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22Feb 2018

Choosing the perfect toy for your cute little pet from a pet store can be challenging as your pet may not like the kind of toy you just bought that too with a good amount of money. Just like other pet supplies, toys are also essential to keep your pet happy and active. So, in order to avoid the wastage of your money, below are 5 top tips that can help you in choosing the best toy for your pet.

  • Keeping the age in mind:

    Despite the fact that your pets doesn’t grow up as humans do, still, you should keep the age of your pets in mind while getting a toy for them. A puppy with an age of three weeks has his baby teeth, so toys with gentle rubber or rich, soft fabrics would be a nice choice for him. From three to nine months, your pet dog will be teething so it’s best to not get the hard rubber or plastic toys for them from a good pet shop as they may start biting on anything that they get paws on. So, decent types of bite toys will keep them away from your other important things. Similarly, for older pets, you can buy anything you like. However, make sure that they like it as well.

  • The right toy types:

    Choosing the right toy type is also important to keep your pet safe from any mishap. As you shop from a good pet or dog supplies shop, you can consider balls, tug toys, plush as well as chewable toys for your pets. Choosing the toys, other than these four types, can be risky.

  • Choose the right size and texture:

    Indeed, even in grown-up pets, all of them will not bite as cruelly as pets like German Shepherd. So, they’ll regularly require toys that are small in size and are made of string rubber. In case you get some brittle kind of toys that breaks into pieces, then they can become choked or can cause blockage in your pet’s mouth. So, just like getting your puppy clothes, you need to check the size and texture while getting toys as well.

  • Keep the price in mind:

    While getting the toys for your pet, you need to make sure that you are spending the money within your budget. Getting a very expensive toy for your pet can turn out to be a bad idea in case your pet doesn’t like to play with toys. So, make sure you get some affordable pet supplies online from the stores.

  • The quality:

    Last, but not the least. The most important thing to consider is the quality. If the quality is not good then your money will be a total waste. So, it’s better to get the toys from a good store that sells great quality pet or dog supplies.

11Jan 2018

You have to take good care of your pets especially in winters unless you own a couple of sled dogs. The harsh season temperature in the winter can result in several issues such as nuisances to even the death of a pet. In case you are searching for the top easy ways to protect your pet from chilling winters then this article is for you. Scroll down and check out 5 basic and simple tips.

1. Provide some warm shelter:
Suppose you have to go out on a cold winter day then in such case you won’t wear just a fur coat alone, right? Similarly, your pets own fur is not enough at all to keep them warm during the winters. So here, it is essential for you to give warm as well as dry shelter to your pet if you want to protect it from the winter’s harsh weather conditions.

2. Protect them with the help of warm clothes:
During the frosty climate, pets experience the ill effects of the freezing of paws, ears, as well as tips of tails. So, it is imperative to keep your pet warm, particularly when you have an outdoor pet. You can buy some custom made booties, a cap or coats for your pet to keep them warm even when they are walking on the road. Getting your hands on some cute readymade as well as personalized pet apparel from www.sassydogfashions.com can make your pet happier and they will look adorable as well.

3. Provide fresh water:
In order to keep themselves warm in winters, the pets require extra energy. So, it is vital to make sure that you are providing the fresh and pure water to your fuzzy buddy. Also, keep your eye on the water bowl and make sure that the water is in complete hygienic and clean state.

4. Keep the check on your room heaters:
Cats and puppies love snuggling up close to the room heaters and radiators. However, one of the most important pet protection ways in winter is to avoid the pet from getting too close to the radiator. Heaters can dry up their skin and coat and furthermore cause lack of hydration in pets. So keep the pet from lying excessively near it. In the event that there is a chimney, think about covering it with a grille to avoid mishaps.

5. Do some diet adjustments in the winters:
Because of the icy climate, pets don’t stay really active due to which, it becomes important to do some modification in their diet. Winters are the period when they rest more so, keep in mind that you don’t need to keep a pet full and should change the eating routine of your pet according to how active your pet is.

So, follow all these tips and keep your pet protected in winters.

28Nov 2017

Feeding your pets is a very important activity that should be given undivided attention. It is thanks to this that our pets manage to feel good and live a healthy life free of diseases which usually prevents them from living fully their day to day activities. It is normal that at first, the veterinarians recommend that the puppies only eat special food that are manufactured for them. However, this does not always apply to your pet as it will not remain young forever. When the pup grows up it will not need the same nutrients it needed when it was little. Now you will have to provide it other variety of foods or supplements that it could not eat before.

This change in the feeding habit of your pet only means that it is growing and that it is soon to become an adult dog with all of the law. But do not get sad, this is a situation which you can calmly solve by taking your pet to the vet. However, in this opportunity, we will mention the list of food items that your dog can and cannot eat.

What can my dog eat?

Although, it is true that dogs can eat almost anything that humans eat, however they cannot do it in the same proportions. You must control the doses you give them. You should also start by understanding that dogs are carnivores.

1) Meat: Dogs can consume meat without any objection. They can ingest the muscle of other animals such as chicken, veal or beef, pork and even rabbit. Keep a note that this is already a little cooked so that you do not have to face the bacteria that the blood can bring.

2) Eggs and fat: It has been shown that eating this type of food is not harmful to dogs and that on the contrary; it makes them regain their energy and provides them with necessary proteins and vitamins.

3) Carbohydrates: Dogs can eat bread, potatoes, rice…

4) Dairy: Occasionally they can eat cheese or yogurt, however, do not abuse with the dose.

5) Fruits and vegetables: There are fruits and vegetables that are very good for dogs, including apple.

What can’t my dog eat?

Just as there are foods that are a delicacy for your dog both in taste and benefits for your body, there are foods that are extremely harmful to them. You must be aware of its effects since they are totally harmful and make your health deteriorate considerably.

1) Chocolate: Although it is the best friend of women, chocolate is very toxic to dogs because it contains theobromine and accelerates the central nervous system of the animal and can make things go a little crazy.

2) Grapes and raisins: It is not completely clear, but these foods may cause kidney failure to your dog.

3) Garlic: In large quantities, garlic can cause your dog to suffer from anemia and even gastrointestinal problems.

4) Foods with sugar: As such, they are not harmful in excess to the animal. But like humans, it can make your teeth drop, obesity or even diabetes.

25Nov 2017

Pet fashion is something that evolves even more rapidly than women’s fashion. Every day you can see new designs of collars, plates, even flannels and coats being introduced that your pets can flaunt and look just as stunning as their owners. At Sassy Dog Fashions, you will find several items that will make your pet the best dressed amongst all. Always follow the latest trends so you do not have to worry about the dog fashion police stop your beloved pet on the street.

Just like our fashion world, there are certain wardrobe essentials that every puppy or an adult pet should have. Among them, we find the necklaces. This is a must-have item not only in terms of accessories but also in terms of safety. All thanks to this collar that your pet can be identified on the street in case it gets lost. In this sense, you can also make your necklace a way to express your personality so choose the one that matches with you.

You have designs in neon colors like orange, green which may be stamped. But if your pet is a lover of nature, your best option would be floral designs. So, choose the one you like the most. As for the plates, it is not necessary that you choose the typical design in the form of a circle or square. There are models in the form of flowers, rays, trees and more, stop counting.

In this way, another accessory that has caused furor is bandannas. These are quite multifunctional because they allow you to use them in different ways. You can put them around the neck in cowboy style showing the cute embroidery that they bring in front, this way it will also look like they are wearing a kind of flannel. It’s a win win! And for the other option, you can place them as a headband between your ears. This way they will look more chic and come out super cute in photos.

As for flannels, we know that they have been in the market for a long time. However, thanks to Sassy Dog Fashions, the designs have been completely turned over and now everything is more original. You can find thousands of designs with prints, embroidery and even magic locks and buttons that adapt to the comfort of your pet.

On the other hand, you have the option of boots to protect the legs of your best friend. They come in different colors such as purple, yellow, blue and even green. So they can wear the design you want. And the best thing about this is that they are put in a super easy way. You do not have to make your pet go through an eternal process to put the shoe on, you just insert it and stick together the velcro straps, that’s it!

Another accessory for your pet that will look fashionable is the headgear. There are designs with ribbons, flowers and unicorn horns; you can even have a customized one with the photo of the two of you.

23Nov 2017

The love for pets grows every second, every moment. Nowadays, the passion for animals has made owners think twice to come up with something unique when choosing beautiful gifts for their pets. However, sometimes it is very difficult to choose a gift perfect for the moment and that is why today we decided to bring you some help. In this post, you will get to know about 10 simply irresistible gift items that are ideal for all the pet lovers out there.

1) Personalized dog towels

Now bathing your pet will be even more fun! With these new personalized towels you will have the opportunity to stamp the face of your pet on the fabric and take it wherever you want.

2) Bags for dogs

Another gift that will definitely please not only the pet but also its owner – a dog bag. In it you can place your puppy and take him/her wherever you want so that they are always comfy and cheery.

3) Dog themed tote bags

When it comes to dog fashion, we not only care about pets but also their owners. There are bags on dogs which, as mentioned in the beginning, can be used to store makeup as well as pencil holders for super trendy pencils. They come in gazillion prints and can even be personalized.

4) Necklaces

Something very nice that you can give your dog is a necklace with a plate. This gives them a sense of belonging and strengthens their name and also their security because if they get lost you can always find it. You can choose designs ranging from animal or floral prints to sober or neon colors. Metal necklace would look beautiful too!

5) Coats for dogs

Let’s be honest, dressing up pets is our guilty pleasure. Today, there are many things to place and among them we find coats. Even though your house may be warm enough, when pets go out there is an imminent cold. This is why you should put a super cute coat on them so they are warm and safe. These coats can have buttons, belts, come in printed designs, or be particularly designed following a certain theme.

6) Pet Tutus

There is nothing prettier than a pug using a tutu. Although you do not necessarily have to place this dog breed, any dog will look beautiful with a pink or purple tutu that makes it look like a fairy tale character.

7) Dog Hair Accessories

Bows or pigtails are an addiction for any pet owner. So from stores like Sassy Dog Fashions you can always choose a nice ornament to put on your pet’s hair.

8) Boots for dogs

Yes, you read it right. Something extremely fabulous and stylish that dog lovers love is to make their beautiful dogs wear boots. Thus, they manage to protect their paws and make them feel more protected as far as nails are concerned.

9) Beds

The best friends of humans totally deserve a comfortable place to sleep. So here’s something useful – a cushion-type bed for these pets where they can sleep peacefully.

10) Bandannas for dogs

You can also tie scarves on your pets with very colorful, original and even thematic designs. It can be tied to the neck and, thus, will look very trendy.