19Mar 2018

Celebrating your dog’s birthday is important to let your dog know how much you value and love him. Below are a few ideas that can help you celebrating your dog’s birthday amazingly.

  • Go to the special place to enjoy the day:

    You can go to any special place with your dog and can enjoy some time while playing. It will be just you and your pet dog and you can make that day unforgettable by doing this.

  • Dress them up and take them to a restaurant:

    Dress them up with some special puppy clothes and accessories. You can get a bow-tie and some dog shoes from various pet stores to make them look formal. After dressing your dog you can take him do any good restaurant or even a park. Make sure you have allowed them to move freely without the rope because it’s the best feeling ever and believe me, they will love it.

  • Provide the best dog food and snacks:

    Along with spending time with them you can provide some delicious dog food and snacks to make their day even more enjoyable and special. However, make sure to provide the snacks that are healthy for them to eat.

  • Gift them a New Toy or any special gift:

    Play with a new game or even a doggie toy that you’ve purchased from a pet store and have been saving only for this event. Along with gifting a toy, you can gift some other things as well such as some comfortable booties, bow-ties or clothes. For the excellent quality and comfortable pet supplies or clothes you can check out www.sassydogfashions.com.

  • Arrange a Dog Birthday Party:

    Throwing a dog birthday party at a beautiful location with some other pet dogs can make your pet happy. You can make their day special but planning fun activities and games on their birthday and by getting a delicious cake for their birthday party.

So, follow all these ideas and make your dog’s birthday special and unforgettable.

16Mar 2018

On the birthday of your pet, don’t forget to treat them with a special gift. If you are confused about getting a gift then scroll down and check the top 6 gifts for your pets on their birthdays.

  • Bow-ties:

    Whether it’s a pet dog or even a cat. Bow ties can turn out to be a cute gist of them. Getting a classic bow-tie for your cat or dog is one of the best gift ideas as it can make the pet look adorable as well as classy at the same time.

  • Shirts or Sweatshirts:

    Gifting your pet a wonderful shirt or a sweatshirt can make your pet fall in love with you especially if the shirt is from www.sassydogfashions.com. From a wide range of adorable and excellent quality shirts and sweatshirts, you can choose your favorite one or can even have a custom made. These shirts will keep your pet warm and they will look adorable as well.

  • Collars:

    Gifting some cool collars can turn out to be another amazing gift ideas. An excellent quality collar can be purchased for your pet and it is easily available at SassyDogFashions. Choose the eye-catching color and the abstract kind of design of the collar so that it can make your pet look cuter. The owner can even personalize it with the name of their pets or anything they want. This cute collar looks great when worn with pet’s boots or socks.

  • Denim pet Jacket:

    Gift your pet a wonderful denim jacket if you want to make your pet look thousand times more adorable. Dress your pet in the cute denim jacket for the birthday party as it is the hottest fashion trend that every pet must have in their wardrobe.

  • Shirt Dress:

    The shirt dress is another gift you can give to your pet. A complete handmade shirt dress from SassyDogFashions can be purchased for your female pet dog as well as a cat on their birthday. The soft and chic dress can make your pet look classier.

  • Hand Towels:

    The personalized, as well as unique dog breed hand towel, is another amazing gift that comes with your favorite dog breed embroidered image on a quality cotton hand towel. The Pet’s name can also be added to the design if you purchase them from “SassyDogFashions”, it is a very unique and cure pet gift.

To get your hands on any of the above-mentioned gifts make sure you check out www.sassydogfashions.com.