4Feb 2021

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and you might have already decided what you would be gifting to your loved ones. But what about the pet lovers in your group? Have you planned something for them this Valentine? If not, then don’t worry! We have some amazing gift ideas for your beloved pet lovers or pet parents that will make them feel cheerful and happy.

1. A Valentine Goodies Basket:

In this goodies basket, you can provide food items for the dog as well as your beloved pet lover. For instance, you can choose some chocolates and cookies for the pet lover, include some dog food, and pack it together in a beautiful basket. You can even decorate the Valentine Goodies Basket with little dog tags with the dog’s name engraved on it.

2. A Personalized Hand Towel:

These towels could turn out to be a special gift that you can present to your pet lover. You can give them hand towels personalized with the image of their dog, and you can include the name of the dog as well. If you are worried about where to get such towels, then the perfect place would be Sassydogfashions. You will get premium quality hand towels embroidered with the name of the dog. The best aspect of buying these hand towels from this amazing pet store is that you can get multiple towels at a time. You can get this not just for dog lovers but also for cat lovers or any other animal that your partner prefers to have at Sassydogfashions as well.

A Personalized Hand Towel

3. A Perfect Poop Bag Dispenser:

You might have seen pet lovers taking their dogs for walks for an evening stroll. So at that time, having a cute little poop bag dispenser with them would be great for cleaning up the pet waste quickly in the plastic bag and directly discarding it in the dustbin. You can get this cute little poop bag dispenser in different colors at Sassydogfashions. You will get the poop bag dispenser with a unique dog bone tag, FREE Bags, and leash clip for pet waste cleanup. Don’t you think this would be an amazing Valentine’s gift for pet lovers?

4. A Sling Bag For Carrying The Dog:

When the pet lovers are out doing grocery shopping with the dog, they find it very difficult to shop. So you can help them out by giving them a Khaki Pet Sling Carrier. At Sassydogfashions you can get these high-quality Pet Sling Carrier that is made of durable fabric and fleece. The interior of the bag is quite soft, which would keep the pets cozy and comfortable. You can carry small dogs of about 8 to 9 pounds in this carrier and shop comfortably.

5. A Customized Toiletry Travel Bag:

If you haven’t given this item a thought, then it is the right time to do so. These amazing pet toiletry travel bags are just the perfect gift for all your pet lovers. It is quite spacious and would be helpful in storing the dog’s grooming accessories or medicines and even small electronic gadgets. All the essentials can be carried in these toiletry travel bags. The exterior of the travel bag is beautifully designed with paw prints and images of dogs and cats. You can choose the one you like and give it to the pet lovers.

A Customized Toiletry Travel Bag

6. Just Amazing Dog Walker Bag:

With the help of Dog walker bags, the dog lovers would be able to keep their hands free and would be able to control the dog while they are on their morning or evening walk. The dog walker bag looks extremely stylish and is also very efficient. You can keep a water bottle, cell-phone, and other small accessories in the pouch section. In the front portion of the bag, there is a dispenser from where a doo-doo bag could be easily pulled out to clean the dog’s poop and discard the waste.

7. Tote Bags And Pouches:

The customized tote bags would prove to be a wonderful Valentine’s gift for your pet lovers. They can carry the tote bags when they are out shopping with their dogs or taking them along on their vacations.

8. Dog Feeding Mat:

You can buy these customized dog bone feeding mats at Sassydogfashions. These mats can be used while serving food to the dogs and ensure that the floor stays clean. These customized feeding mats are reversible and made up of high-quality fabric. The fabric used for the feeding mat is extremely durable and has the capacity to absorb spills. It can be easily washed and reused.

9. A Dog Training Guide/Book:

Generally, in the initial days of pet parenting, it is difficult to understand what the dogs want to convey, whether they want to go out, are they hungry, or feeling uncomfortable. This guide is a simple handbook that you can get from any bookstore and give to your pet lovers.

10. Matching Set Of Apparels For Pet Lovers And Their Pets:

You can choose a specific print and get some t-shirts for the pet lovers and the dogs in the same prints and colors. You can even get them personalized with Mom & Daughter or Dad & Junior written on them.


Now you have plenty of ideas from which you can choose the best gift for pet lovers. Most of these items you can buy from Sassydogfashions — a popular pet apparel store where you can find these amazing items at reasonable rates. Hurry and check it now!

19May 2020

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases, most of the countries have made wearing masks compulsory in public places. Wearing face masks is essential to slow down the spread or break the chain of the novel coronavirus. Even if you are going out to get essential commodities like vegetables, fruits or groceries it is important to cover your mouth and nose with a face mask.

Wearing Face Masks To Protect Yourself:

Most of the people think that only sick people or coronavirus infected people should wear the mask. But you must understand that face masks are not only essential for sick people but also for healthy people. Face masks help in preventing the spread of the virus through community transmission.

Face Masks Protects You From Droplet Transmission:

As we already know that droplet transmission is one of the major and easiest ways of spreading coronavirus. With droplet transmission, the infected person can spread the virus while speaking, coughing, or sneezing. If you are not wearing a face mask these droplets can easily enter your mouth or nose. Hence wearing a face mask is quite an effective way to protect each and every person from COVID-19 infection.

Wear Face Mask To Protect Yourself From Asymptomatic People:

Generally, the incubation period of coronavirus is about 14 to 15 days. Till then the infected person remains an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. So it becomes very difficult to identify who is infected until the incubation time. Sometimes, in public places like grocery stores or public transport, it is inevitable to always maintain a distance of 3 to 4 meters. In such scenarios, it is essential to wear face masks all the time and everywhere you go irrespective of the fact that you are healthy or sick (if possible cover your hands with hand gloves).

Wear Face Masks All The Time – CDC Guidance: They have been encouraging people or the general population to wear face masks and consider it as a Voluntary Health Measure. Even if you are not able to access good quality masks, get some custom made cloth masks or fabric maks, they can help you from various respiratory pathogens as well as block the larger particles from the cough, sneeze, and saliva of the asymptomatic people.

Where Do You Have To Wear Face Masks?

Well, it is important to understand that people need to wear masks when they are going out of their homes to essential businesses, hospitals, grocery shopping, or using public transportation. These are the places where it is difficult to maintain social distancing. So wearing a face mask would be really helpful for you as well as for the people around you. Even when you are outside on a walk or riding a bike, it is mandatory to wear face masks.

What To Do When There Is Scarcity Of Face Masks?

Many people have raised a concern regarding the shortage of respiratory face masks. This issue can be easily resolved by using fabric or premium cloth masks. You can wear such custom cloth face masks from different shops from your surrounding areas. You can even order these custom face masks from online stores such as SassyDogFashions. Here you can find face masks with a wide range of fabrics, prints and colors. Being a responsible citizen, you must wear a mask while going out no matter whether you are healthy or sick.

1Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when you can show the dog mom or dad in your life some love. If you have a partner who snuggles with their dog in bed more than they snuggle with you, then you have come to the right post.

We’ve listed our favorites here, just to make your life a little easier & Valentine’s Day memorable.

Dive into the gift guide, and unleash some true happiness this Valentine’s Day.

1. Mini Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Soft Dog Pet Harness

Mini Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Soft Dog Pet Harness

This famous designer-inspired puppy dog harness exudes total class and sophistication and makes an ideal gift for your valentine date’s dog or even for your own dog. Personalize it just the way you want or order it blank. Starting at $27.99

2. Custom Designer Red Houndstooth Plaid Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Custom Designer Red Houndstooth Plaid Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a red hot soft dog harness for your own dog or for your Valentine. Personalize it with your pet’s name or order it blank. The item is stunning and nice in quality. Get the complete set of harness & leash today for your Valentine’s Day Sweetheart! We offer harness sizes from XS to L.

3. Embroidered Red Stewart Tartan Plaid Soft Dog Harness

Embroidered Red Stewart Tartan Plaid Soft Dog Harness

This custom embroidered Red Plaid fashion SOFT PADDED HARNESS for your dog shows total class and sophistication for you as well as your dog. Personalize it with your pet dog’s name or order it blank. The Royal Stewart red tartan harness makes a fine Valentine’s gift for all pet lovers and dog owners.

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22Jan 2020

Choosing the kind of workout activities you like and ensuring your pet gets the much-needed exercise from it is important for your dog in order to boost their immunity, prevent various health complications, help them maintain a healthy weight by keeping them active, healthy and fit even into their old age. Also for humans, having a workout partner is one way to achieve massive success when it comes to staying fit, but who says that work out partner as to be a human or that you can’t turn the exercise routine into play time.

To help you achieve this, we have gone ahead to research and round up some of the best fun exercise routines you can apply to help keep both you and your pet healthy and active. However, taking your time to gradually introduce your pet to whichever new exercise program you choose is important in order to help them get used to it and build the stamina for it. So don’t worry if your dog seems overly out of breath, disoriented or panting heavily after the exercises, they will gradually get used to it. You also want to ensure any exercise program you choose can be flexible and adaptable to the weather conditions, so you don’t want to end up doing outdoor activities on very hot days.

With all that said and gotten out of the way, let’s get to our list of the best fun exercise routines you can start with your pet right away.

Indoor Exercises

1. Exercise your dog by running him up and down the stairs

This is one of the best ways to keep your dog fit. The stairs as a workout for your dog can offer amazing benefits in helping your pet develop really strong muscles and the added challenge and difficulty the steps and elevation offers makes it even better to really help keep them strong. The best way to carry out this exercise is by simply playing fetch. It requires little effort from you because you will be standing at the top of the stairs and throwing your dog a toy to fetch from downstairs. A few rounds of this game and he will be worn out.

2. Exercise your dog by hiding his treats and making him work to find them

You can simply help your dog exercise and sharpen his hunting, sniffing and predatory instincts by simply taking a variety of his favorite treats and hiding them. You can hide them in difficult corners to find and behind obstacles around the house. You can rest assured that after climbing through or pushing different obstacles, lifting and walking all about, your dog should be physically tired and fully exercised by the time he finally finds all the treats.

3. Exercise your dog’s teeth and stamina with a little tug of war

You can carry out a little tug of war with your pet in order to exercise him but you need to be careful about this kind of exercise because it brings out the predatory instincts in your dog and should only be done if you have full control and trust in your dog to obey your commands. But if done right this exercise can help you strengthen his teeth muscles and work on his stamina and strength.

Outdoor exercise

1. Go for an early morning jog or cycling

You can achieve health fitness for both you and your dog. Early morning jogs will help get the blood flowing and the muscles well used and exercised. It will also help increase the heartbeat leading to more intake of oxygen, this is very useful for ensuring the brain functions well.

2. Go for a social walk in the park

You can also decide to take it slow by heading out to the park to have some chill time with your dog. While at the park you can play fetch with your dog or let them play with and socialize with other dogs. This not only helps in keeping them physically fit, but also works wonders on them mentally.

3. Take your dog swimming

One of the best ways to exercise your dog while still having fun is through swimming. Swimming allows you both to have and cool off during the hot summer months while still ensuring your pet gets the optimal exercise they need. While in the water, they constantly flex their muscles by constantly paddling with their legs in order to stay afloat. However, you would want to ensure your dog knows how to swim first.

13Nov 2019

Adopting a dog is undeniably one of the most rewarding transformations which will turn the tide in your life. Canines are the most endearing of all animal species yet to embrace human lives. Owning a dog changes lives in more ways than one. This data speaks for itself which says that over 46.3 million households are proud owners of the furry friend. Similarly your house will be filled with joy in welcoming this latest addition to your family.

As always, there are certain ground rules that you need to observe while adopting a dog and these five tips will erase all doubts you harbor on raising these affectionate canines in your household.

1) Adopting a dog may come without the usual pup tantrums and playful puppies tugging at your heart. Adopting a dog could also be less irksome, but don’t count on it. Because pups can be trained and brought to your style of doing things though you could get an earful for lost shoes, neighbors’ complaints in the beginning. Nevermind, adopting a grown up dog will cause less troubles but it will be short on compatibility which is hard- pressed for the dog as it has lost out on the training part.

2) Dogs are man’s best companion. It is a lifetime of sharing and giving and your dog demands all the attention he can get without ruffling a few feathers at home. All this should not happen at the cost of your job and job changes.

3) Walking the dogs should be undertaken on a daily basis and dogs are not accessories that can be dumped as and when you feel. They have to be regarded as a family member and lots of care and attention is their birth-right. Regular visits to the Vet is mandatory and you need to shoulder this responsibility as well. Older dogs need to be taken to the Vet care a few times at least every year.

4) Dogs need cleaning and bathing regularly which is not too much to ask for. They need to be taken to pet parlours and mobile pet grooming services that are mushrooming in and around the vicinity. The grooming includes nail trimming, shampooing, conditioning and blow drying. Experienced groomers could come home for a session with the dog to brush the dog’s coat off fleas and germs.

5) Dogs cost the earth which means you need to be quite well placed financially and ready to shell out money. A visit to the Vet alone could put you back by a few hundred dollars. This asks for a sound financial health in the long run.

Dogs are fun and frolic though, adopting one is not without its share of responsibilities and might well burn a hole in one’s pocket. But all the same, dogs are the most beloved animal and adopting one will bring loads of cheer and sunshine into your life.