giving the Custom Dog Clothes to your friend’s pet can be boring. You can try giving the personalized towels available at www.sassydogfahions.com as they are the ideal gift for a pet that you can get from a good pet shop. The towels can have your favourite cat breed embroidered on a quality beige cotton hand towel. These towels can also be customized with your cat’s name for free.
  • Personalized Pet Cat Breed Tote Bag:
    This amazing bag can be personalized with your favourite cat breed embroidered image. The hand-made bag is XL over sized and heavy duty bag with 100% Natural Canvas fabric tote lined in cat novelty fabric. The Pet’s name can also be added to the design for free for a very personal touch or you may order your sac with the breed name easily from www.sassydogfashions.com This is a very unique pet dog gift for dog lovers. Use the tote bag anytime you need an extra large bag.
  • Dog Selfies Toiletry Travel Bag Gift for Dog Lovers:
    Are you looking for the best gift to give to your friend who is a pet lover? If yes, then this travel bag is also a good option. An individual can keep all of the make-up, toiletry supplies or grooming tools safe in this bag while travelling. The convenient travel bag available at Sassy Dog Fashions features a premium 100% cotton fabric featuring dogs smiling on the exterior. Whatever you need, bring it with you in this beautifully-designed and machine-washable bag. Most of all, it’s the best dog gift you’ve ever seen available in multi colours.
  • Customized Pet Dog Breed Hand Towels:
    The personalized as well as unique dog breed hand towel can be purchased with your favorite dog breed embroidered image on a quality cotton hand towel. The Pet’s name is also added to the design. Available at one of the best pet supplies store, “Sassy Dog Fashions”, it is a very unique pet dog gift for dog lovers.
18Jan 2018

As the winter season has already started, you need to keep your pet warm in order to avoid any kind of health issues later. Just like humans, your pet also need winter accessories to go outdoor even in winters. So, scroll down and check out the best winter accessories that you must purchase for your pet in winter.

1. Shirts or Sweatshirts:
Getting your pet a warm shirt or a sweatshirt can make your pet fall in love with you especially if the shirt is from www.sassydogfashions.com. From a wide range of adorable and excellent quality shirts and sweat shirts, you can choose your favorite one or can even have a custom made. These shirts will keep your pet warm inside the house and they will remain active in winters as well. Have a look at this cute shirt for your dog that you can get from Sassy Dog Fashions.

2. Coats and Jackets:
Coats and jackets are best if you want to take your pet out from the home in winters. These useful pet accessories keep them warm and avoid ill effects of winters. However, getting a custom made or a readymade jacket / coat for your pet can make it look even cuter.

3. Bow-ties:
What could be a better winter accessory than a classic bowtie for your cat or dog? Nothing, right? Getting your pet a cute and classy looking bowtie can make it look adorable and classy at the same time.

4. Rain Coats:
A rain coat for your pet is essential to keep it safe from the harsh winter season as well as freezing cold rains. These rain coats are an important winter accessory that you must buy for your pet especially if you have a cat because cats feel much colder than a dog or any other pet. Get your hands on the best rain coat from Sassy Dog Fashions similar to the one.

5. A Bandanna:
Bandanna is a cool accessory to get for your dog or cat as it can change the whole look of your pet. The amazing looking bandanna can protect your pet from winter and at the same time it can make your pet look adorable.