2Nov 2021

Dogs are the most adorable creatures. Dogs are faithful, affectionate, and playful. If you have a dog with you as your family member, you have the best companion. They will make your day cheerful and instill positive vibes in your house. With the start of the festive season, you might be excited about all the preparations and celebrations. Your dog also gets the festive vibes, and he is happy, too.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you are full of festive ideas. You might have planned the weekend holiday with your family and friends. Among all these things, do not forget your dog. Plan some activities to do with your dog as well.

When you plan fun activities with your dog, you develop a strong bond with them. They feel the affection you show by spending quality time with your dog. They can get the vibes of your love when you do this.

If you are confused about the fun activities, do not worry. We are here to help. We have listed a few fun activities that will make your dog happy and cheerful.

Fun activities you can plan for your furry friend this Thanksgiving Day.

#1 Organize A Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Party

You might have organized a party and called over your friend and family for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Bring a twist to your Thanksgiving party by making it dog-friendly. Although you have invited your friends and family for a gathering, do not forget the dogs. You can gather all the friends of your dog from the neighborhood. You can prepare some food for them and organize a small area in the garden for all the dogs.

In this way, you can make Thanksgiving special, even for your dog. If you are unsure what meal to make for your dog for Thanksgiving dinner, here is a small list.

  • Turkey-cranberry meatballs for dogs
  • Barista-style fall drinks for dogs
  • Mini peanut butter “mousse” pie for dogs

While getting the food for your dog, check the ingredients and only get those that are safe for your dog’s health.

#2 Plan Out Fall Theme Games For Your Dog

The dinner will be in the night, so how will you spend the evening and afternoon time? You can plan some fall-themed fun games for your dog. You can take them to gardens and parks and play with them. Not only that, but you can call over your friend with their dogs and plan out a collective game. It will not just be a fun time for your dog but also for you.

#3 Go Shopping With Your Dog

pet store

You might have got your pretty dress for Thanksgiving, but what about your dog? You need to dress them up for Thanksgiving. So go shopping with your dog. Get some fancy dog clothes like tuxedos, tutu dresses, dog shirts, t-shirts, etc. The best aspect of shopping with your dog is you can have fun dressing them up and bonding with them.

The new clothes will be a cute Thanksgiving present for your dogs. You might be thinking about where to get the best dog clothes. SassyDogFashions is the best online pet store from where you can get premium-quality dog clothes. You can even visit the physical store if you are in Pennsylvania. It will be a fun experience for you and your dog.

#4 You Can Go Hiking with Your Dog

thanksgiving dog clothes

Are you looking for some adventure this Thanksgiving? If yes, then you can go hiking with your dog. Heading outdoors will be a wonderful experience for you and your dog. You can spend quality time with your dog and watch him getting happy and cheerful. Many places arrange fall-themed games at hiking spots along with dinner. You can choose such venues and enjoy a fun time with your dog.

#5 You Can Decorate Your House For Thanksgiving Eve

Yet another fun thing that you can do with your dog is to decorate your house. You can get help from your dog for decorating your home. You can ask your dog to fetch festoons and color bars or balloons so that you can decorate the house.


Spending your Thanksgiving with your dog will be a sweet way to celebrate this day. You can select any of the fun activities and plan out your Thanksgiving Day with your dog. It will instill positive vibes in the house and make you and your dog cheerful.

18Oct 2021

Dogs are adorable creatures, and you will feel loved when they are around you. All dogs are affectionate and impart positive vibes wherever they go. You bring in dogs in the house not just to be part of the family but as a companion. Dogs are also a great responsibility. You need to take care of your dog regularly. Provide them healthy food, take them for a walk, get regular checks up, provide them toys and dog clothes.

You might be fond of buying dog clothes for your little pup. But the problem arises when you need to know the exact size of the dog. Always try to get dog clothes with proper fitting. Without correct fitting, your dog will not feel comfortable in the clothes. Moreover, the loose-fitting clothes will keep sticking to their paws. If you get very tight dog clothes, it will be uncomfortable for your dog. Therefore, it is essential to have proper measurements of your dog to get the perfect size clothes. So how to correctly measure your dog? You might have tried plenty of times, and maybe you still can not get the exact measurements for the dog clothes. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to follow while measuring your dog.

#1 Make Your Dog Stand Against The Wall

When you plan to measure the height of your dog, make them stand against a wall or a door frame. It will help you in getting accurate measurements. When you have back support like a wall or a door frame, you can mark the point of height. Ensure that your dog is standing straight without slouching. Your dog should make a square stance with all their feet aligned with each other. Their paws should be at a perpendicular angle with the floor. Maintain proper width distance between all the legs. You can use the measurement tape for exact measurement. Place the initial point of the measuring tape on the marked level and stretch it to the floor. The numerical value you get is your pet’s height.

#2 While Measuring Your Dog, Measure Around The Withers, Neck, And Chest

When you get dog clothes, ensure that they are comfortable around the shoulders and neck. If the clothes are tight around the chest, shoulder, and neck, it will make your dog feel uncomfortable. To avoid such issues, you must consider dog withers. The withers are the topmost body portion of the dog (the shoulder blades). You can feel the withers behind the neck area. The point at which you feel the withers, mark it. If your dog has a short dog coat (hair/fur), it will be easier for you to identify those points.

#3 Ensure That Your Dog Remains Still While You Take The Measurements

Keeping your dog calm and composed is essential when you take their measurements. If the dog keeps moving and running around, you will not get accurate measurements. You need to train your dog to remain still and stay focused for a few minutes till you finish taking all the measurements. Train the dog to have as little distraction as possible.

#4 Use Proper Measurement Tools To Get Accurate Measurements

dog clothes online

If you find it difficult to keep your dog under control, you can get various measurement tools. These measurement tools will ensure that you get accurate size measures without keeping your dog still. Just place the measurement tool besides your dog and move the adjustable stick to the height of your dog. While moving the measurement tool, ensure that you are leveling the stick to a perfect height. You can get these height measurement tools and other pet measurement tools from any online or physical store. With these tools, you do not have to worry about accuracy.

#5 Taking Individual Measurement Of Their Body Parts

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Once you have measured the accurate height, you need to start measuring the individual body parts. The parts you need to measure are the back/topline of your dog and their neck and chest girth. These will ensure that the harness or dog clothes will fit them right. You can use the measuring tape to get an accurate measurement of the neck, chest, and legs.


If you want your dog to feel comfortable in the dog clothes you buy, try to get the correct measurements. Extremely tight-fitting clothes will be problematic for your dog. Moreover, your dog will not be able to make free movements, play, run, or walk around. So use these perfect measuring methods to measure your dog and get the best-fit dog clothes.

11Oct 2021

You might have come across many photos and videos of cute dogs on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Different people have unique reasons to have a dog as a pet in their house. Some have a dog to protect their home, some for companionship, and others for their kids. Through these lovely photos and videos of the dogs, you get to know that people have got different dog breeds across the globe. Some people have more than one dog breed in their house. Many individuals and celebrities pose around with their dogs to display their love and bonding. You might have also tried to get a perfect picture with your dog and post it on Instagram. However, the problem is, you are not getting thousands of likes for your dog pictures. What is going wrong? You love your dog and want people to know about the lovely furry creature in your house, right?

Maybe the problem lies with your photography skills. Clicking pictures of dogs is entirely different from clicking pictures of our family and friends.

In this article, I will share a few dog photography tips and tricks. These will help you win millions of hearts on the internet.

#1 You Must Stay Cool And Calm While Taking The Photos

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Taking pictures of your dog can be exhausting. Get your dog to obey you, make them try out different positions, and work on multiple takes. Of course, you cannot have a perfect picture with your very first click. You will need numerous photos to get the best one. To get the best picture, you need to have complete control of yourself and your dog. Focus on remaining calm and composed while taking your dog’s photos. It will be difficult if your dog is hyperactive and uninterested in the photography session but do not worry. Offer them some treats, calm them down, and try again.

#2 You Must Choose the Right Location

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Although you might have a lot of places in your mind to make your dog photographs look great, it is necessary to keep a few factors in mind.

Not all places are suitable for your dog. There might be a lot of distractions that will not let you get the perfect shot. Moreover, your dog should also like the place. If not, your dog will not seem happy in the photos. So make sure the venue you choose must be away from the heavy traffic zones and be a private area. With excessive traffic and the public all around, your dog will feel uncomfortable and remain distracted.

#3 Provide Proper Training To Your Dog

You cannot just have one pose of your dog and give up on the idea of dog photography. You might need different poses and angles to get the best shot. For that, you should train your dog perfectly. Try to teach him to stay calm at a place, sit, stand, run, walk, play at your given commands. If the dog is unable to understand these commands, it will be hard to get the best pictures. You can take up online classes to train your dog for better dog photography.

#4 Choose The Best Clothes For Dog Photography

If you want your dog to look adorable and trendy, you can get varied dog clothes for him from online pet stores. You can find a wide range of fashionable dog apparel and accessories options at SassyDogFashions. Choose from a vast collection of dog clothes, such as shirts, t-shirts, jackets, tux, dog coats, and tutu dresses. You can choose the best dresses for your dog from SassyDogFashions. Dress up your dogs in their lovely new clothes. When your dog is comfortable and happy in the dog clothes, you will get the best shot.

#5 Focus On Lighting While Getting The Best Dog Picture

If you regularly click pictures and record videos of your dog, you might be aware of the significance of light. In the dark, the photos appear blurry and very different. Even if you are using the best resolution camera, prefer to shoot in daylight. Daylight offers the best brightness for your camera. During the daytime, your dog will also be more enthusiastic about the photoshoot.


Are you planning to arrange a dog photoshoot and post the pictures on social media? You can follow the tips and tricks provided above. It will help you get the best shot of your dog and fetch you millions of likes on Instagram.

14Jul 2021

Having a dog is one of the best things that could happen to you. Dogs are extremely adorable animals who would always make you feel happy and cheerful with their love and affection. They would love to play outside, go on vacation with you, and they even look forward to that daily morning and evening strolls. Well, the important thing is when your dog is keeping you so happy and bringing in positive vibes all the time, it is important to make him feel special and pampered. Now here is where the actual confusion arises — what dog gifts can you get for your dog, and how will you make him feel pampered? 

There are many online pet shops that claim to provide the best dog gifts, but not all these online shops or stores could be trustworthy. You need to find a shop that is not just reliable but also trustworthy and offers you the best dog gifts at affordable rates. SassyDogFashions is one such online pet store that is highly trusted and popular among the pet-parent community. Here you will find a wide range of essential pet care items from which you can choose the best dog gifts. You can be assured that you are getting the latest and quality dog clothing and accessories at SassyDogFashions. All you have to do is to browse through their collection and choose the best items for your dog.

So now, let us move on to the perfect gift suggestions for your adorable fur baby. Here is the ultimate list that will help you to choose the best dog gift.

#1 You Can Get Best Dog Beds For Your Little Pup:

dog breed gifts

Just like you feel comfortable while sleeping on your bed, dogs would also love to have that cozy feeling while they are trying to sleep. They are also tired by all the day’s activities and would love to have a sound sleep. You can get a perfect dog bed for your dog at SassyDogFashions. You can browse through the collection of dog beds. They have a variety to choose from. You can pick from Crib Dog Bed Sterling, Crib Dog Bed Snow White. These beds are as the name suggests, shaped like a crib. If your pup loves to burrow and snuggle to sleep, then they have a luxurious Ritz Hideaway Dog Bed. They have beds that would suit dogs with all kinds of sleeping preferences. All dog beds are made from premium quality ultra-soft fabric, top quality poly fiber-fill, and have side edges or panels to make your dog feel safe, comfortable, and cozy. These dog beds are washable, which means you can wash them and keep them clean regularly.

#2 Getting Your Dog Amazing Set Of Dog Bandanas:

dog bandanas wholesale

All the pet parents love to make their dogs look best and classy when taking them out. So you can get different types and patterns of dog bandanas. At SassyDogFashions, you can get the best collection of dog bandanas, which are made from high premium quality fabric. This will ensure that the dogs do not feel any sort of irritation or skin rashes while wearing it. These dog bandanas are available in different colors and patterns. You can choose the best one that will make your dog look classy and adorable.

#3 How About Gifting Personalized Dog Harness To Your Dog:

If you are used to taking your dog for long walks, strolls, or even camping, then a harness is a must. During such times, you need to keep your dog under control, and dog collars may not be sufficient to keep an excited dog safe. So to better keep your dog under control and make them feel safe and comfortable at the same time, you can pick a dog harness for your dog. The dog harnesses are available in different patterns, colors, and types. The dog harnesses are made from premium cotton fabric that will not make your dog feel any kind of irritation. Besides this, you can get your dog’s name embroidered on the front portion of the harness and raise the cuteness meter.

#4 Pamper Your Dog With Amazing Dog Apparels:

At SassyDogFashions, you can get the best collection of dog clothes, which includes pajamas, dog t-shirts, dog shirts, tuxedos, harness dresses, tutus, and other apparel varieties. Your dog would love to get dressed up in different clothes while you take him out on strolls or your vacations. It is the best way to pamper your dog.


Keeping your dog happy and making him feel special will help you to strengthen your bond. You can get any of these aforementioned items for your dog and see them feel comfortable, happy, and look a million times adorable. SassyDogfashions is the best choice when it comes to an online pet store for getting the best gifts for your dog.

2Jul 2021

Millions of people out there love to have pets in their homes. Pets are adorable creatures that bring positive vibes to your home and make you feel cheerful all the time. They fill your heart with love, care, and affection. 

Being a pet parent, you need to take proper care of your pets. Whether it is a dog or cat or any other pet, you need to ensure that you are providing healthy food to them, grooming them regularly, taking them to the vet every month. These are also the basic requirements that you need to fulfill to keep your dog healthy, strong, and active. 

Another important thing that usually most dog owners or pet parents tend to skip is providing a proper bed for their dogs to sleep in. Just like humans, even animals also need sound sleep to cope with their day-to-day activities and keep themselves healthy. 

So if your dog is not having a proper dog bed, then this should be your biggest concern right now. When you are out there to choose the best dog bed for your dog, what are the factors that you should consider? How will you make the best choice? If you are not sure about it, we will help you go through the right factors, and it will definitely lead you to make an informed decision. 

#1 Considering The Size Of The Dog Bed: 

Dog Bed Size

This should be the first and foremost thing that you should consider while buying the dog bed. The size of the bed and the size of your dog should match in order for your dog to feel comfortable in his new bed. If you have a small dog ( a little pooch) then it is not useful to buy a very large bed. It will just occupy a large space and your dog may not feel cozy while sleeping in it. 
For a little pooch or smaller dogs, you should get a small and cozy dog bed where they can easily fit in and feel comfortable. The size of the dog bed matters because your dog should feel convenient even if they want to stretch out or play on the dog bed. If you are having a large or active dog, then you definitely need a dog bed of bigger size. It will help your dog to lie down in a convenient position and have a sound sleep. 

Observe and measure your dog when he is asleep. Whether he prefers to curl up, stretch on his back, or lay down and put his nose on his paws. The best is to measure your dog while he is asleep. You should also consider the space the dog bed will occupy in your home.

#2 The Type Of The Dog Bed: 

Another important factor that you should consider while buying a dog bed is to ensure that the type of dog bed matches your dog’s requirements. Well, in the market or online stores, you can come across different types of dog beds – they are available in different shapes and sizes.

Usually, the experts would recommend that you buy dog beds that are in oval or round shapes and have proper padding all around. These types of dog beds are considered super convenient when your dog wants to curl up and have a cozy feeling. 
Besides round or oval shape, you can have a box type of dog bed with or without sides. The box dog beds are beneficial in making your dog sleep comfortable during summers because such dog beds stay cooler. 

If you have a small dog, then you should consider getting the Enchanted Nights Dog Bed from SassyDogFashions. It has removable down pillows to give your little fur baby the ultimate comfort and is handcrafted. You even get the option for selecting the choice of bows used to make this bed look so adorable.

#3 The Material That Is Used In Dog Beds: 

Dog Beds Materials

The material or the fabric of the dog bed is also an important factor that will help you in making the right choice. The fabric of the dog bed should be extremely soft and comfortable. If the material or the fabric is not of high quality then it might cause irritation to the skin of your dog. Then your dog may not like sleeping or playing on it. Besides this, you must also make sure whether the fabric is washable or not. You will have to clean the dog beds regularly, so it is essential that you are choosing a bed that is either completely washable or comes with removable covers that can be easily washed.


Now the thing that would come to your mind is where to get the best dog bed for your dog. So the right place for you would be SassyDogFashions. It is one of the best online pet stores. You can choose from the best dog beds that are made from premium fabric. And give your dog wonderful and dreamy nights of sleep.