24Jul 2017

Dressing dogs can be a thoughtful and fun way of showing affection as well as providing attention to your dog. Like human beings, dogs also enjoy the attention they get from having a fresh and new outfit. There are numerous options when selecting an apparel, from the novelty holiday costumes to functional winter coats. Knowing what to avoid and what not to will help you take better decisions for the apparels for your pets.

Introducing your dogs to trendy pet clothing is very adorable. If your pet is willing to cooperate, here are some of the tips you can do for your pet’s complete makeover:

Tip #1: Make Getting Dressed Enjoyable

Reward your pet with some treats to make a positive association when she or he needs to get bundled up to beat up the cold outside. If your pet sniffs the outfit or always stay calm when getting dressed, focus the moment with some rewards. As with any positive behavior, see to it that you’re rewarding your pet for her or his cooperation.

Tip #2: Closures

Ensure that each closure on the pet clothes either break away or gets stretched under stress and this would be helpful because this will prevent your pet from any possible injury in case that the clothing gets snagged on something. It is also a good practice to have no closures or buttons on the outfit particularly if your pet is a chewer.

Tip #3: Adjusable Size for Clothes

It may be a little tricky since there are limited size options available, yet try finding what is best for your pet. If your outfit is very small, it may constrict their breathing. If his or her outfit is very big, it might get snagged on something and this might injure your puppy.

Tip #4: Dress Your Pet in a Holiday Costume

Dressing pets in a holiday costume may be a festive way in enjoying your dog and provide them attention. There are numerous options available for dog costumes. You may choose from Easter Bunny to the traditional Santa Claus costume. The holiday costumes are a fun way of brightening up a gathering or party.

Tip #5: Consider a Parka During Cold Days

Buy a parka for your pet, especially if you live in colder climate and your pet happens to have a thin coat. Keeping your dog warm during bathroom breaks or walks will help ensure the health and comfort of your dog in cold weather. Search for parkas that are lined with comfortable and warm materials like fleece.

Tip #6: Use Booties to Match Up Your Pet’s Clothes

If your dog has a thicker coat, consider using booties to keep his or her feet warm and to give traction during walking sessions.

Tip #7: Always Pick a Matching Outfit

Matching the outfit of your dog can be an enjoyable way to attract attention and conversation at the parties or during walks. Try looking for apparel with same pattern, partnered costumes, and matching colors that complement one another.

Tip #8: Pets Are Like Kids

Never ever leave your pet unsupervised, though they’re in the simplest garment because the safety of your pet is considered as the most essential thing.

20Jul 2017

Pet clothes are the latest trend today. You can always see celebrities with their dogs clad in equally fashionable attire. But, even ordinary pet owners like you can have now. Make the most out of these pet clothes to exude their fashion sense and style.

There is already a remarkable influx of clothes for pets that you can find in many pet shops, malls, and even in different stores online. It could be very tempting to purchase something for your pet every time you see one. However, just like buying clothes for yourself, you also need to consider some ways to make the most out of these attractive wardrobe essentials. Take note that buying pet clothes is not just a mere process where you buy the first thing that comes your way.

Check the Material Quality

The very first thing you will have to consider is to know what and how the pet clothes are made. You have to ensure that you pick those that are of good quality. There are also various kinds of clothing suitable for every specific season. For instance, during colder months of winter, you need to purchase something that will keep your pet warm, such as a fleece lined sweater. For rainy season, it would be wiser to opt for a waterproof raincoat. You also need to make sure that the clothes for your pets will last for a long time.

Inspect the Closure

It is also a must to pick pet clothes that are made with the right closure, preferably elastic, buckles, or Velcro. These are comfortable, safe, and most importantly, easy to wear. Pet clothes with the right closure can help in preventing any type of injuries. You might also want to purchase pet clothes with buttons or zipper. These can be easily adjusted according to your pet’s size.

Verify the Design

One more way to guarantee that your pet will look more fashionable with these special clothes is by verifying the design. You have to do it through inspecting the embellishments, style, color, and the overall appearance of every piece of clothing. You must choose those that will match the personality of your pet, and something which will also suit your preference. Your satisfaction is another essential factor when you dress up your pet. It will be more rewarding on your part when you see your beloved pet donned on something that you choose yourself.

Go Unique

Pick clothes that are unique, something that are not worn by other pets. It will make your furry friend stand out from the rest while defining your sense of fashion at the same time.

Consider the Cost

Finally, you have to take into account the price of the clothes. While there is nothing wrong with going for affordable options, especially if you are on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality. On the other hand, going for expensive clothes is also not a guarantee that you will get the quality you need. Always verify whether the value of the clothes is actually equivalent to the materials used and the overall design.