9Aug 2021

Pet lovers love their dogs and adore them. Dogs are very affectionate, loving, and caring and keep showering their love toward their owner. When dogs are so loving, it is your responsibility as well to keep them healthy, fit, and happy. 

You need to take your dog for daily walks so that they feel relaxed and refreshed. When you take your dogs on their daily walks, you need to keep them in control and ensure that they do not get hurt nor hurt others accidentally. For this, you can either pick a dog collar or a harness. If your dog is active and playful, then it is a good idea to get a dog harness instead of a collar. With a dog harness, the pressure would be distributed around the chest and shoulder, and it would be easier to control the dog. But where will you find good, high-quality dog harnesses for your dog?

We have gathered some of the best dog harnesses that are not just trending in the market but will also make your dog look fashionable.

#1 Custom Embroidered Denim Soft No Pull Dog Harness (Personalized with your Pet’s Name):

soft dog harness

Denim fabric is the most trending one in the market when it comes to dog apparel and clothing. Your dog will look absolutely chic in this harness, and this no-pull harness is extremely safe for dogs. It is available in sizes extra small to large. So you can get a perfect fit for your dog. The denim material is of high quality, and your dog will not feel any irritation while wearing it. It is completely padded in soft material. It has an adjustable chest strap, along with an easy release buckle, and a comfortable padded neck opening. Moreover, with this dog harness, you get a D ring which can be used for leash attachment. The best aspect of this harness is that you can get your dog’s name embroidered on it.

#2 Personalized Lime Green Mesh Soft Pet Dog Harness with Embroidered Name Option:

personalized dog harness and leash

The mesh fabric of this dog harness makes it beautiful and breathable. It also makes a fashion statement. It is designed to fit easily on your dog’s body, and your dog feels comfortable while you take them on their walk. The fabric of this dog harness is of high quality, and no discomfort would be caused to your dog. You can get a leash of matching design and color with the dog harness. This dog harness has an adjustable chest strap, and it is beneficial for puppies that are growing at a fast rate. Along with that, you get a D ring in order to attach the leash. This design is also available in four other bright colors.

#3 Personalized Leopard Soft No Pull Fashionable Dog Harness:

Do you love wearing animal prints? Do you think your little dog would look adorable in leopard print? Certainly yes! The fabric used for the dog harness is very soft and 100% cotton, and of premium quality. It has got a soft pad in the chest region to make your dog feel warm and protected. The fabric is easily washable and durable (long-lasting). It has got a leash hole where you can easily attach a leash and take your dog on a long walk. This beautiful dog harness has an adjustable chest strap, a perfect release buckle, and a comfortable padded neck opening. The D ring provided on the dog harness will keep the leash attached to it.

#4 Custom Personalized Red Buffalo Puppy Dog Harness with Leash and Embroidered Name Options:

It is the best from the SassyDogFashions collection of personalized pet harnesses. The classical little red and black checks are a cuteness overload. It is both classy and modern. A perfect addition to your little one’s harness collection. Available in sizes extra small to extra large, you can be sure that you will find a snug fit for your small pup or your big boy.

#5 Custom Embroidered Red Plush Reflective Soft No Pull DOG HARNESS Personalized with your Pet’s Name or Blank:

This adorable and soft dog harness will feel like a warm hug to your dog. It is completely padded and is made with baby soft material. It is the best one for your baby dog. The fabric used in this is extremely plush, and at the same time, it is durable too. Well suited for fussy puppies who are learning to wear harnesses. This soft harness ensures that getting ready to go for walks does not take hours anymore. You can even get your dog’s name embroidered in the thread color and font of your choice to make it extra special.


Now, you might be thinking that this is an amazing collection of dog harnesses, but where to find them? Well, one of the best online stores in the US for dog harnesses and other dog essentials is SassyDogFashions. They have an amazing collection of dog harnesses in a wide range of patterns, colors, and designs. The design and patterns are very fashionable and will make your dog look stunning.

20Jul 2021

Dogs are such adorable animals, and for a long time, they have proved to be one of the best pets who make you feel loved, cheerful and happy. But besides this, dogs are very energetic and would love to play outside, in the park, and would feel happy when taking them out for regular strolls. In such situations, it is quite essential that you keep full control of your dog so that they do not end up getting injured or harming themselves. Usually, you might have come across pet parents who use dog collars for keeping control over their dogs. In a recent survey, it has been found that dog collars are better suited for dogs who have a more docile nature and are not extremely active. The kind of dogs who enjoy gentle playtimes and are well-behaved while on walks. However, for dogs that are very active or have a very playful nature, a dog harness would be a better choice. Even for pups who are being leash trained, a harness is a great choice as it gives them enough mobility and comfort to move around without any issues. So this is the right time for you to consider getting a dog harness. 

Dog harnesses are best because they distribute the pressure applied while controlling your dog across the chest portion and neck. So it would be completely safe and gentle on your dog. 
Getting a dog harness for your dog is a really great gesture that even your dog would love. But how to choose the best dog harness for your dog would be the most essential question on your mind right now. 

The following steps will help you finalize the best harness for your little fur baby.

  • You need to focus on getting the right size of the dog harness. It should fit perfectly on the dog’s chest and torso. It should be comfortable to put on and take off. So before you set out to get the best dog harness for your dog, you should measure your dog correctly. Measure your dog’s height, width, and weight.
  • The next step is that you should focus on the quality of the fabric from which the dog harness is designed. The dog harness would stick around the chest and neck of your dog, so the material should be very soft and comfortable on the dog’s skin.
  • Apart from this, the dog’s harness should be made from a material that is durable and washable. Whenever the dog harness becomes dirty, after multiple uses, you can get it washed and keep it clean. And a durable harness will last long.
  • Finally, the fun part, choose from the best patterns, colors, and styles of dog harness so that your dog looks trendy and stands out from the crowd. 

So from where can you get the best collection of dog harnesses that are stylish, beautiful, and luxurious? Well, check out the best luxurious dog harnesses that are available at SassyDogFashions.

We are providing a list of some of their best-selling and trendy dog harnesses.

#1 Personalized Denim No Pull Dog Harness:

custom dog harness

This is one of the best pet harnesses that is offered by SassyDogFashions. It has got soft padding on the entire inner portion of the harness, this ensures that the dog does not feel any irritation or roughness on its skin. Besides this, you can get the dog harness customized with your dog’s names in a color of your choice. With this dog harness, you would make your dog look the best and stand out from the crowd. The denim material for the pet harness is in trend these days, So do not keep thinking and get the best one of the best harnesses for your dog

#2 Custom Embroidered Mesh Soft Dog Harness In Lime Green:

designer dog harness

The neon colors are in vogue nowadays, so why should your pet be left behind? This luxurious and soft mesh dog harness would be perfect for the summer. It is available in a range of other neon colors, so pick your favorite one, get your dog’s name custom embroidered on it and get your dog on the trend wagon.

#3 Luxurious And Adjustable Pink Dot No-Pull Vest Style Dog Harness:

This is yet another adorable and luxurious dog harness that will make your dog look fashionable and perfect. It will be the best addition to the cute wardrobe of the dog harness. The fabric that is used in the dog harness is one of the best, soft, and of premium quality. Besides this, the dog harness is made from durable material so that it can be reused for a long time. 


At SassyDogFashions, you can avail the best collection of luxurious and soft dog harnesses. They are available in all sizes, right from extra small, small to medium, and large. You can measure the size of your dog and then get the best one for your little furry friend. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and pick the best dog harness for your dog.