16Sep 2020

We all love our pets and are likely to spend time with them, play with them, take them on a walk, and on vacations. Well, while thinking of vacations, the first thought that comes to the mind is of Pet Carriers! Pet carriers are quite useful when you plan to travel the world with your dog or take him to the vet. Pet carriers keep your dogs safe while traveling to different places. Most often pet owners think that the dog carriers are heavy, bulky crates. But it is not so. The pet market is flooded with amazing lightweight dog carriers so that owners do not have to use the heavy, bulky crate. Before finalizing your dog carrier, have a look at the helpful guidelines to narrow down the selection.

Basically, a well-designed dog carrier should be secure and comfortable for both you and your pet. While choosing the dog carrier you must not compromise on your pet’s safety or comfort, or your own, and think about your entire journey. Most often the dog owner gets overwhelmed while selecting a perfect dog carrier. In the market you would get plenty of pet carriers – some are in the form of crates and kennels which seem to be very bulky whereas other pet carriers are soft cloth slings. The pet slings have gained popularity because it keeps your hands free. You can easily tuck in on your shoulders and move around as well as keep your little dog safe and secure.

#1 The Size Of The Dog Sling/ Sling Pet Carrier

The dog slings are available in various sizes. But you must choose a sling in which you can keep your pet comfortably. To simplify the fact, you must focus on the height and depth of the dog sling before purchasing it. Your pet should be able to comfortably sink into the sling and see out without risk of falling out.

#2 Choose A Dog Sling With Good Features

Once you have determined the height and depth of the dog, you must verify whether the dog sling provides an adjustable strap or not. For every dog sling, there must be an adjustable strap with custom fitting so that the owner can adjust it according to their height for maximum comfort.

Besides the adjustable strap, there must be interior hooks or clasps which you could use to attach to the dog collar. It will ensure that your dog does not fall out and keep them tucked in. Moreover, a dog carrier must also have additional design features such as small side pockets for keeping dog food and toys. These additional features can actually come handy during emergencies. 

#3 Pay Attention To The Quality And Design Of The Pet Carrier

While choosing the dog carrier it is quite essential to check the quality and design of the carrier, especially if you are planning to take the pet on long vacation trips. Generally, people assume that good quality carriers are expensive, but they do have the benefit of better safety and sturdiness. You must examine the quality of the material, whether it is soft and durable. As per the experts, the dog sling must be made up of extremely soft fabric so that the pet’s skin doesn’t get irritated with the fabric. 

Having a dog sling with soft fabric is also beneficial for the owners, as it would not rub against the skin while carrying the dog on the shoulders. 

#4 Pet’s Type and Temperament

You might be wondering why a pet’s type and temperament should be given consideration while choosing the carrier. Well, because the type and temperament of your dog will let you know how comfortably your pet would adjust inside the carrier. Generally, a calm pet would adjust well to a small-sized carrier or dog sling, but a curious, hyperactive pet would need more space. So for such active little dogs, you would require a spacious dog sling along with strong hooks and a broad strap. The broad strap will help you to keep your dog in control when they feel like jumping out. 


Pet Carriers or popularly known as dog sling come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. But choosing the right type of carrier for your pet may take a little time and research to find just the right one. Looks and style are nice, but the right size, high-quality fabric, and comfort for your pet are some of the best things to look for when choosing your pet carrier. Once you are clear about your requirements, it would become easy for you to choose the right pet carrier. 

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5Sep 2020

Everyone across the globe has quite effectively adjusted to the new normal. The new normal refers to the fact that people must always wear masks and maintain social distancing. Since the last six to seven months, the number of coronavirus cases and death rates has actually petrified people. But with this, life doesn’t stop. Everyone seems to be fighting the situation bravely and have been following the COVID-19 guidelines. During the early stages, people had to face complete lockdown and had to stay at home. This was also applicable to the pets. 

According to a recent survey, social distancing efforts have posed a tough challenge for dog owners who are continuously striving to ensure their pets enjoy new experiences and are comfortable with social interactions. Within these six to seven months of time, most of the pets have grown accustomed to their new normal. An Outside stroll was only possible when they had to do their business. Moreover, pets were restricted from getting close to any other person apart from the family members. In simple words, due to the spread of COVID-19, pets had fewer opportunities to explore different places and activities. 

Just like people, pets also felt frustrated being inside the house 24/7. But not anymore. You can easily socialize your pet (dogs and cats) as the tight restriction is lifted and people can cope with life. Besides all this, taking safety measures is quite essential. Here are some interesting tips that would help you to socialize your pets after the COVID-19 pandemic.

These activities would help the pets to adjust to the new life where maintaining social distance would still be essential.

#1 Take Your Pets For A Long Walk

When you take your pet for a long walk, you give them the exposure to experience new things and play around. While you take them out, you must train them to keep a distance from other people and pets. You can take your pet’s favorite toys so that they can play with them instead of getting mixed with other pets. Moreover, you must appreciate your pets when they follow your instructions and play happily. 

You must also train them to remain calm and composed in all public areas. If they start panicking then you must cuddle them or take them home as soon as possible.

#2 You Must Take Them On A Car Ride

When you take them for long car rides, they can easily get used to it and would love spending time with you with fresh air making them feel ecstatic. 

#3 Play With Your Pets Indoors

If you are not willing to take your pets outside, you can let them play inside. You can decorate the garden area, or arrange some water activities for your pet. They would love it. You can even get some soft toys for your pet so that he could play with them without getting injured.

#4 You Can Spend Some Quality Time With Your Pets While Grooming Them

While grooming them, you must ensure that all the body parts are getting cleaned, the hair is trimmed properly. Along with all this, you must get them dressed in amazing dog clothes to keep them happy. 

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#5 Take Them To Veterinary For Regular Checkup

Get your pet dogs used to different types of handling, such as playing with their paws, tail, or ears. This will help get them ready for a nail trim, thermometers, medication, and other exam activities.

#6 Follow A Specific Routine

You must keep a schedule that will help your pet to cope up with the changing scenarios. Even pets take time to analyze the situation and around them and act accordingly. 


We love our pets, want to protect them, and always want the best for them. You were very vigilant to keep your pet safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even post-pandemic, you must ensure that certain guidelines are followed. The government bodies would gradually lift the restrictions so that people can move around freely, but with that, you must always ensure your pet’s safety before taking them out.

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27Apr 2020

Like regular exercise is important for you, similarly exercising regularly is important for your dog too. It is important that you take care of your dog’s health and fitness also. More often than not, it is seen the more active your pet is, the healthier he is going to be throughout. Well, for that you don’t have to take your dog on a 5-mile run every day, just some simple steps you can follow so that you can improve your pet’s physical fitness as well as your own. Here are a few best fun activities to do to improve physical fitness of your pet.

Jogging has always been considered a best exercise, if it has not been your thing in the past, then you have the reason to ease into it. More often than not, dogs love to run, all you need to do is to take time to build up endurance by starting with a couple of short jogs with your pet several times a week. And, gradually you can increase the length of the jog. Make sure you are warming up before you head out to jog, also keep an eye on your dog throughout to make sure he isn’t getting too tired. Like this you and your pet will have a routine to follow and along with that a nice way to spend quality time together.

Swimming is another activity which can help you improve your dog’s health. Any dog would be there who loves to splash in water, and water games are the most favorite games for dogs. The only thing which you need to see is the weather condition, of course swimming is not for winters. Only when the temperatures heat up, you can head to the beach or pool to make a splash. Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise that can keep your dog not only moving, but also having fun. If you find your dog resisting getting into the water, throw a ball or a toy for him to retrieve and then see him have fun in the water.

Brisk Walking
Not always is leisure walking is enough, sometimes you and your dog need to kick up your fitness level by picking up the pace of your walk. For that you can start brisk walking with your dog, you can aim for between 15 and 20 minutes per mile. This is a nice speed to get going, also, you will feel like you are putting in a good effort, however, your dog may begin to pant. Panting is fine, as long as your dog doesn’t start to exhibit labored breathing, then you should stop for a while to rest.

Agility Training
Agility training is fun for dogs, besides being a great form of exercise. Agility training keeps your dog active while weaving through poles and running over planks help dogs develop their muscles. If you don’t have access to an agility course, don’t worry, you can use low walls and fences, fence posts and other existing objects for such training of your pets.

Disc Dogging
Last but not the least, disc dogging is another great dog sport to get into. It’s very easy–simply start throwing around a dog-friendly disc in the backyard or at the park that’s all. Initially throw the disc at short distances, gradually you can throw up to longer distances as well. Your pet will love to chase the disc and will gladly bring it back for another round. Disc dogging not only will get your blood pumping, but also will strengthen the bond between you two.

To conclude…..
It is highly recommended to get your dog involved into some activity so that he is fit, fine and healthy throughout. After all health is wealth!!

1Apr 2020

As a dog owner, you should keep your dog physically and mentally healthy. This is where you should consider buying pet-friendly toys to promote balanced temperament in your dog. Toys are a great way to provide both physical and mental stimulation but you can spend some time with your pet to enhance and strengthen your bonding.

You should not choose the complicated pet toys as your pets will lose interest to play with those toys. On the other hand, you should not choose the toys that are too cheaply made as your pets can shred them into pieces. Make sure to visit the right pet store to choose the best pet-friendly toys for your pets.

Here are a few toys that you should consider buying for your pets.

1. Air Squeaker Tennis Balls

This toy encourages playtime and exercise. It contains three tennis balls with squeakers in each ball. These balls can float and gives an ultimate fun time to your dogs. This ball is easy to find in the snow. This ball is made of durable materials and can last longer.

2. Talking Babble Ball

Your pets would definitely love playing with these balls. Your dogs will become curious to play with these balls as they talk. You can see your pets are trying to find out where these sounds are coming from. These balls can raise the eyebrows of your canine friend for a long time and keep them guessing. The sounds come when the ball moves and stops when the ball stops. This ball is a battery-operated one and available in different sizes to choose from.

3. Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

This toy is made of rubber and it is flexible and durable. These rubber toys are gentle and smooth, so it would not hurt your dog’s mouth. With no doubts, your dog will enjoy playing with these toys. You can find these toys in the pet supply stores.

4. Mad Scientist for Dogs

If you want to enhance the problem-solving skills of your pet, then you need to use these toys. Three tubes are fastened on a stick and propped on a double A-frame stand. Tubes contain lids with holes to allow the treats to be dispensed from it. Your dog’s job is to flip the tubes so that the treats will slide down through the holes.

5. Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toys

This is the best ever dog toy. It contains a plush tree trunk and three squeaky squirrels. You can play hide and seek with your dog and you both can have fun.

6. Tug-a-Jug Meal Dispensing Toys

It contains three dog toys in one. Yes, it is a treat dispensing toy, looks like a stress ball and helps to clean your dog’s teeth.

7. Bob-A-Lot Dog Toys

It contains one bulbous container and 2 compartments that hide 2 of your pet’s favorite treats. Your dog’s job is to get those hidden treats.

The above-mentioned toys will surely keep your dogs busy and mentally and physically stimulated.

14Jun 2019

Pros & Cons Of Pet Door

Maria Leindecker

Dogs are animals that like to move around a lot. Keeping them confined in the house does not give them the chance to do their favorite activities such as jumping, digging and running. To give your dog all the freedom he needs to play in and out of the house, you need to install a pet door. However, before you get a pet door installed, it is important that you know the pros and cons of having a pet door. Knowing the pros and cons of a pet door will help you know all the things you need do after installing a pet door and they will help you know whether to install it or not.

Pros of a Pet Door

1. A pet door gives your pet the freedom it needs to move in and out of the house. It gives your pet the freedom to take in some fresh air and play around in the yard anytime he feels like it. In other words, installing a pet door means your pet does not need your permission or help to come in and out of the house.
2. The yard is the place where dogs can have more space to play and partake in fun activities. By installing a pet door, you give your dog unlimited access to the yard, which means your dog is less likely to get bored even when you are not at home.
3. With a pet door, you do not need to worry about your dog messing up your floors and expensive furniture with their bodily waste.
4. If you work away from home for a lot of hours, you would be doing yourself and your pet a big favor by installing a pet door.
5. Installing a pet door reduces the chances of your pets having accidents, especially when you are not at home.
6. In the event of an emergency situation such as a fire outbreak, a pet door allows your pet to escape to the safety of the backyard.
7. A pet door gives pets the chance to play outside whenever they want, which makes them less likely to destroy the things in the house.
8. Installing a pet door facilitates the potty training of younger dogs by older dogs
9. Having a pet door installed passes a message that you want your dog to be free, comfortable, active, and safe.

Cons of a Pet Door

1. If you live in an area where wild animals are prevalent, installing a pet door would not be a good idea. If you live in such an area and would like to install a pet door, you must be ready to supervise your pets at all time.
2. If you have a pool around your house, a pet door may not be the best option.
3. Strays animals can get into your house through pet doors.
4. Most pet doors are big enough for criminals to enter your house or get access to your belongings.
5. Pet doors give alpha dogs the mentality that they can go and come as they please.