27Apr 2021

Dog lovers are some of the best people you would ever come across. They love their pets and are quite concerned about providing them with the best food, clothes, and toys. There are a lot of things you can purchase to provide comfort to your pets. Items such as dog clothes, dog beds, favorite dog food, and many other things. However, confusion arises when it comes to giving something special to dog lovers. What can you gift to dog lovers in the year 2021? Make sure to leave out all the old gifting ideas and think of something innovative. Something that a dog lover would love to have and would make full use of. If you are unable to come up with something, then don’t worry. We have rounded up some of the all-time best and interesting gifts that you can purchase for all the dog lovers in your life, which will make them feel truly cherished and special. 

#1 Khaki/Blue Pet Sling For The Dog Lovers:

Khaki Blue Pet Sling For The Dog Lovers

If the dog lover has a small dog that weighs around 9 pounds, then this can be gifted to them. It is a perfect Pet Sling for carrying their dog around while they are out running errands or shopping. These dog slings are available at Sassydogfashions in two different colors — khaki and blue. These pet slings are made from a durable fabric, which helps the sling last for a longer period. The inner portion of the pet sling is designed with soft fabric so that the dog does not feel any sort of irritation and can sit comfortably till the work is finished. The design of the Pet Sling is quite trendy and makes dog lovers look fashionable. The fabric that is used in the pet sling is machine washable so it can be washed and reused as required.

#2 Personalized Feeding Placemats: 

The cleaning becomes a tough job after the dogs have completed eating their meals. More so if the dogs are playful and tend to play with their food. Even after providing proper training, you would observe that there are water droplets or food spilled on the floor. Such things create a huge mess all around the house if you do not get it cleaned up as soon as the pets have had their meals. So, to make it simple and convenient for dog lovers, you can gift them a set of 3 to 4 personalized feeding placemats that can be used alternatively. You can get the names of the dogs and the dog owner embroidered on the placemats to make them look unique. You can get these customized feeding placemats at Sassydogfashions. They are machine washable and can be reused multiple times. 

#3 Doodoo Pouches/Dog Walker Bags For The Dog Lovers: 

The doo doo pouches or dog walker bags are easy to carry around while the pet parents take their dogs on a morning walk or an evening stroll. The bag has an in-built slot where you can attach all the doo doo roll-on bags and use them whenever you are out with your dog. It has multiple slots, where you can keep your phones and bottle or any other essential items conveniently. Moreover, the bag has a long strap that will make it easier for you to carry it anywhere, and by looping it around your wrist, you can keep your hands free. 

#4 Amazing Dog Carrier Handmade With Imperial Crystal: 

Amazing Dog Carrier Handmade With Imperial Crystal

You can give this amazing crystal bright dog carrier to a dog lover. This dog carrier is entirely covered with attention-grabbing crystals that will make the dog and the dog lover look fashionable. The interior portion of the dog carrier is perfectly lined with soft white fabric to make the pet feel comfortable and inner side pockets. It is a multipurpose bag that can be used anywhere and everywhere. It is guaranteed to make the dog lover and their fur baby look super fashionable.

#5 Gifting The Dog Lover A Customised Pet Tote Bag: 

The tote bag available at Sassydogfashions is one of the best things, which you can give to a dog lover. These tote bags are printed with animal prints on the front portion, which gives a classy look to the bag. 


You can easily avail these items at Sassydogfashions. It is a reliable online pet store that is known for providing premium quality products at affordable rates. You can check their website and browse through their amazing collection of pet products and products for pet lovers. So what are you waiting for? Visit the online store today and buy the products all the dog lovers would love to have!

1Apr 2020

As a dog owner, you should keep your dog physically and mentally healthy. This is where you should consider buying pet-friendly toys to promote balanced temperament in your dog. Toys are a great way to provide both physical and mental stimulation but you can spend some time with your pet to enhance and strengthen your bonding.

You should not choose the complicated pet toys as your pets will lose interest to play with those toys. On the other hand, you should not choose the toys that are too cheaply made as your pets can shred them into pieces. Make sure to visit the right pet store to choose the best pet-friendly toys for your pets.

Here are a few toys that you should consider buying for your pets.

1. Air Squeaker Tennis Balls

This toy encourages playtime and exercise. It contains three tennis balls with squeakers in each ball. These balls can float and gives an ultimate fun time to your dogs. This ball is easy to find in the snow. This ball is made of durable materials and can last longer.

2. Talking Babble Ball

Your pets would definitely love playing with these balls. Your dogs will become curious to play with these balls as they talk. You can see your pets are trying to find out where these sounds are coming from. These balls can raise the eyebrows of your canine friend for a long time and keep them guessing. The sounds come when the ball moves and stops when the ball stops. This ball is a battery-operated one and available in different sizes to choose from.

3. Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

This toy is made of rubber and it is flexible and durable. These rubber toys are gentle and smooth, so it would not hurt your dog’s mouth. With no doubts, your dog will enjoy playing with these toys. You can find these toys in the pet supply stores.

4. Mad Scientist for Dogs

If you want to enhance the problem-solving skills of your pet, then you need to use these toys. Three tubes are fastened on a stick and propped on a double A-frame stand. Tubes contain lids with holes to allow the treats to be dispensed from it. Your dog’s job is to flip the tubes so that the treats will slide down through the holes.

5. Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toys

This is the best ever dog toy. It contains a plush tree trunk and three squeaky squirrels. You can play hide and seek with your dog and you both can have fun.

6. Tug-a-Jug Meal Dispensing Toys

It contains three dog toys in one. Yes, it is a treat dispensing toy, looks like a stress ball and helps to clean your dog’s teeth.

7. Bob-A-Lot Dog Toys

It contains one bulbous container and 2 compartments that hide 2 of your pet’s favorite treats. Your dog’s job is to get those hidden treats.

The above-mentioned toys will surely keep your dogs busy and mentally and physically stimulated.

26Dec 2018

Best Cat Lady Gifts

Maria Leindecker

If you have a cat lady in your life, you might already know they’re chic and cool – unlike the bad rap that usually follows feline-loving ladies. They might be quirky, but hey, that’s what makes them purr-fect When it comes to choosing a cat lady gifts for your girl, you know it has to match her kitty-loving vibe. Gift her something that makes her feline-filled life even more fabulous. She’s not a crazy cat lady but an adorable kitty gift will definitely drive her crazy!

Check out these super-cute cat lady gift ideas by SassyDogFashions that will definitely make her purr!

5 Perfect Cat Lady Gifts 2019

Exotic Cat Breed Tote Bag

Exotic Cat Breed Tote Bag

Love kittens? Don’t hide it, flaunt it!

Share your kitten love with the world carrying this fabulous and handy Cat-theme Tote Bag. Your favorite cat breed is embroidered on this heavy-duty canvas bag to give it a personal touch.

You can wear it on your shoulder or hold it in your hands while shopping, traveling, or simply working. Use the cat tote bag anytime you need an extra large bag. It is lined in premium cat cotton fabric. The design is handmade right here in Northampton, Pennsylvania with premium cat artwork and supplies.

Cat Selfies Toiletry Travel Bag

Cat Selfies Toiletry Travel Bag

Keep all of your makeup, toiletry supplies or grooming tools safe when you’re on the go with this Cat Selfies Toiletry Travel Bag. Put just about anything into this bag that you need to keep safe inside an enclosed zipper pouch–makeup, medicines, electronics chargers, dog or cat essentials. Whatever you need, bring it with you in this beautifully-designed and machine-washable bag.

This convenient travel bag features a premium 100% cotton fabric featuring cats smiling on the exterior. The interior features cream or beige color paw prints and reinforced sides for firmness and structure. It’s also the perfect spacious bag gift for traveling pet parents and professional groomers. Most of all, it’s the best cat lover gift you’ve ever seen!

Modern Pink Cat Placemat

Modern Pink Cat Placemat

There cannot be a better gift for the kitchen lady who loves cats and kitties!

This pretty mat decorates the kitchen or dining area with style. The modern pink quatrefoil design looks chic! We bet it will be adored by the kittens too.

It’s a reversible 2-in-1 mat so you can display the dark rose pink quatrefoil or change up your décor and display the rose pink winter snowmen instead. Constructed of premium home décor, quilter’s cotton with decorative border, it’s durable and can absorb spills.

Stunning Cat Heads Grocery Bag Holder-Dispenser

Stunning Cat Heads Grocery Bag Holder-Dispenser

This one makes for an excellent kitty gift!

Time to organize your kitchen with this premium handmade grocery bag holder-dispenser. Put all those plastic grocery bags into this handy organizer. All you have to do is feed the plastic bags into the top and pull from the dispenser at the bottom. The design comes with an extra long loop with paw print for the doorknob or hook.

The bag is made using only premium fabric to create a sturdy product. It’s also useful near the litter box to bag those cats turds as more and more cat ladies use them as a useful litter box pet accessory! Simply hang the bag dispenser down at the level of the litter box so when you’re bending down to clean out the turds, it’s right there within reach! We’re geniuses!

Universal Microwavable Bowl Cozies

Universal Microwavable Bowl Cozies

Tired of burning your fingers from microwaved bowls? Heat your food in the microwave or on the stove or in the oven and easily carry it to the table using these cozies, while protecting yourself against burns. The rich purple adds a lovely splash of color to the fabric! We bet your cat lady friend or anyone on your gift list will go head over heels!

You can put these right into the microwave too and as they double as a pot holder or hot plate so go ahead and set it right down on the table.